7 Quick Takes Friday!

7 Quick Takes Friday! September 23, 2011

I promise to finish the tale of the plague tomorrow, but I haven’t participated in quick takes in a while, so I figured I might as well make the most of this Friday.

Seriously, though, there are small people everywhere today. Sasha Feroce is shooting a wedding this weekend, the Coach has to work all day, and the grandparent-shaped reinforcements aren’t coming round to collect the two children who aren’t mine until late afternoon. 
Five is a lot of children. Oy. And despite my best efforts to ignore them, I keep having to break up fights, prescribe time-outs, dole out snacks, get more coloring paper, and generally like, be a mom. 
It’s seriously cramping my style. 
This Is What I Would Like To Do Today:
(Image by Allie Bosh of Hyperbole and a Half)

Speaking of Internet-Land
I seem to have lost my lead in the Cannonball Awards. Here’s the deal, guys. Usually about 300 of you visit me every day. If every single one of you clicked over there, clicked on my name in either the Best New Kid On the Block or the Most Under Appreciated Blog categories, and then went on about your daily life, I would easily sweep the awards. If you’ve already voted, be advised that you can vote once a day. 
Just three clicks. And I’ve already provided the link for you above. Here it is again
Yes, thank you, Almighty Internet. I do realize that. 
But the thing is, where I didn’t care at first, now I suddenly really want to win. 
Why? Is it because the last few months have been hellish and this would be a small consolation amidst the storm of perpetual failure that surrounds me? 
Not really, no. I’m just childish and I want bragging rights. But also, if I lose I’ll be really really sad. 
This guy is so much better at begging than I am.
Thus endeth my spate of pleading. 
Thank God, eh? 
Hey! Have You Seen the New Facebook Changes?
If you’re new around here, you might not realize that I love facebook with a deep, abiding love. I defend it in times of change and confusion. This is no exception. 
These new changes are. so. awesome. Seriously. Facebook has gone above and beyond this time. I also think that Mark Zuckerburg is just a great person. He’s a stand-up guy all around, and he and the other facebook employees believe so much in facebook that they pour their hearts and souls into that company. It’s a thing of beauty. 
Not to mention that their corporate office is totally awesome. 
But actually, what I loved the most about these new changes is this picture that they inspired. 
I’ve been laughing about this picture for days. My children are beginning to think that I’m having a mental breakdown because at random times I’ll think of this picture and then break into hysterical laughter. 
Happy Weekend, guys! Don’t forget to go vote for the Cannonball Awards! And after you’re done there, go and see Jen for more quick takery. 
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