The Sneaky Solution to Finding Peace Instead of Stress (Part 1)

The Sneaky Solution to Finding Peace Instead of Stress (Part 1) July 6, 2023

This is Part 1 of a three-part series on a crucial and often-overlooked way that we women can find peace instead of stress in our lives.

I have a question for all the women out there: Do you want to live a life of peace and rest instead of stress?

Ok, that’s probably a stupid question. I’m quite sure none of you are thinking, “Sure, Shaunti, sign me up for the stress track.”

So let me ask it a different way: Do you want to know a profoundly important factor to living a life of peace instead of stress—even if it might press a few buttons and be uncomfortable to consider?

If so, here’s the not-so-stupid question that will get us started: Have you ever stopped to think about all the events that would appear on the timeline of your life? From childhood, through the teenage years, and then into the ever-changing adult years, our lives are a pretty wild ride, right? We have family dynamics, education, careers, travel, joys, losses, financial ups and downs, children, long hours, health issues, friendships, aging parents, aging ourselves—and about a million other factors that make up life’s tapestry.

And it turns out: within that very tapestry is a very, very important truth to finding peace and joy in our lives instead of stress and sadness. A truth many of us sort of know, deep down—but we may not grasp just how practical it is. In this Part 1 and Part 2, we are going to look at this truth and several key action steps that will help us get to that life of peace. Part 3 will help us figure out what to do if we don’t want to take those action steps!


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