Teen Vogue is Dangerous for Teens

Teen Vogue is Dangerous for Teens December 22, 2017
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say no to Teen Vogue
Teen Vogue could not be worse for the teen girls it targets.  While they have ceased its print publication, they’re still running fast and furious with their sleazy website, teenvogue.com.  No matter how many complaints, Teen Vogue keeps  pushing dangerous sex advice and guides that are not only wrong for teens, they’re bad for anyone, and actually put their health at risk.
Over the summer Teen Vogue came out with a  “Guide to Anal Sex” for its young readers, which brought on national outrage.  Over 28,000 concerned citizens signed a petition opposing the promotion of sex acts, especially dangerous ones, to teens and tweens.  Undeterred, Teen Vogue followed up that extremely dangerous behavior promotion by featuring Harvard University’s anal sex workshop: “What What In The Butt: Anal 101.”
The latest headline from Teen Vogue is, “Vibrator Pulses to the Beat of Christmas Music.”  How low can they go?
It’s obvious Teen Vogue wants to indoctrinate their young readers.  They admit they’ve purposely changed what used to be a fashion and makeup magazine. For the recent Teen Vogue Summit where Hilary Clinton spoke, they described their plan, to “inspire, educate–and yes, sell to–the readers of what ceased to be a traditional magazine…”  Many parents assume the magazine – now a website only – is the same Teen Vogue it was years ago.  Unfortunately, it’s so much worse today.
It’s crucial that parents of teens and tweens be made aware of the sleaze being thrown at their kids.  Most parents want to and should be the primary source for teaching their children about healthy sexuality.
We can make our voices be heard even more loud and clear… and add to our numbers by signing a petition that will directly to the editors.  We can also ask  libraries – including middle and high school libraries – to stop subscribing this disgusting online magazine.
Here’s the petition:  http://www.citizengo.org/en-us/72448-say-no-teen-vogue
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  • Mary Angelica

    “Why don’t we all talk to our kids about sex instead of a collective freak-out?”

    Sounds like a great idea… so why would you have Teen Vogue teach the kids instead of the parents?

  • captcrisis

    “Even if you do learn more and decide anal sex is not a thing you’d like to try, it doesn’t hurt to have the information.”

    — from the Teen Vogue article you cite

    Hard to argue with that. And the Church does not forbid anal sex. What is the problem here exactly?

  • Patty Knap

    emergency rooms regularly see the results of it, and many people end up with permanent diarrhea. That could be considered a problem.

  • It would depend on the parent and what views they hold.
    Catholic parents, in particular, if they are particularly strict may teach their kids that masturbation is a mortal sin that sends them to hell, which would not be conducive to good psychological health, to which I can attest as a formerly religious kid.

  • Satanic_Panic

    “…which brought on national outrage. Over 28,000 concerned citizens…”

    In a country of 350+ million people, 28, 000 is “a national outrage”? You’re an idiot.