Which Jesus?

Which Jesus? December 6, 2013

Which Jesus have you chosen to follow? The predominantly taught American Jesus or the Jesus in which we find in the New Testament Gospel’s, the biblical Jesus?

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  • Katie

    So resonate with this. Would you do a vlog or blog making talking about the specific differences you see between the pulpit Jesus and the Bible Jesus? I have no idea what your pulpit Jesus looks like. The one I heard about while growing up in the church was nothing like Jesus in the Bible but now as an adult and part of a body of believers that love Jesus, I hear about the Jesus from the Bible every week from the stage…and see him living and moving through the Body I am a party of. So I guess there are different access points? It would be great to distinguish and be more specific about that. It doesn’t always mean either/or.

  • Hey Katie! Thanks for your comment, I’ll definitely make a blog further clarifying the differences between the “American Jesus” and the “Biblical Jesus”! I definitely am one to speak in broad strokes, as there are many churches (such as yours) that are preaching and presenting the true Jesus. Though I think this is very common now to preach Jesus, I still wonder how many Churches/pastors/Christian’s are truly living like Jesus, and willing/wanting to suffer for the sake of the gospel…? But again, definitely agree, it’s necessary and would be good for me to further clarify, thanks for the words!

  • Bob

    I’m confused about your comments here and then listening to the old post about dry humping. There you state Jesus will love you anyway even if you have pre-marital sex. The sense I get from Jesus comments and Paul in the NT are ones of great warning in areas of sexual sin. (Mt 5:27-30, Eph 5:3-20, Col 3:5-11, I Thess 4:3-8). I think communicating God’s love in such a way – that he doesn’t really care that you are harming yourself and others by going against how he has ordered our sexual lives- is not love at all. God loves us not so that we won’t have to obey but that we will obey. The goal is to be like him and that is our joy. (2 Cor 3:17-18) If we don’t move toward obedience we don’t value his love. (Mt 18:23-35)

  • “… you state Jesus will love you anyways even if you have premarital sex.”

    Yes – this is the gospel – “Even though we were still yet sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8) Love over law.

  • Bob

    Any thoughts on the scriptures I referenced?
    It’s not whether God loves us or not, it is how much we value our relationship with him. It’s not telling people it doesn’t matter God loves you, but asking them “do you really value his love?”

  • The issues I have are found in the way you’re wording is. This would be the same issues I have with the conservative/fundamental right, their not preaching Christianity or the Gospel they’re preaching what Christian Smith (author of “Soul Searching”) has labeled, “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism”. Which is a focus on our actions for grace and salvation, as opposed to being focussed on God’s actions that have given us grace and salvation. You say above, “It’s not whether God loves us or not, it is how much WE value our relationship with him. It’s not telling people it doesn’t matter God loves you, but asking them ‘do YOU really value his love?'” this is putting the weight on us to earn our love from God. This is not the gospel, nor is it good news, with one fully knowing they can’t earn God’s love. I don’t believe that how much one values God’s love determines how much of God’s love they’ll receive. My scriptural reference would be the entire book of Romans, more specifically Romans chapter 8.

    In regards to the scriptural references. There is truth found in them, but they are brought out of the context of the Gospel, the Gospel being that Christ died for us despite our past, future, or present sin’s.

    “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:38-39)

  • Renee

    I believe that we must know the Biblical Christ and not the Christ of any other sort, but I think you should be careful when you imply that the Christ from the pulpit and the true Christ of the Bible are different. There are a number of churches that talk of the false interpretations of Christ but there are also a number that speak of the true and awesome Christ and its important that we do not put a differentiation between “Church Christ” and “Biblical Christ” because they are both MEANT to be the same. Continue to dwell in the faith, brother. :)

  • Renee – Thanks for the words, much agreed! I do think and believe that there are a number of Churches out there that speak of the true and awesome Christ. As this is the first of many I hope that through the grace of God I’ll be able to get better at pointing out and towards those Churches!

  • Renee

    praise God! you will be in my prayers!