For the Next Few Weeks, We Have a Choice to Make

For the Next Few Weeks, We Have a Choice to Make November 3, 2020

In a few hours, the polls will close. And for the next few days or weeks, we’ll all have a choice to make: how are we going to handle the outcome of the election? Especially if the “outcome” means flying through intense political turbulence, as simmering frustrations, uncertainties and fears boil over around us.

If—or more likely, when—we see that turmoil, let’s resolve to be characterized by something very different. No matter what is going on around us, and no matter how relieved, disappointed, uncertain, elated, anguished or “over it” we are, we need to be marked by an unshakable kindness, joy and peace.

How does that become our reality? Especially if we or those among us feel crushed by a particular result? A few key principles and actions will make all the difference—not just outwardly to a watching world, but within us as well.

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