The Saturday Evening Blog Post

The Saturday Evening Blog Post November 7, 2010

…that’s happening on Sunday morning because I went to bed too early last night to link up. Sorry, guys.

Here’s how this works. The lovely Elizabeth Esther hosts a blog carnival over at her place where you can pick your favorite post from the last month and link it to her page. This month, I chose my post about Sienna throwing up on me, because that’s kind of how I feel about the month of October. Then, you make a new post on your homepage (that’s what I’m doing right this second) explaining the carnival and linking back to Elizabeth’s page so your readers can join in the fun!

I think this is a really useful exercise for bloggers. It gives us an opportunity to look back over our last month of posts and consider what we have focused on and what we have perhaps neglected. I try to keep a balance on my blog of silly, anecdotal, personal family stories and broader, deeper observations, but in looking back over this month I see that I’ve perhaps been heavy on the silly and light on the depth. Maybe November will see a return to more serious thinking, but given that I’ll be spending a great majority of the month planning Thanksgiving dinner (an activity that takes me weeks) and stressing out over Christmas shopping, it’s likely that deep thoughts won’t be making their way to you until after the first of the year. We’ll see. Until then, bear with me my friends! The holidays are stressful, so maybe we all just need some laughter until all the Christmas presents are wrapped and the kiddos are tucked in bed and Mommy is sneakily drinking wine on the stairs at her parents’ house, hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa.

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