7 Quick Takes Friday!

7 Quick Takes Friday! February 25, 2011

This Friday would be so much better if I didn’t have the cold from Hell. Seriously. Having a child in preschool is like living with a petri dish of minor illnesses, who likes to snot all over you. It’s awesome.

If you’re still reading this after that lovely description, you shall be rewarded with Quick Takes!

Out of Curiosity
I just looked back through my previous quick takes to see how many times I mentioned being sick. I was prepared to see four or five whiny mentions of sickness brought on by my children, but was pleasantly surprised to see only two! Awesome. I’m such a stoic. I now give myself license to whine to you more often. 
But Actually
this cold has been nasty enough that I’ve had to take a breathing treatment for my asthma, which I haven’t had to do since I was pregnant with Charlotte. Being in the desert may have its drawbacks, but for my asthma it’s been a dream. I’ve gone from two maintenance medications, an emergency inhalor, occasional rounds of steroids and breathing treatments to only an emergency inhalor. It’s pretty awesome.
But the desert didn’t really help me out this time around. I’ve had to take two breathing treatments in the last twelve hours and have been trying to stave off another one by alternating coffee with Breathe Easy tea because, well, breathing treatments make me a little crazy. If any of you out there have had to take them, you know what I mean. Jittery, a little weak, slightly dizzy, fits of manic energy, headaches…this medicine is no joke. Add to that a week of less sleep than usual and feeling generally terrible, and, well, I’m not exactly a fun person to be around right now. 
In Fact
about an hour ago the Ogre came into the study and got slightly (and I do mean slightly) irritated because he wanted to sit down and finish doing our taxes, but there was no place to put the papers because the desk was covered in glasses. My glasses. 
I have a water glass issue. But in my defense I need all of those glasses. And they’re not all for water, either. I had one glass for regular, filtered water, one glass for sparkling water, one mug for black tea, one coffee cup, one mug for herbal tea, a bottle of sparkling water, and a water pitcher.
I wasn’t drinking out of all of them, of course. I was only drinking from the sparkling water, the regular water, and the coffee. I do realize that some people like to pick up their glasses as they finish them, but I just leave them all until I’m done with the computer, and then I clear everything out. And move it to my new location. Which I was about to do when the Ogre came in, sighed, and began shuffling glasses. 
At which point I totally freaked out about how I’m really trying to keep his study desk clear and maybe he should just not be so hard on me. 
And Then, Naturally,
I’m actually wearing a headwrap almost exactly like that. Weird.
I stormed off to furiously clean in revenge. 
Luckily, he’s learned to just stay out of my way when that happens. Once things are cleaned I feel better and usually forget why I was mad in the first place, which, in this case, is because I’m a little bit unhinged and currently all jacked-up on albuterol. 
But Back to the Water Glasses
I totally understand the little girl from Signs. I probably go through about three water glasses a day, because things get in it. Dust. Flecks of mysterious black substances. Sometimes my cat drinks out of my water, so obviously I have to get a new glass. Sometimes it tastes weird. Sometimes the glass smells odd. Sometimes I get fingerprints all over the glass, which bothers me, so I get a new one. 
Is that weird? Maybe it’s some sort of manifestation of OCD. Ah well. It doesn’t bother me, it just bothers my husband and my  mom.
Oh yeah, and my brother is the same way, so my mom hates it when we’re both in the house at the same time because it literally starts to look like the house from Signs. Water glasses on every available surface. 
My brother and I always try to reassure her that we’re really trying to ensure her safety in case of an alien attack, but mostly that doesn’t work.
Speaking of Weird Things
what is with this haircut? Seriously? I get that this kid made it popular and all, but why? It looks terrible. It’s like Cousin It, but modified so that children who have the wretched haircut can still see.
The thing is, boy bands/individual prepubescent boy singers have had preteen girls in histrionics since the Beatles. They’ve inspired fashion, from the merely unfortunate
to the truly ridiculous.
Boy bands have inspired dance moves
and awful movies
but never before hair, and on so massive a scale. 
I know this because I was a Hanson fan…a huge Hanson fan. And I waited impatiently for the day to come when all boys would realize that long hair is really what gets the girls.
I have neither a defense nor an explanation for this
 But alas, that day did not arrive. Or perhaps the mothers of America united to stop it.
It seems, however, that what gets the under-18 girls now is this:
and for the life of me, I can’t understand it. I can’t even understand how that haircut is actually accomplished. Justin Bieber has done for hair what Kriss Kross did for clothing.
And Now
I’m going to go lay on the couch and die. 
It’s a good thing I’m not a man, or this would be happening:
Have a great weekend, guys! Go see Jen for more quick takes!

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