She Was Praying on the Way to Her Abortion Appointment

She Was Praying on the Way to Her Abortion Appointment December 12, 2017





Every Tuesday morning Cindy goes to pray and ‘sidewalk counsel’ outside a Planned Parenthood abortion center. Each situation she encounters is different.

She was standing on the corner early one day, with a few other pray-ers around her, as a young woman came along. She was maybe 17 or 18, walking quickly with her earbuds in. She was just a few yards from the PP door so Cindy knew she didn’t have much time to try to help her. “Hi, I’m Cindy. Are you scheduled for an abortion? Can I talk to you for two minutes?” The woman looked at her with a surprised and kind of confused look, took out her earbuds, and said, “What did you say?” “I’d like to try to help you.” Cindy responded as she offered the woman a pamphlet. “If you’ll let me. There’s a lot of ways we can help you. Please give me a few minutes before you go in.”

What Abortion Providers Won’t Tell You

Suddenly Cindy saw tears in the young woman’s eyes. She was looking at the pamphlet that said, “What Abortion Providers Won’t Tell You.” “I’m really scared,” she said. She said she’d been praying all night, and again just then on the bus, heading to her scheduled abortion.

Her name was Amanda. She said she felt trapped. She told Cindy that she really didn’t want to abort, but that she felt there was no other way. She was in an abusive relationship and her boyfriend would ‘freak out’ if he knew she was pregnant. There was no way he would want to have a baby together, and no way he would help support her. How could she provide for a child completely on her own, still in high school, with little family or other support around? How could she earn enough money to pay a babysitter when was working? These were the worries swirling in her head as she made plans to abort her unborn child.

Cindy walked Amanda to Cindy’s parked car where they sat and chatted for a half hour. Amanda believed in God and had called out to God just before she headed to the abortion center, “God, if you can help me, if there’s any solution you can bring me, please give me a sign before I have this abortion.”

“I came around the corner and there you were standing there. And you had such kindness in your eyes and you spoke so compassionately, offering to help me. I knew this was the sign from God. I knew it and that’s why I was crying!”

Within the hour Cindy brought Amanda to a pregnancy care center, where an ultrasound showed a baby girl of three months. The risks of abortion from miscarriage and infertility to breast cancer and severe depression were explained to her, and the practical help she needed was given. Amanda was guided through the process of getting a restraining order against her boyfriend, set up for emergency maternity housing, given pre natal pills and maternity clothes, and encouraged to consider adoption.

She hasn’t decided yet if she’ll raise this baby herself or place her with an adoptive family, but she has decided she’s not having an abortion.

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  • Leyla1001nights

    So, is the support going to continue AFTER the child is born?

  • Mary Angelica

    uh yeah? They often do that (I’m pretty sure maternity houses continue to host people after they’ve given birth until they can get a secure home)… or do you just listen to the pro-choice rhetoric?

  • Leyla1001nights

    I”ve read too many stories that help is a few boxes of diapers. And do you just listen to “prolife” (i.e. forced birth rhetoric”? I’ve read enough to know that most of these centers are NOT staffed with licensed medical personnel. I know that they deliberately choose names which imply they offer all choices but don’t.

  • Leyla1001nights

    What about a secure job? Education? CHild care?

  • Patty Knap

    hi Leyla,

    You raise good questions. It’s far more than a box of diapers. The most important thing offered to young women in an unplanned pregnancy is the TRUTH. Think about it…would you be more willing to to consider info given to you by someone CHARGING you for it and PROFITTING from the ‘choice’ they’re pushing, or to people who charge nothing no matter how many times you sit down with them? The point is, there is no other motivation at pregnancy centers than providing the truth – no one profits no matter what the woman chooses. The motivation is giving her the full information so she’s at least making an INFORMED choice. Because I work at one of these pregnancy centers, I’ve spoken to dozens if not hundreds of women who’ve already been to planned parenthood. I’m told their pregnancy tests are $125; ours are free. I’m told the first thing talked about is abortion, how the baby will ruin her life (so much for empowering women! how about suggesting, ‘ok this isn’t how you planned things, but with support you can rise to the occasion, either keep or offer your child for adoption – that’s real empowerment!), they REFUSE to show even a fetal model much less an ultrasound – ours are free; the only ‘choice’ that’s emphasized is the one that makes them a lot of money! These girls are NOT told that abortion increases their risk of future miscarriage or infertility, breast cancer, plus emotional/psych consequences such as depression, relationship problems, alcohol/drug use, suicide. The research on women who have an abortion vs. those who were leaning toward abortion BUT chose to keep their child or place for adoption are like day and night. Several of the women I work with are post-abortion themselves…a truly beautiful thing they do with their grief and suffering to try to prevent the same tragedy in other women. We provide free maternity home housing in situations where a boyfriend or other is telling the young women she’ll be kicked out if she doesn’t abort. We provide adoption assistance, maternity clothes, cribs, car seats, children’s clothes up to two years old, child care resources, ongoing support. And yes we assist with job training or finding, tell them about colleges offering free child care, etc. Please check out and

  • Mary Angelica

    I make a distinction between CPCs and Maternity homes for a reason. CPCs are not the only way pro-lifers are addressing the whole “what about after birth” question. Secure jobs/ job training are things that other ministries and organizations are specifically suited for (and churches in particular are full of them), but it’s not like Pro-life centers don’t have connections to them. Either way, you seem to be expecting out of CPCs and the like certain services that it would be absurd even to expect PP to provide. Does PP provide secure jobs and child care? That’s not what it’s for, is it?

    I do agree that people shouldn’t be using manipulative tactics, no matter what side (Lest you think that is specific to the pro-life side, think again though, and some of the things that are mentioned as “lies” seem to be at best up for debate).

    CPCs et al started largely as volunteer groups from people who had next to no resources of their own. They are currently fighting against the behemoth that is PP, and when people complain about how the more medically qualified among them are receiving government funds, what they receive is a fraction of the over half a billion that PP receives every year (not including what they receive in medicaid). Because they started bottom up, and many were associated with churches, they, as you say, didn’t typically have licensed professionals. But it’s lately been a trend among said centers to get doctors on board as volunteers as ultrasounds started to get used, since you need a licensed professional on hand for them. As for “counseling”, this doesn’t seem to be any less an issue for PP, since they also largely recruit unlicensed people for their “counseling services”. The only licensed people there are those actually doing the abortions (and even some of those didn’t get their licenses).