7 Quick Takes Friday!

7 Quick Takes Friday! April 8, 2011

I really think that I have a wicked case of SAD. I’ve been cheery and happy for three weeks, and (coincidence? I think not) the weather has been gorgeous. But today, it’s freezing. The sun is shining, but it’s a lackluster sort of shine, and the vicious wind is whipping the palm trees into a frenzy. It’s depressing. I want to cry.

Of Course
my icky sadness probably has more to do with residual frustration from last night. See, I’ve decided to try a new jewelry weave called a viking weave after watching a tutorial which made it look remarkably simple. And since there’s nothing I love more in jewelry making than a nice weave, I looked forward to it all day long. Here’s a picture of a finished viking weave:
Cool, huh? I thought so too. 
I sat down with the Ogre, in great spirits, to watch Chuck and work my jewelry-making magic. 
And Then…
as it became increasingly apparent that this was a singularly difficult weave, I grew more and more frustrated. I watched the piles of kinked, ruined silver wire build up around me, mentally adding up the cost of the wire I was ruining, and smoke began to pour out of my ears. I started over three times, changed cabochons once, and when I finally had a finished weave and began to try to shape it around the stone, I realized that I had made it too big. 
That’s when I lost it. 
Five Minutes Later
the Ogre found me in the kitchen, ransacking the pantry and fridge. 
“Uh, babe? What are you doing?” he asked, slightly alarmed at my erratic and hysterical behavior. 
I stopped what I was doing, plopped down on the kitchen floor, and began to cry. 
The Ogre tried to console me, alternately assuring me that the weave is difficult and I’ll get it eventually and cracking jokes, but nothing worked. Finally I managed to choke out, “I don’t care about the weave! I just want cookies, and I can’t have any!”
Mmmhmmm. I cried for ten minutes because I couldn’t have cookies. Because I’m four. 
Oh Yes
the reason why I couldn’t have cookies is because the Ogre and I managed to pick ourselves back up out of our Lenten slump and get back on track with the no grains/no sweets thing. It’s day three, and aside from being angry, tired, overly emotional, and wanting to trade my children for chocolate, it’s going great!
I’ve only taken a spoon to the jar of peanut butter once three times.
Just Now, I Realized that Liam Was Awfully Quiet…
so I went to check on him, and found him asleep in his bouncer. 
Someone should give me a mom-of-the-year award. 
In Case You’re Wondering…
I left him there.
Look, I have priorities, all right?
But Then,
after typing that last one, I felt really guilty and moved him to his crib. 
And he woke up screaming. He’s now in my lap, trying to eat the keyboard. So that’s it for quick takes! See what happens when I let you guys make me feel guilty? (And I mean you, Mom.)
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