Christos Anesti!

Christos Anesti! April 8, 2012

It’s Easter morning, at last, and while all the labor-intensive cooking prep is indeed finished (can we say 7 hours hunched over a table brushing phyllo with butter and carefully folding spanakopita into pretty little packets?), the house did not manage to get itself cleaned…to which I say, meh. We’ll pick up after Mass and call it a day.

The Ogre thought it was an awesome idea to hide Easter eggs around the house last night so the kids could have an impromptu Easter egg hunt this morning, which resulted in Liam and Charlotte shoving fistfuls of chocolate and jelly beans into their mouths as fast as possible until we were awake and sufficiently unbleary-eyed enough to notice and stop them. After all the Easter eggs had been found we had breakfast, during which this conversation happened:

The Ogre: So Jesus came out of the empty tomb, which is why we open eggs on Easter, to remind us of the empty tomb and what Christ did for us. 

Charlotte: And then where did she go?

The Ogre: “She” found a time machine and went to 21st century feminist theology. 

You can tell the catechetical instruction is really solid around here.

And now I must go get the children and myself ready for Mass. We wouldn’t want the little heathens to miss a chance at proper spiritual instruction, would we?

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope your day is wonderful and full of joy.

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