In Which I Threaten to Stab My Eyes Out

In Which I Threaten to Stab My Eyes Out October 13, 2011

So…well…er….I picked a fight over at Virtuous today.

Wanna read it? As an added bonus, you’ll get to see a Demotivational Poster of Jeff Bridges as the Dude!

On to more important things.

Sasha Feroce has started watching Buffy, of her own volition, completely without my insane pushing. (No, really, she actually has.) I am excited about this turn of events for two major reasons.

First, I get to re-watch all seven of the most glorious (well, okay, four glorious, three crap, crappy, and craptacular-est) seasons of television ever created.

The worst. “Yellow crayon-breaky Willow?” Pathetic, Joss Whedon. 

Second, someone will finally understand me when I make jokes about the Master, the Mayor, and Mr. Pointy, not to mention when I make fun of people who go to clubs for being “the type who would die screaming at the Bronze.”

I can die happy.

See you guys tomorrow for quick take-ery! Happy Thursday night! Do the right thing and go watch Doctor Who, or I’ll stab my eyes out.

I figured it was about time to post a picture of the newest Doctor. After all, he’s sort of redeemed himself…ish.

Look, there’s only one Christopher Eccleston, and there’s only one David Tennant, and Matt Smith looks like Zeus giving birth to Athena. It may be mean, but it’s true.

Also, he’s kind of a mean Doctor. Leaving old Amy? Cold, man. Really cold. 

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