Is Your Favorite Non Profit Benefitting from Goodsearch?

Is Your Favorite Non Profit Benefitting from Goodsearch? January 26, 2018

You probably use Google.  Did you know you don’t have to? There are other search engines, and one of them – Goodsearch – actually offers to pay you for your searches through your favorite charity.

GoodSearch makes it easy for you to give back to your favorite non-profit or school through your simple everyday actions like searching, shopping and dining.

Every time you search using Goodsearch, you earn a penny for your designated charity.   It may not sound like much to earn one penny for each search, but imagine how quickly it adds up.  I was happy to see I’d raised $82 for my chosen charity last year just from my home computer, and that combined with other people doing the same thing can be a big contribution.   It could be your Catholic school, local pregnancy center,  special needs center, seminary, animal shelter…the list is endless.

There are over 110,000 nonprofits and schools have joined GoodSearch, collectively earning more than $9.9 million.  All you have to do is select the non profit you wish to have your search dollars contributed to, once, and then that charity is your designated one every time you search from then on.

GoodSearch is a patent-protected, Yahoo!-powered search engine that you use exactly as you would any other search engine. The difference is,  each time you do a search, about a penny is raised for your favorite non-profit or school. The more you search, the more you earn for your cause and combined with millions of others in the Goodsearch movement, your searches can make a real impact.

You can look a the list of current non profits under “causes,” or you can add your own. Once you have selected a cause to support, the total amount raised will appear on the Goodsearch homepage. For the monthly earnings, just click on the organization’s name or logo to get to its profile page and then click on “details” under “amount Raised” (please note: you have to be logged in to your individual user account to click on this “details” link.)

Checks are sent out each November for the combined amount earned by all of that charity’s supporters through Goodsearch.

The easiest way to make Goodsearch your default search engine is by downloading the Goodsearch App Plug-in. That will convert your browser’s address bar default search engine to To download the Goodsearch App Plug-in and change your search engine, please click here and follow the links to the right.

There’s also Goodshop.  You simply shop through the site on to your favorite retailers, and earn money for your chosen non profit.  In the U.S. alone, Americans spend $300 billion in e-commerce per year. If even 3% of that revenue was funneled into the nonprofit sector, it would mean a bonus of $90,000,000 every single year – important money needed for these great organizations to be able to continue doing the work we all need them to do. Goodshop started as a crazy idea between two siblings and has grown into a major fundraising effort.

Visit the “spread the word” page, and you’ll find a number of great tips for getting the word out.

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