Pictures of Naked Women!

Pictures of Naked Women! December 15, 2010

Are not here, you dumbass.

You get Hillaire Belloc instead, just for

clicking on something you shouldn’t. Actually,
let’s be honest, he is quite attractive…

What is here is a post inspired by a guy who runs a blog, The Problem of Porn, about his experiences growing up in a family running a porno shop. I like reading what he says, because it’s very honest, and it got me to thinking about the real problem of porn:

The greatest crime of our pornographic culture is not that it makes us lust and fall, though that evil is apparent. The greatest crime is not even that it breaks up families and marriages, though that evil is heart-breaking. The greatest crime is that it makes us bored. It makes both vice and virtue seem ridiculous. The vice of lust becomes, vague, dull, routine and commonplace, while the virtue of chastity and purity becomes vague, unattainable and remote. Pornography is an addiction not like the lucidity of alcohol nor the clarity of caffeine but of some hazy, muddled and distasteful narcotic inhaled out of a rusty can. Have you noticed this irony? (Perhaps not, come to think of it.) Pornography sells itself as enticing and ends as boring, until the addict must sink into the very dredges of depravity to excite some thrill into his apathetic lust. In this sense, I classify it as one of the Idiotic Sins: the more it is committed the less fun it is, and the more it is committed. Idiotic Sins can be summed up as this – losing the world AND losing your soul.
God Himself makes this clear. In Revelations he basically says, “Look if you’re going to sin, be a man about it. Sin. Go against me in an excited, heated rebellion. But if even your very sin is vague and boring, I will spit you out of my mouth.” Obviously, better than sin at all is a renewal in the excitement of virtue. Chastity is actually incredibly exciting, sticking it to the man and taking complete and utter control of our passions. Chastity, as we speak, is the rebellion, having “all the exhilaration of a vice.” 

Obviously, I spend a good amount of time posting to Saints, so understand that this idea of an Idiotic Sin is not limited to pornography. Hatred is another one. You lose your soul AND your world, for it doesn’t create even a worldly happiness, merely a worldly anger. Make the idea applicable to your own life, and you can pretend like it’s what I posted on in the first place.

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