The Future of the Institutionalized Church (In Six Simple Photos)

The Future of the Institutionalized Church (In Six Simple Photos) November 15, 2018

Is This the Future of Our Church?

And, I mean, is it necessarily a bad thing?

Before we begin here we need to differentiate between the Church and the institution we’ve labeled as the Church. It’s the cliche in which we’ve heard one too many times: Church isn’t a building.

Seemingly, the racial and generational monopoly older whites refuse to relinquish over the Church is what will lead to the institution’s demise.

While the next two generations to come along I believe will determine the future of our institutionalized American version of “church.” Change, it’s tough. We all, to some extent, get it.

The unfortunate aspect of this is that the remaining remnants of Boomers and elders left in these institutions would rather see their ship sink than make the necessary adjustments in order to keep it afloat.

Unless we figure out how to make both parties happy it’s just not looking too good for us as Christians spreading the Gospel.

(which, in some cases, this may not be all bad)

As I’ve said before, culture eats ideology for breakfast. Which is why churches that remain stuck in the ways (or, “principles”) are dying off quickly. It’s what I love about Hillsong, in that, they don’t lead with their doctrine.

Of course, doctrine matters; it’s just that, as Christians, we should not lead with doctrine; as Christians, I believe, we’re called to, instead, lead with our hearts.

But, life is perfect and we as the body will be flawed and mistakes (yes, both sides of the spectrum); so, with that, some things must will inevitably die, before they are resurrected.

And, when they are resurrected, they take on a new form of beauty and creativity…

AJ+ Church Future - Andy Gill

Honestly, I’m not too concerned about the existence of Christendom. If anything, the Church died once Constantine took hold of the reigns…

The thing I love about artists and skaters is that they remind me of Jesus and His followers… In that, they’re “wholly other”. They are many times, unapologetically their own selves.

There’s a level of creativity that speaks truth-to-power regardless of opposition.

There’s a level of community pressing forward together, towards a similar mission.

AJ+ Church Future - Andy Gill - Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 3.20.23 PM

It’s arguably and ironically the church re-incarnated…

A larger conversation for another time but, I’m unsure Jesus ever intended the Church to be confined to a building or a certain location and time in which we praised, worshipped, and communed.

Similar to church not being something in which we can confine within four walls… worship is something words cannot box in.

It leaves me wondering if this renovated church turned into a skatepark is now filled with more meaning and opportunity than whatever else was there before it.

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[1] Screenshots taken from AJ+ video titled on YouTube as, “Abandoned Church Converted Into Skateboarding Sanctuary”

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