Overgeneralizing Example

Overgeneralizing Example November 12, 2014

As someone who tweets on topics having to do with faith, religion, justice, and theology and how they intersect with our way of living, I tend to get a lot of people accusing me of “overgeneralizing.” I don’t know about you, but when it’s on such personal topics dealing with the intersection of race and Christianity it too often feels like accusing someone of overgeneralizing is not only missing the point but successfully showing the person you don’t care about them.

Don’t get me wrong there are times overgeneralizing is not alright, (e.g. stereotyping). When people are hurt by a religious institution and expressing this hurt that’s where your wisdom or discernment or that “Holy Spirit” you’re filled with as a Christian should kick in and you should ask yourself:

“Should I accuse or should I love and listen?”

A pastor friend of mine recently said, “Acceptance fuels influence…” I haven’t been able to get this quote out of my head since then, because imagine how much impact the Church would make if they chose to unconditionally accept those they’ve chosen to, all too easily, reject… an acceptance like that would change the world, go figure. #jesus

Either way – If you’re still not following and happen to be one of those who loves throwing down the overgeneralizing card here’s an example that I think perfectly illustrates what it feels like when accused of overgeneralizing:

Over Generalizing Andy Gill


[Also – I didn’t make this cartoon, I found it on tumblr and haven’t been able to relocate it, so if you buy chance know the source list it in the comments and I’ll link it/credit it]

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