Why I’m Angry: An Anti-Theist’s 78 Reasons

Why I’m Angry: An Anti-Theist’s 78 Reasons February 8, 2015
41. I am angry that the Bible licenses male promiscuity in several old testament passages (there are no restrictions agains male polygamy) and has no restrictions on male “modesty,” but speaks harshly against female promiscuity (there ARE strict restrictions against female polygamy) and has restrictions on their dress (according to how the Bible is usually interpreted) — translating to men being respected for their sexual prowess and women being demeaned for theirs, in many circumstances…which results in rape being seen as lowering a woman’s value (as she was probably “asking for it”), while the male’s value often remains unchanged (“boys will be boys”).

42. I am angry that the stats for how often Christians and Atheists “sin” is about the same (or higher for Christians), and yet Atheists are told they have no morality.

43. I am angry that Christians insist, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, that Atheism is akin to nihilism simply because the Bible tells them so.

44. I am angry that Atheists are told by Christians they have no basis for morality, and then say they do because they follow the commands of an imaginary creator who just happens to be right about everything, just because. Morality is a system we made up to help us navigate the world — it can be refined and theorized. WE are the basis for our morality — we would have to be — and I get angry when Atheists are denied input into a moral system because Christians are committed to one that is about 3000 years old.

45. I am angry that when I am criticizing ideas and am CAREFUL not to demean people themselves, I am then demeaned as a human being AND my ideas are criticized AND I am told that I should not demean people.

46. I am angry that often when someone ends a conversation on religion with “I’ll pray for you,” they mean to insinuate that YOU need intervention from their imaginary God and THEY are fine. I further get angry when they use the phrase to guilt-trip you into accepting Christianity because they pray for you so often.

47. I am angry because religion somehow got attached to denying women the right to reproductive help.

48. I am angry that Christianity teaches that we are so evil that we need to replace ourselves with the self God gave us — taking away our individuality and what makes it unique.

49. I am angry that the entire, amazing, real universe is so often reduced down to an incredibly small myth that is used to intimidate and control individuals.

“It’s Just Out Of Proportion”

50. I am angry that if you doubt you need “help” in the Christian scheme — whereas if you have faith, you’re good to go. Faith should not be a virtue. In every other part of life, it’s not — why should it be here?

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