I Have a Place to Offer

I Have a Place to Offer April 16, 2013

This morning, I read through this link of images of people helping each other in the wake of the horror that happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday.

All these things were inspiring, but this is the one that had me in tears:

It’s beautiful to see human beings being human to each other. No questionnaire, no check-list of qualifications. No “I have a place to offer if you’re a Christian, or an atheist, or a Democrat, or as long as you’re not one of those nasty Republicans, or as long as your skin isn’t brown and you don’t pray to Allah.” Not one post said, “I have a bed for a couple, but only a straight couple.”

It’s normal and human to have different opinions, and it’s particularly normal and human in our pluralistic culture to have different beliefs about right and wrong. A true moral belief must be defended. But when we’re faced with a fellow human in need, the only right thing to do is open our arms and say, “I have a place to offer.”

May God be with the people in Boston.

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