Suicide is Often a Spiritual Battle

Suicide is Often a Spiritual Battle December 23, 2017
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A shocking number of young people are giving in to a spirit of suicide, leaving devastated family and friends.   Concerned parents want to know how they can best protect their young adults from feelings of despair and hopelessness that can sometimes lead to the taking of their own life.  The compelling new book, Spiritual Secrets of Suicide,  is a powerful addition to the national discussion on depression, anxiety, and suicide.

There seems to be a rising tide of spirits of depression and suicide.   Suicide is now the second cause of death among 15-32 year olds in the U.S.  With our culture’s emphasis on medical diagnoses, quick fixes and taking pills, the spiritual realm can easily be overlooked.  It remains a secret to many struggling with major depression and thoughts of suicide that the authority of Jesus Christ is the strongest weapon possible, and available to anyone who wants to enlist it.

Author Annette Eckert herself experienced an episode of persistent, negative thinking, urging her to just end it all.  There was no medical reason, and there wasn’t even any life situation going on that could explain the thoughts running through her mind.  Only because of her years of prayer over various medical conditions and through her experience in healing ministry did she recognize the suicidal thoughts as a demonic influence.

Spiritual Secrets About Suicide gives us the spiritual tools for prevention, intervention, and post-vention.   It’s a common strategy of the evil one to attack us at our weakest points, and stressful, sad or disappointing experiences can leave us vulnerable to nudges towards despair and desperation.  You will learn to recognize the lies that lead to destruction and find power through spiritual truth.  It’s a common strategy of the evil one to attack us at our weakest points, and stressful, sad or disappointing experiences can leave us vulnerable to nudges towards despair and desperation.

Whether you have a depressed family member, suffer from it yourself, or work with people dealing with these issues, Spiritual Secrets About Suicide should be part of your toolbox for victory.  The book highlights rarely discussed truths and exposes dangerous lies that are leaving vulnerable people open to depression and suicidal thoughts.   A crucial truth is that, while not all depression or suicidal thoughts are from an evil spirit, the ones that are cannot be successfully treated with medication.  Only the power of Jesus Christ can cast out demons.

This book helped me discover the spiritual authority available to any follower of Jesus Christ.  Having suffered depression at various points in my life, I needed the reminder that not every situation and not every emotion can be treated with meds, or with talking therapy, for that matter.   The stories of other people who conquered their battle against suicidal thoughts are inspiring and can be put to good use in daily dealings with stress, disappointment, misunderstanding.   Scripture tells us the name of Jesus Christ is powerful, and His blood is healing.  This truth is there for us for the taking.

This book helps you discover your spiritual authority through scriptural truth.  That spiritual authority brings genuine freedom from the manipulation and attacks of negative spirits.

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