Twin Brothers Ordained at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Twin Brothers Ordained at St. Patrick’s Cathedral June 2, 2018


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Twin brothers were ordained together last Saturday at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Franciscan Friars Innocent Montgomery C.F.R. and his brother Angelus Immaculata Montgomery C.F.R. joined seven other men for ordination on Saturday, May 26th.

At the Cathedral for the Archdiocese of New York, before His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan and pews packed with family and friends,  nine nervous but excited men were presented for ordination.

I just want one picture of me vesting my brother …” said Fr. Innocent Montgomery C.F.R.  moments before the ordination Mass began.  Fr. Innocent was referring to his twin brother, Br. Angelus Immaculata Montgomery C.F.R.Twin brothers would soon be twin priests.

The names of those presenting themselves for ordination were called by Br. Gabriel Emmanuel Monahan, C.F.R.  The Cardinal laid his hands upon the heads of each of the men, as the transformation from seminarian to priest took place: “You are a priest forever …”

nine men lay down their lives for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As the Mass transitioned to Liturgy of the Eucharist, Cardinal Dolan elevated the host and at the moment of consecration and along with all the clergy, the nine uttered Jesus’ words “This is My Body …” in persona Christi, their first sacramental act as priests.  When the Rite of Ordination silently concluded, the congregation erupted in applause, tears streaming and hearts overflowing. No longer were these men just sons and brothers, they were now able to deliver Christ’s mercy and Christ’s very presence through the sacraments. They were now priests!

At the conclusion of the Mass each new priest greeted their family and friends and offered their first priestly.  Their ministries have begun!

The video of the beautiful Mass of ordination can be viewed here


all photos by Jeffrey Bruno


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