British People and Their Accents

British People and Their Accents November 2, 2011
One of these things are not like the others…yeah, that would be you, American Captain Jack.  

I’ve been watching Torchwood lately, and I just have to say it.

I love the way British people talk.

Can I be British when I grow up? We sound like backwoods country bumpkins of whom the classy Brits are ever-so-hugely embarrassed in comparison.

Jeez. Ancestry sucks sometimes. I’d even settle for Australian, at this point. Welsh. Scottish! (yeah, Amy Pond.) Irish (go Pogues).

Even New Zealand is on my list.

You know what’s at the bottom?



NB: My next son is totally being named Ianto. I know this is the first you’re hearing of this, Ogre, and I apologize. But IANTO!

Best. Name. Ever.

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