In Money and Marriage

In Money and Marriage February 6, 2024

Has money been causing heartaches or coming between you and your spouse lately? Yeah? I’m so glad we are not alone! The economy, inflation, and the effects of the pandemic have caused a lot of financial stress for many of us. Our own ministry income and events were so greatly affected by COVID, we honestly didn’t know how we were going to make the numbers work. Not only do we have a family to support but we also have a staff to keep employed. Money and financial insecurity have been on our mind. A lot. 

And when money stress is at the forefront of our minds — and tongues– guess what also happens? Our spouse may suddenly become a target.  

We may be trying our hardest to work together as a couple, but our partner is also there when our fear and anxiety overflow. Despite having an agreed-upon budget, we may have trouble getting over the fact that our spouse went out to eat instead of packing a perfectly good lunch with the food at home. And they seem to get frustrated with us when we purchase a new item for our home office, even though we feel justified in getting it because it helps with efficiency and will make more money in the end.  

When we are stressed, it is all too easy to take it out on each other. But it doesn’t have to be that way!  Based on our research for Thriving in Love & Money, here’s how we can do better – advice that we ourselves have had to apply in this season!


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