Answering Tough Texts of the Bible

Answering Tough Texts of the Bible September 10, 2016

Word Matters logoAs I’ve mentioned a few times (here and here), Trevin Wax and I host a podcast called Word Matters, which seeks to help Christians understand some of the most confusing passages of the Bible. We often discuss questions amongst ourselves, but we also like to ask guests to join us. If you’d like to check out, here’s a list of guests and topics so far:

  • Michael Bird on Romans 7 and “the wretched man”
  • Scot McKnight on Matthew 5 (oath-taking) and Matthew 7 (“I never knew you”)
  • Russell Moore on Romans 13 and submitting to the government, voting, etc.
  • Scott Swain on John 5 and the Son’s relationship to the Father
  • Preston Sprinkle on Luke 22 and Christian violence
  • Jen Wilkin on 1 Peter 3 and women as the weaker vessel
  • Barnabas Piper on Mark 9 and doubt
  • George Guthrie on Hebrews 13 and angels walking among us
  • Lynn Cohick on Philippians 2 and Jesus “emptying” himself
  • Thomas Schreiner on Hebrews 6 and losing our salvation (forthcoming)

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