7 Quick Takes Friday!

7 Quick Takes Friday! May 27, 2011

Please go see Jen for more quick takes! Thanks for hosting as always, Jen! And i apologize for the lack of link, since my phone won’t let me put one in, so if you want to go see jen here’s her address: www.conversiondiary.com


I didn’t expect this trip to be easy. I even thought I was prepared for it to be difficult. But let me tell you, nothing prepared me for Charlotte to turn into a Gremlin the second her tiny bum hit the padded car seat.
We got her and Sienna each a movie screen to strap to the headrests of the seats in front of them because, well, when you’re desperate your principles seem a whole lot less important than just getting the kids to stop whining, for the love of all that’s holy.
This tactic worked like a dream for Sienna, who has been begging for such a novelty since this summer, when we visited our badass CA friends who had such a set-up in their car. Charlotte, however, watched for ten minutes and then began kicking the screen violently, which resulted in her being sharply corrected and losing the screen. Which made her cry.
For 150 miles.
On the plus side, the Ogre and I had a great conversation about Western civilization as compared to other civilizations while the kids napped today. Sometimes I forget how much I love to talk with him. We have the best conversations.
Also, driving through the mesas that line the AZ/NM border at sunset was a spectacularly beautiful experience. I’d do the trip again just to see that, even with the 150 miles of anguish. 
Liam’s been great, in case you’re wondering. He’s the most amazingly cheerful baby. 
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