When Honesty Isn’t the Best Policy

When Honesty Isn’t the Best Policy April 7, 2011

This conversation occurred today. It’s a good thing I got 10 hours of sleep last night, or I probably wouldn’t have been laughing so hard. 

Sienna: Mom, are you going to have a baby today?

Me: No! (hahahaha) If I were going to have a baby, my tummy would have to get really big with a baby inside it first. Does my tummy look like I’m going to have a baby?

Sienna: Yes.

Me: Sienna! (hahahaha) It does not.

Sienna: Well, your bottom is as big as a baby.

Me: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

(I think I’ll skip my hot chocolate tonight.)

In case the above story did not make you laugh as hard as it made me laugh, here’s something really funny, from the great Bill Cosby. Enjoy!


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