7 Quick Takes Friday!

7 Quick Takes Friday! August 5, 2011


It’s Friday, and guess what? The Ogre is coming to visit us this week!

will be a year old on Thursday, and the Ogre is coming in so we can celebrate the little man’s birthday right! 
I’m pretty pumped. I can’t believe how much I miss my husband. Being without him is like being without one of my lungs; I just can’t breathe right unless he’s around. 
Not That I’m Dramatic About It
or anything. 
Speaking of Dramatic
in a fit of whimsy, or perhaps delusion, I accepted my eldest daughter’s dare to jump off the highest surface of the playground this morning, a la Maman Incroyable. 
It was a lot higher than it looked. 
Right Before I Jumped I Thought, “I Wonder if This Will Hurt?”
Um, yes. But frakking yes. 
I actually thought that I had fractured my foot, but since I can walk on it, I guess it’s okay. 
It still hurts. Even right this second. And I don’t even get sympathy for it because I jumped off playground equipment in platform flip-flops on the dare of a five-year-old
Nobody feels sorry for someone that stupid. 
I’m Listening To 
these guys to make myself feel better. I also listen to them when I’m happy, when I’m angry, when I’m confused, and when I’m awake. 
Actually my obsession with Mumford and Sons is becoming, ahh…unseemly. 
The thing is, they’re the best band that ever lived. I stumbled across this post yesterday, and my estimation of them only shot higher than the stratosphere it was already in. They are brilliant, their lyrics are meaningful and full of excellent references, their music is simply outstanding, but boy oh boy, are they cute. 
Oh my gosh. 
I wish they weren’t so cute, actually, because I’m a married woman here. Jeez, guys. Take it down a notch, will you? 
See what I mean? How cute is  he?
I firmly believe that this guy is going to single-handedly rescue the name Marcus from the pit of uncoolness into which it has fallen for the last several decades. And that’s something we should all applaud, right? Marcus is a cool name. It’s Latin, guys! It’s centuries old. We can’t let one of the oldest and most admirable names in the world fall into such degrading obscurity. 
Cheers, Marcus Mumford. Way to be. Maybe I’ll name my next son after you. 
(But only if you promise to make regular appearances at his birthday parties. Bring the whole band, ok?)
Happy Weekend, everyone! Go and see Jen for more quick takes! Oh, and since I’m thinking about pain right now, here’s a little something to make you laugh, from someone who was obviously also thinking about pain. 
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