September 18, 2015

When Sienna was a week old, I had to take her to the pediatrician to get her PKU screen. It was my first solo trip with the baby, and the logistics were overwhelming. It took two hours to get ready for the 5 minute drive, because after getting myself ready, there was the baby to think about. I nursed her thoroughly, then changed her diaper and gingerly began to change her clothes. She seemed so fragile and I was terrified… Read more

September 15, 2015

Well, today was the big gender-reveal. It took the ultrasound tech an hour and a half to get a clear shot of Stormageddon’s head, but only half a second to get a clear shot of how very boy this baby is. I’ll admit it, I cried a little on the inside. I had a little girl dream-baby all made up in my head, and it was hard to say goodbye to her. Plus, Charlotte (who had begged to come) was… Read more

September 13, 2015

When I first started blogging,I had a sense that my posts would one day serve as a map of sorts — a map of how I’ve grown and changed as a mother, of all the things I’ve learned since my children were small. What I didn’t expect was that one day, I’d re-read an old post and think, “oh man. I’ve regressed so much since then.” We tell our children that they are “the cutest in the world” and then… Read more

September 12, 2015

I feel so much better after my last post that I decided to join up with quick takes, something that is whimsical and fun and that I used to do religiously but that I haven’t done in ages because I’ve been the opposite of whimsical and fun. #7 Speaking of my last post, this is what I got in return for it: Yup, another awesome Ave mom bought me flowers, because 1) she’s completely amazing and I love her and… Read more

September 9, 2015

I’ve got to get something off my chest. I struggled for nearly two hours this morning to write a 700 word post that should have taken me 30 minutes to write, and wasn’t even very good, but every word was like pulling teeth. The Ogre read it, and mentioned that I need to get back to the way I used to write, at which point I totally effing exploded because I know I need to get back to the way… Read more

September 2, 2015

The Ogre: “I read your post.” Me: “What’d you think?” The Ogre: “Sounds good. Maybe now my clothes will stop shrinking.” Me: “I love you.” The Ogre: “I know.” Read more

September 1, 2015

I had thought by now that my blogging would be back in full swing. Once I sent the oldest three off to school, I imagined that I’d have an endless oasis of time in which to opine on all manner of frivolous things. I pictured myself baking, playing with Lincoln, writing, drinking tea, playing with Lincoln, teaching him his letters, going to the park, drinking more tea, reading books…basically, I constructed an elaborate fantasy future unsullied by actual reality. Because… Read more

August 19, 2015

For this unparalleled first-week-of-school gift There are real things I’d like to blog about now that the oldest minions are back in school, like my attempts to re-enact Power Rangers episodes with Lincoln without pulling a muscle and/or puking, but this is way better. Just go watch it, and be happy. Read more

August 2, 2015

Me: “Liam Alexander, stop taking your penis out of your underwear and put on a pair of shorts!” Liam: “But Mom, I didn’t take it out this time, it just camed out by itself!” Me: *squick* The Ogre: “See? Even at that age, they have a mind of their own.” Read more

August 1, 2015

This is our 5th unplanned pregnancy. Yes, we are abysmal at NFP and super-fertile, which is a fantastic combination when you’re swimming in student loan debt. But this time around, those two blue lines just weren’t the usual catastrophe. I’ve never once had a positive pregnancy test that wasn’t greeted with some combination of trepidation and despair. I know it’s generally frowned upon to say that on the internet, lest my children one day come across this and have an… Read more

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