Put Jesus on Your Christmas List

Put Jesus on Your Christmas List December 15, 2017

We’re all rushing around like wild banshies (whatever they are) now, ordering, shopping, wrapping, sending, going, inviting, partying.  But our Christmas list has to include Jesus – the reason for the season.

With the decorating, traffic, relatives, expense, and maybe some stressful travel thrown it, it can feel more like an obligation than a celebration.  And it’s the biggest and best reason of any to celebrate….not just a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, an anniversary, but the birth of Christ.

The Diocese of Brooklyn has a great new reminder:  Put HIM on your list this Christmas!  The public relations campaign is meant to get us to stop and think, and remember to focus on the reason for the season.  Newspaper and subway ads, radio and tv announcements, and social media posts are calling NY area Catholics back to the Birthday Boy, the Christ Child.

For those of us who are lead busy lives, getting to Mass can often be the last on the “list.”  And really there’s no excuse for that, with every Catholic church offering such a wide choice of Mass times, usually from Saturday evening through Sunday evening!  But excuses we make, always finding other things that need to be done instead of getting ourselves where God speaks to us.  Put Him on your list reminds us that God has called us to keep holy the Sabbath day (it’s not just ‘nice’ to go to church; it’s an obligation…one of the Ten Commandments!), and to refocus our lives on our authentic purpose – uniting ourselves to Him, submitting our will to His plan, and orientating our lives so we can live with Him forever in heaven.

However long it’s been since you’ve been to church – it doesn’t matter!  God’s waiting and ready to welcome you back with open arms…no questions asked!  Whatever else is on our Christmas list, let’s make sure getting closer to Jesus and following Him are on the list.

Find out more at www.PutHimOnYourList.org, and check Mass times at a parish near you, for weekdays or Sundays, at www.MassTimes.org.

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