Why I Don’t Care About What Roseanne Barr or Samantha Bee Said…

Why I Don’t Care About What Roseanne Barr or Samantha Bee Said… June 3, 2018

Here’s the thing: Irony aside, I honestly couldn’t care less about what either of these two public figures said.

Now, this doesn’t mean that what they said was alright, neither does it mean these statements don’t point to larger issues that need to be addressed…

What I’m saying by this is that it seems as if when we become outraged, in instances such as these, that we forget about the actual issues at hand and, in consequence, waste energy on distractions that otherwise wouldn’t matter.

Rome is burning…

How We Fight Each Other Instead of Combatting Injustice Andy Gill Patheos

I mean, figuratively speaking, Rome is burning and, instead of throwing water on the actual fire we’re sitting in our homes angrily tweeting about people we don’t know (i.e. celebrities) regarding statements that weren’t even about us…

There are far more important things our energy should be directed towards.

We’re more outraged by Samantha Bee calling “American royalty” a “feckless c***” than we are about the 1,500 children of immigrants that have gone missing after being seized by the government.

On the flip side of the same exact coin, for us “progressives” we’re more outraged by Roseanne’s statements than we are the actual racial discrepancies that have lead to Flint, MI still being without clean water.

Case in point: How many of us (without googling it and/or before watching the video below) even knew Trump’s immigration policy and these 1,500 missing children was what Samantha Bee was talking about leading into her calling Ivanka this “irreprehensible name”…?

Hopefully, by now we’re all on the same page.

Other Viable Options Other than Rage… 

So, what if instead of uselessly expending energy being outraged (i.e. triggered) via the mainstream media (MSM) and/or by people we don’t know… we redirected our energy towards more constructive things such as… Helping that struggling single mother or father, that lives in your neighborhood or goes to your church; figuring out how to end homelessness; bringing food security to children suffering from food insecurity, the list goes on…

(Speaking of which… I really wish I had more references to nonprofits doing these aforementioned amazing things; so if you, or anyone you know, work for a local nonprofit and would like to be referenced as options for people to donate their time or money to, in these instances, feel free to shoot me an email or hit me up via social media. Until next time, y’all know where to find me…)

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