7 Floxed Takes Friday!

7 Floxed Takes Friday! December 9, 2011

O. M. G. 

My streak of horrible luck continueth. Last night after Mass, in which I was continually wrestling with a wriggling, fit-throwing Charlotte, I realized that my thumb hurt. Then I realized that part of it has been numb for a few days, and I had filed that in the back of my brain, in the “things I will deal with later” section along with my weight loss plans, my rusty exercise routine, and that mysterious puddle on the floor which I threw a towel over three days ago. Then I looked at it, and realized that when I bent it, it was not pointing in the, em, in the right direction. My joint is pulling to the right and the tip of my finger is pointing to the left. It’s bizarre. And oh yeah, did I mention that it effing hurts? 
So today I went to see my doctor. 
As It Turns Out
my doctor  and his PA believe that I have had what he described as an “extremely rare” adverse reaction to the antibiotic he put me on, levaquin. He believes that I have developed tendonitis in my thumb, wrist, and knees (which have been hurting to the point of rendering me practically immobile). When I reminded the PA that as a child I used to projectile vomit when placed on Cipro, which is in the same class of antibiotics, she looked very serious and said, “oh yes, that would have been an indication that you cannot tolerate these medications`” even though every doctor I’ve ever been to has assured me that that particular reaction to Cipro is quite common and nothing to worry about. 
So now I am officially allergic to all flouroquinolones. 
Then I Had The Hypochondria
to go and research these antibiotics and the reaction I had. 
As it seems from the wealth of articles and forums dedicated to flouroquinolone toxicity syndrome, my reaction is anything but rare and it seems that I even got off lucky. It’s such a common thing that there’s a nickname for it. It’s called “being floxed”. The FDA even put a black box warning on these antibiotics, especially as prescribed in conjunction with corticosteroids, which mine were. 
Needless to say, I’m extremely displeased and annoyed. And I’m sincerely hoping that the pain alleviates and I don’t need to go to a tendonitis specialist, as I have neither the time nor the money for that. 
I Cannot Believe
the run of bad luck I’ve been having these last few months. It’s like something out of a movie. If it wasn’t so painful just at this particular moment, I’d be laughing about it. 
picking out Christmas presents is really stressing me out this year. Actually the only one I’ve chosen is the Ogre’s, and he’s usually the last one I figure out, but I haven’t even gotten it yet. It’s been ordered and I’m waiting for the store to receive it. 
I was determined to have all my shopping done my December 1 this year so I could enjoy a peaceful advent. 
Although I Have To Admit
that Pinterest has been absolutely amazing in terms of helping me plan Christmas dinner. 
Oh yeah, did I tell you? I get to host Christmas dinner! Well, me and Sasha Feroce. It is her house, after all. But I’m so excited. Christmas is so fun, and I can’t wait to make it special!
I’ve already got one surprise for the family up my sleeve thanks to Pinterest, which I can’t put up here because sometimes they read this blog and I want it to remain a surprise. 
But I promise to take pictures. You’ll love it! 
If You’re Not On Pinterest
you should be. I’m actually finding it extremely useful. There are aspects of the above to it, but I’ve found really simple decorating ideas, easy crafts, and cool stuff for the kids. I just love it. It is a time vortex, but it’s a useful one. More importantly, it’s a fun one. 
And As Usual
the children are now fighting and screaming, so I must go. 
Also, my poor thumb hurts a lot. 
Happy weekend! 
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