This is The Best Day of My Life!

This is The Best Day of My Life! February 10, 2012

Trader Joe’s has opened. Just one minute ago. It may be an hour drive away, sure, but y’all must be crazy if you think I’m not going. TODAY.

I’m already dreaming about all the wonderful things Trader Joe’s brought to my life that I have been bereft of in the past six months. The best yellow curry sauce in existence. Whole-wheat naan. Garlic hummus. Pita crackers. Blueberry creme yogurt. Kerrygold butter. (Yeah I can get that at Publix but it’s not the same thing.) Nitrate and nitrite-free bacon. Eggplant parmesan. Tiny frozen pizzas, the perfect size for the minions. Frozen pizza topped with feta, olives and tomatoes. Reasonably-priced sustainably-caught frozen seafood. The most perfectly sized bread rolls for making poor boys. Chariot wine. Dark-chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds. Dark-chocolate peanut butter cups. Mini peanut butter cups. That unbelievably perfect stir-fry sauce. The frozen vegetable blend that makes stir-fries swoon-worthy since it’s loaded with water chestnuts. Cheap sparkling water. Cheap coconut water. Aluminum-free baking powder. 5-seed almond bars (oh, these are so amazing.) Almond windmill cookies.

I think I’m going to cry. Trader Joe’s is proof positive that God loves me wherever I go. He even allowed one to follow me here.

Seriously, thank you, God.

And now I’m off to make a shopping list. And yeah, everything I’ve already typed here is totally going on it. Wish me luck facing the opening day crowds! Actually you better wish them luck, because ain’t nobody standing between me and those almond windmill cookies. But nobody.

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