And On the Seventh Day, God Released the Kraken

And On the Seventh Day, God Released the Kraken September 22, 2014

Charlotte and I got a rare couple of hours alone in the car this morning, and as always with Charlotte, our conversation was both terrifying and delightful.

Charlotte: “Mommy, what day is today?”

Me: “Today is Monday. It’s the start of a new week!”

Charlotte: “So today is the first day?”

Me: “Yep, that’s right. Monday is the first day of the week.”

Charlotte: “So tomorrow is the second day?”

Me: “Yes, Tuesday is the second day.”

Charlotte: “And there are seven days?”

Me: “Yep.”

*pensive silence*

Charlotte: “And on the seventh day, do we all die?”

Me: *swerves wildly and sputters* “No! No, of course not. I mean, I hope not. But why would you think we would all die on the seventh day?”

Charlotte: “Because that’s the end. There’s no more days after seven.”

Me: “Well, yeah, but then you start all over again with a new week.”

Charlotte: “Hmmm…I don’t think so.”

Me:  *inwardly hoping desperately that my daughter is not a pint-sized Cassandra for our modern world*

Charlotte: “I want to see Grandaddy.”

Me: “Me too, sweetheart, but we have to wait until we get to heaven to see him again.”

Charlotte: “So, when I die, will my own personal ghost go to heaven?”

Me: “Uhhh…do you  mean your soul?”

Charlotte: “What’s a soul?”

Me: “A soul is half of you. You are made up of a soul and a body. When you die, your soul is the part that goes to heaven, and your body waits here until Jesus wakes it up again.”

Charlotte: “Oh, so my soul can go see Grandaddy?”

Me: “Yeah, your soul will be in heaven with Grandaddy’s soul.”

Charlotte: “…but can my personal ghost come visit?”






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