7 Quick Takes Friday!

7 Quick Takes Friday! December 2, 2011
It’s so pretty
My sister-in-law made french toast this morning, with challah, which Alton Brown and The Best Recipe have been begging me to use for french toast for several years now. So I picked some up at Whole Foods yesterday and we french toasted this morning. 
All I have to say is, I will never love another bread the way I love challah. I’m still drooling. 
for all the AWESOME suggestions yesterday about gifts for the Ogre. I didn’t want to respond to the suggestions individually in case the Ogre happens to click over here and try to glean, from my responses, what I’m getting him (he totally likes to ruin my surprises like that), but I did come up with a perfect gift for him thanks to all of you and a couple of friends on facebook. I’m going to get it today, or part of it, and I’m really excited about it. Thanks everyone!
So I do, in fact, have bronchitis again (or still, as the doctor thinks it never quite went away), and am being treated by the strongest antibiotic known to man (probably), a boatload of steroids, and cough syrup with codeine which, in my opinion, is about as effective as a placebo. I don’t know if that’s because my cough is just that bad or because codeine doesn’t work for me, but between my hacking, burning, miserable cough and Liam’s current incoming molars, sleep isn’t happening much around here lately. 
And oh, how I miss sleep.
Liam is actually so tired from his non-sleep last night that he’s hanging onto my pajama pants and whining while I do my best to ignore him. 
This is really not improving my mood, which is already in the toilet due to the awesome side effects of steroids. I’m not going to lie, being an asthmatic is totally freaking lame during illnesses. I hate prednisone with a burning, burning passion. 
I mean, I like to breathe, but I don’t know why we can’t find an easier way to get there. Preferably with less anger and hunger-inducing side effects. 
I Cannot Fathom
how people become addicted to steroids. No amount of muscle-building or whatever is worth walking around feeling like a ticking time bomb, being ravenously hungry, and generally wishing you could just lie down and take a permanent nap from sheer misery. Seriously. It is hideousness, incarnate.
the children are falling apart and Sasha Feroce is kind of fending for herself while I try to work on my quick takes, but as my brain is working about as quickly as a drunken snail, I guess this is it for today. Sorry for the underwhelming takes. 
Oh wait, I can’t leave you like that. 
Here, the Ogre sent this to me yesterday. This is what we’re doing with our Christmas lights next year. 
Let’s just hope our neighbors put up good lights. 
Happy weekend, everyone! Enjoy your second Sunday of the BIGGEST MOST EARTH-SHATTERING CHANGE IN THE LITURGY EVER in which they changed like five words. I was thunderstruck last week, I tell you. Thunderstruck. 
Go and see Jen for more quick takes!
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