Is Donald Trump a White Supremacist?

Is Donald Trump a White Supremacist? December 9, 2015

Trump is a symbolic representation of American buffoonery. He’s every hyperbolized reason, and then some, as to why people (both in and out of) the states are disgusted by our ironic “exceptionalism.”

To me what’s most scary about Trump, is not the things or statements he makes, but the fact that people actually are buying into all that he’s saying. It’s disgustingly terrifying to say the least.

I really don’t know if Trump has begun to buy into his own bullshit, furthermore, I’m not sure that Trump really cares that his bullshit is beginning to be taken seriously to the point that it’s hurting others and going to lead to irreparable damages.

His statements are so bold, that it was hard to take them seriously. At first, it appeared that he was going to be a person in which would help get our country, and yet another generation back into voting and participating in our electoral system. And would at best, so far divide and rupture the republican vote inadvertently digging their own grave that much deeper.

Unfortunately, he’s become far more than this, and waded his way into a substantial position, igniting the deep seeded anger, bigotry, and passion found within white supremacy. It’s further perpetuating an “us vs. them” narrative. As he’s wanted to round up immigrants and throw them out, have a “#blacklivesmatter” protestor beat up, and of course (as unrealistically awful as it might sound) keep Muslims from entering into our country.

Through his racist rants, barely coherent speeches and mocking of a disabled reporter, Trump has achieved the impossible: He’s made former President George W. Bush seem like an articulate elder statesman.” – Matthew Singerman, Newbury Park

So, is Trump a White Supremacist? Of course he is. He is the epitome of white supremacy, alongside being a fascistic demagogue of a joke that’s been around so long it’s becoming annoyingly unfunny. And dare I say it, needs to be taken seriously by us as younger voters (in which consists of the most diverse, and liberal generations as of yet).

As I’m accusing him of feeding off the ignorance of the already oppressed while exhorting them to invert and unnecessarily attack their supposed enemies, I’m lead to ask a more productive question: How, if at all possible, can we co-opt or use the voice of Trump to inform, as opposed to playing into his hands and further dividing?

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