Fracking Friday

Fracking Friday November 15, 2013

I hate Fridays. It actually took me many years of wife/motherhood to remember what Fridays feel like. When I had small, pre-school-aged minions and the Ogre was still taking classes and doing graduate work, Fridays basically felt like any other day, except Facebook was really happy. Now that I have two kids in school full time and a husband who works 40 hour weeks plus Sunday-Thursday evenings, I’m too freaking tired by the end of the week to enjoy Fridays.

But then the Ogre showed me this, and suddenly I remember why I used to love Fridays:

The sweet, sweet anticipation of things to come. When I was in high school and college, the weekends could bring anything…a rugby game, true love, a killer keg-stand, or a brilliant poem composed on Starbucks napkins. Now, the weekends pretty much bring grocery shopping, but it’s not inconceivable that a Tardis could land in my living room and whisk me and a minion or two away for a while. Or forever, since the Doctor’s companions usually kick the bucket. Still, worth it.

Speaking of worth it: one of the funniest things ever to come out of the internet (even more so if you love sci-fi, grew up on Star Wars, or think James Earl Jones’ voice rocks):


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