Why I’m Angry: An Anti-Theist’s 78 Reasons

Why I’m Angry: An Anti-Theist’s 78 Reasons February 8, 2015
31. I am angry that you can post all the derogatory things about atheists and the happy things about God that you want on Facebook, but the moment you are equally honest about your atheist stance, THEN you’re seen as disrespectful — both by people who agree with you and those who don’t.

Illustration of the Double Standard

32. I am angry that people don’t understand why the Christian story seems so ridiculous because they’ve been brainwashed with it for most of their lives. Many (though, of course, not all) are taken from a young age and trapped in the ideology until they die 70 years later, and that makes me upset.

If you had never heard of the Bible…..

33. I am angry that most churches vote against secular help for the poor from government, making religious charities in charge of who gets fed and who does not.

34. I am angry at the numerous stories I have heard of atheists’ children who were told by religious teachers and religious peers that their parents were going to hell, causing tear-jerking grief.

35. I am angry that one of the ways slavery was (and still is) justified is that it at least taught us negro heathens Christianity.

36. I am angry at the social stigma many single mothers receive because of the Bible’s false sense of morality.

37. I am angry that the same people who see obvious problems with taking the Bible “literally” have no problem with it being given to people, raw, overseas.

38. I am angry that Christianity encourages people to rejoice in their suffering, often making them feel guilty for feeling deep pain, hurt, and/or anger.

39. I am angry for Christianity moralizing the position people are in life — those who make good money often are more respected than those who do not, because they are “blessed” by God, and God supposedly puts every person where they are supposed to be. I am further angry that many of the more wealthy Christians deny this while not denying it every time they talk about how God has “blessed them so richly with a nice house and a good income” and so on in a way that bolsters their standing before other people.

40. I am angry with the fact that wealthy individuals in churches can and do pay to control their churches and, by extension, the people in them.

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