7 Quick Takes Friday!

7 Quick Takes Friday! April 15, 2011

What a week.

Since I posted my story on Sunday night, so many people have linked to it. First there were the Darwins, who linked to me both on their blog and at American Catholic. Then the Pulp.it picked it up, Leila linked to it in her follow-up to one of my commenters, Simcha linked to it at the Register, Matthew Archbold posted it to Creative Minority Report (and yeah, I totally let out an inappropriate fangirl squeal when that happened, causing the Ogre to ask if I had just stumbled across an article about Hanson), Carol from the Tenth Crusade, A Deacon’s WifeIn the Everyday, Idoya, and Kate Wicker all linked to it as well.*

I’m really stunned and grateful that so many people found my story inspiring. I’ve been truly humbled and fairly intimidated by the numbers on my stat counter. But it wasn’t until I clicked through to my own blog from Creative Minority Report that I noticed something. 

Right There
in the fifth paragraph was this word: “horibble.”
 I immediately went into my blog and edited it, but then a sinking realization came over me. 
This paragraph is included in nearly all of the blogs that linked to me. They’ve all done some variation of what Darwin did, putting up several paragraphs followed by a link to read the rest. 
I began frantically clicking around the blogosphere and…there it was. On every blog. “Horibble. Horibble. Horibble. HORIBBLE.”
I Gotta Say
nothing deflates the elation of knowing that large swathes of the Catholic blogosphere are now aware of my blog quite like knowing that large swathes of the Catholic blogosphere are also aware that I can’t spell the word horrible.
In Other News
Charlotte has become a chocolate monster. 
Yesterday, we went to an easter egg hunt with some friends, and after the hunt I let each of the girls choose two eggs to eat. When we got home, I put the baskets up on the bar, out of reach, and told them no more until after dinner. 
Three minutes later, I caught Charlotte stuffing a foil-wrapped egg in her mouth. After fishing it out, moving the baskets higher, and saying in  my best mommy’s not kidding tone “NO MORE CHOCOLATE,” I went to put Liam down for a nap.
While I was doing so, I heard the Ogre in the living room repeating the exact same performance. I have no idea how Charlotte got to the chocolate, but she did, and he put her in time-out. Then he came back to tell me something, we put Liam down and went out into the living room. 
There was Charlotte, in time-out, with her Easter basket, happily munching on chocolate eggs. 
That’s right, she had managed to climb up on the kitchen counters, get her entire Easter basket, and bring it with her to time-out. 
Stealth, thy name is Charlotte.
We Watched A Great Movie the Other Night
in which the entire development of political history and philosophy was re-written to fit Hollywood’s idiotic Marxist agenda. 
Even the fact that my husband was the star of the movie didn’t save it from being abysmal. Additionally, while I’ve always loved Cate Blanchett, knowing that she drinks her own urine to combat global warming makes it difficult to take her seriously anymore.
For the Uninitiated
no, I’m not married to Russell Crowe, but the Ogre looks exactly like him (albeit a younger version). 
It’s very weird, but made even weirder by the fact that pretty much every character Russell Crowe has played is somewhat similar to the Ogre.
For Example
would he fight a panty-waist emperor to the death to avenge the murder of his family? Absolutely.
Is he so brilliant that it rubs people the wrong way? Oh, yes. (He is not, however, insane, nor does he see visions of Paul Bettany. Thank goodness.)
Would he risk death rather than face the shame of backing down from a challenger that threatened his honor? 
Um, a thousand times, yes.
Would he break me out of jail if I was wrongly accused of murder and imprisoned for life? 
He freaking better. 
See? Uncanny.
Here’s What I Like Best About These Comparisons. 
In all the above analogies, here is 
and me. 
Go and visit Jen for more quick takes! Have a great weekend!

*(There are other blogs that linked to me, but sadly they’ve disappeared into the netherworlds of my stat counter and I can’t find them now. I’m thinking particularly of a lovely little blog with a picture of a bridge on the header. If you’re one of these, please leave a comment and I’ll put your link in. I’d love to give you some link-back love!)

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