December 1, 2015

The day before yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent, and I didn’t go to Mass. I haven’t been to Mass in a few weeks, actually. At first I didn’t go one Sunday because I was mad about the Synod (yes, it was the equivalent of a spiritual temper tantrum, and I’m sure it showed the bishops, so there), then I needed to go to confession, but I didn’t, so I didn’t go Mass again, thinking I’d go to confession… Read more

November 28, 2015

Me: “Would you grab a broom and start sweeping the sitting room while I strain the cranberry sauce?” The Ogre: “No, but I will grab a broom, start sweeping, and then spontaneously burst into tears for no discernible reason.” Related – this video: Read more

November 19, 2015

I haven’t written anything about the terrorist attacks or the refugee crisis, because I don’t know what to say, think, or do. I’m trying to stay open and absorb it all, to see and understand (at least as much as possible, from a world away), to grieve and pray. But I thought this post at Aleteia was beautiful, and should be shared among us as widely as possible. And I prayed not to be the only Catholic to pray for… Read more

November 18, 2015

My husband loves to take showers. No matter what the problem is, he is convinced that a hot shower will fix it. For years, I wrote it off as a weird personality quirk, and for years he tried to convince me of the healing power of a hot shower. It wasn’t until recently, though, that I realized exactly why our experience of showering has been so different. When the Ogre gets in the shower, no one follows him. No one… Read more

November 17, 2015

Melinda Selmys wrote a hilarious pregnancy guide this morning that made me laugh, which made me cough, which made me pee a little. After I sighed loudly and changed my underwear, I decided that there’s no time like the present to blog about pregnancy, too. Because I’m a follower. But seriously, I feel extremely sorry for my entire family this pregnancy. It was going okay, honestly, until we hit the skids financially, and then our landlords (who are wonderful and… Read more

November 13, 2015

The night before last, our AC went out. Normally in November this wouldn’t be a huge deal, even here in southwest Florida — but this has been a horrifically hot November, with highs in the upper 80’s for weeks. So the temperature in our house quickly climbed to 80, then 85 yesterday afternoon. Then Liam came home from school with a fever. As the temperature in the house made its way up to 87, his temperature shot up to 102…. Read more

November 9, 2015

I just wanted to put up a quick post, thanking everyone for your generous responses to my last post. Your messages, emails, and comments have been both encouraging and comforting, and I’ve been humbled by and grateful to all of you who made use of my silly hidden paypal button. Please continue to keep me and my family in your prayers, as I will be keeping all of you in mine. Here’s a little Leonard Cohen, to express more eloquently… Read more

November 5, 2015

I’m not very good at suffering, not even when it’s for a good cause or on behalf of others. I just don’t like carrying crosses because it’s hard and it makes me feel sad and I’d rather be watching Doctor Who or something. Nevertheless, there are some crosses I carry — like NFP — that I can usually manage to bear with a sense of humor, and sometimes even find the good in them. Then there are the other crosses…. Read more

October 13, 2015

Oh yeah, sorry for never following up after my “guess what we’re going to Chicago with no plan!” post. I hope y’all didn’t think we were still stuck in the Midway airport or anything. We got home safely, after making a quick detour to Dallas, and I haven’t written since then because I’ve been super grumpy. It turns out I love traveling and seeing friends and family, and I hate laundry and housework. So, grumpy Mommy. But! That is not… Read more

September 30, 2015

So here is what I am doing today: today I am planning a trip to Chicago with my 6 year old, a trip we cannot afford, a trip that has great potential to leave us totally at the mercy of the hospitality of friends and strangers, a trip that totally hinges on the generosity and hospitality of family, and I couldn’t be more excited about my first fling with Providentialism. That’s a lie. I’m terrified. We’ve all had back-to-school colds… Read more

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