Video: Witchcraft & Voodoo Episode 2 – Syncretic Religions

Video: Witchcraft & Voodoo Episode 2 – Syncretic Religions March 30, 2016

Before I post the episode I just want to make an announcement and an appeal . . . Lilith’s Priestess’ temple, the Voodoo Spiritual Temple in New Orleans, has burned down and she has to relocate . . . If you’d like to donate to help out you can do so at the Temple Website or their GoFundMe page.  I’m sure even a few bucks would help.  Thanks.

Witchcraft & Voodoo is a collaboration between myself and sister Patheos blogger and Voodoo Priestess Lilith Dorsey.  It’s a live internet show on Google Hangouts on Air that will broadcast every second Monday night.  There is a live chat function so you can ask questions and join the conversation!  We alternate who gets to host the event so for the next one on the evening of April 11, it’s Lilith’s turn.  We record our episodes and then upload them to our YouTube channels; which channel will, again, alternate from episode to episode.

In this episode of Witchcraft & Voodoo we discussed what a “syncretic religion” is, how our paths are syncretic, what those major influences are and the benefits and the pitfalls of this.

To join us live, you can find the event announcement on my Google+ profile, or on Lilith’s.  We’ll also announce our future broadcasts on Twitter and our other social media.

Current playlist of all episodes can be found here.

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