Dr. Who

Dr. Who September 4, 2010


This is a completely non-informative, non-thoughtful, non-baby related post. But I have to get it out.

I’m completely in love with Dr. Who, and David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor to be specific.

Since giving birth to a baby that nurses…all…day…long, I’ve had plenty of time to sit on my bum and watch streaming videos on Netflix, and man did I find a gem when I put on Dr. Who (thank you, Andrea.) But I can’t talk about it, really, because I bet you fifty dollars that none of you out there in blogland have seen this show.

It is a masterpiece. The first four seasons plus some special episodes are also on Netflix Watch Instantly, so you can watch it…today! And I really, really hope you do so. It’s funny, silly, charming, sad, heartwarming, annoyingly pacifistic and preachy, and delightful. Plus, British accents! Christopher Eccleston! David Tennant! That guy from Shaun of the Dead!

It’s a weird sci-fi comedy, and that’s all I’m going to say about it because any explanation will make you think I’ve gone crazy and make you not want to watch it. And granted, the first few episodes sort of fail to grab the viewer (at least they did me). But by mid-season 1, I promise you will love it. Well, I really hope you’ll love it. And when David Tennant becomes the Doctor in season 2, you’ll start having warm fuzzy crush feelings about a TV show. Or, I did. But seriously, guys, give it a try! And then come back to my blog and gush about it! Please?

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