On December 10th, Pope Francis is setting off a global wave of prayer to end hunger

On December 10th, Pope Francis is setting off a global wave of prayer to end hunger November 18, 2013

Do you remember when Francis called for a global day of fasting for peace? Well he’s decided he’s going to try to change the world through prayer again! On December 10th, human rights day, the Pope is sparking off what’s being called, “a global wave of prayer” that will spread across the world starting noon in Australia and sweeping across the world. This will be the kick off of a global campaign in the Catholic Church not only to fight hunger but to end it completly. That’s right, the Church is saying we are going to END HUNGER and are aiming to do it by 2025.  This is huge!

I’ve been wondering how the pope is going to spend his political capital and it looks like the first big project is throwing down the gauntlet against hunger. Here is the memo going out:

Save the Date! December 10, 2013

Pope Francis and Catholic organizations around the world responding to the needs of the poor and vulnerable, including Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities USA, call on you to join a global Catholic campaign to combat hunger as One Human Family, Food for All.

On December 10, Pope Francis will launch the campaign, which will encourage Catholics to participate in a global “wave of prayer,” joining our brothers and sisters in faith to pray at noon in each time zone around the world. Parishes, schools, agencies, institutions, and individuals are all invited to participate in the wave.

Prayer resources and activities that will help raise awareness about hunger in our nation and across our globe will be shared before December 2, and will be available on the Catholic Charities USA websitePlease mark your calendars for December 10, as together we join Pope Francis and our Church around the world to fight hunger.


I am thrilled about this. Not only will the world be praying but hundreds of Catholic relief organizations around the world are signing on for this push. Get ready to open your heart in prayer, your pocketbooks to give, and your mouth to urge policy makers to make this a priority. Here at The Orant we are saying we’re all in!

100 PERCENT of donations we receive during the next year will go directly towards ending hunger.

What are you going to do to help make 2025 the last year for hunger in the world? Let me know in the comments below!

Shameless plug…. if you’re in D.C. one thing you could do is come to my talk at CUA this Thursday about ending hunger on Thursday! ALSO I want to encourage my fellow bloggers, in particular. Please help us spread the word. Write posts yourself or link to those who are talking about this. Your voices can make a huge difference in getting people to respond. If you do take action make sure you let me know so I can mention your work! Thank you!


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