My New DWTS Publicity Photo Causes Controversy… Of Course

My New DWTS Publicity Photo Causes Controversy… Of Course August 31, 2012

Dancing With the Stars recently released our new publicity photos!  This one, of me and my partner Mark Ballas, is my favorite!

I guess I should be used to this by now, but – of course – even this publicity photo has caused controversy with an article called, “Bristol Palin’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Gun Pose Shocks after Theater Massacre:”

Her photograph is disturbing and gives a moment of disbelief as she emulates her fingers into a gun pose and appears to be blowing on it with her professional dance partner Mark Ballas doing the same. Obviously reflecting the statement of the “smoking gun,” it’s unbelievable it was released to the public… This gun pose has been used in movies for decades and rappers use it all the time, but times have changed. Only recently a gunman barged into a theater in Aurora, Colorado and killed 12 people and injured 58 others. Since the July 20th shooting, the public has needed a break from the intensity of imaginary gun images as the real ones are all too harsh.


This had nothing to do the Colorado shootings, and it’s really offensive that the lame-stream media is trying to link a dancing competition photo to a horrible shooting.

This is just another part of the effort to make guns evil, and I wasn’t even holding a gun!

All across America citizens use their guns to protect themselves.  If you don’t think a gun can even the odds, and help even the helpless become more powerful than their attackers, check out this video:

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  • Toni G

    WTH. People just can’t let someone have a good time. Go for the mirrored ball, my dear. We love you in AZ.

  • shel

    LAME! Get some new material. I think you look great:)

  • Millie

    I think you are great. Forget the negative comments and do your thing. Way to go.

  • Alice

    When Drew and Cheryl ended their dance to Save a Horse/Ride a Cowboy……NOBODY said anything!!! It’s the old double standard again!!!

    • Alice

      Meant to say…..when they ended their dance THE SAME WAY!!

  • GinaD

    You are a strong woman and I’m so happy you are above their constant vicious attempts to bring you down.
    Just know that so many of us are behind you and proud of how you’ve carried yourself through all the mudslinging.
    God Bless you and your family!

  • Ridiculous!!! I cannot believe the stuff people will fixate on and then make up crap to complain about. Do they have nothing better to do than be negative?!

  • ashley

    that is completely absurd. seriously?! they have nothing else to do than pick on you. Maybe if you were wearing an all black cloak and dyed your hair raging red then it might have been offensive. people need to quit looking for something to complain about. Good Luck on you DWTS journey Bristol!

  • Lissa

    And of course, the lamestream media continues to ignore the shooting by the LGBT advocate at the Family Research Council offices …

    • Judy

      And the shooting at Fort Hood, too. Work related violence? Now that IS “lame” !

  • P.J. Agnew

    You look fantastic Bristol – forget the media dissenters, they all wish they could be in ‘your (dancing) shoes’ 🙂

  • Judy

    Bristol, their comments are ridiculous, as you know. My comment, however, is as a mom/grandmother, and think that the costumes used many times on this show make the woman look less like a lady than , well, a fluzzy. Just a thought…keep those skirts about three inches longer. If looking “sexing” helps one win, sadly then think of those “sexy” stars from the 30s and 40s, and their LONG dresses, who were VERY sexy : )
    Proud of how you stand up to those “bullies”!!
    Grandma Judy

  • People have to talk about someone other than themselves, their just jealous. Your beautiful just like your Mom!! Good luck on dancing with the stars, hope you win!!

  • Ashley

    People are ridiculous & will always find something to pick at because you’re in the public eye. Let them! Their opinions can only hurt you if they matter to you. You look great in this picture and I’m personally excited for you to be on DWTS again!

  • Ann Dermanelian

    Bristol: I am really happy you will be on DWTS again. Your the reason I will watch it.

  • Ashley

    I live in Aurora, Co and this photo in no way made me think of the shooting here. I’m voting for you, Bristol! And support you all the way!

  • Mike

    Nice photo Bristol!!! They never said a word about “Charlies Angels” did they. You look great and I look forward to seeing you compete again on DWTS. Good Luck!!!!

  • Leslie

    People are so stupid! Why would a simple gun pose be so offensive? It was meant to be CUTE. Obviously DWTS, you, your dancing partner, or this pose have NOTHING to do with the tragedy in Colorado. If you ask me, people just have entirely too much time on their hands and are searching for something to complain about. It’s a picture! Shut up! I, for one, think it’s adorable. I wish people would stop with their attacks on you, your mother, and your family, and republicans in general. From the things I have read and seen on tv, you guys all seem to be wonderful people. I sure hope you don’t let stupid stuff like this bother you, I’m sure you’re immune to it by now, though. Keep your chin up, dear! You seem like a sweet girl and a good Mommy to that adorable little boy! My son is his age, they’re so much fun! Keep doing what you’re doing, don’t let these crazy liberals bring you down! 🙂

  • P. Douty

    Just recently a story surfaced about a 3 year old Deaf boy named Hunter, whose sign name is the same as the sign for “hunter.” Because the sign looks like “guns”, the school informed the parents that they would need to “CHANGE HIS NAME” – the sign name. What happened to the days when little boys picked up sticks and played “cowboys” etc. I’m afraid we’ve gotten ourselves into a place that there may be no getting out of.

  • Christopher

    That is so ridiculous. You look amazing. Do not let the haters bring you down, they are jealous and cannot stand for a conservative woman to enjoy the moment. Think for them to even put those two situations together says how limited their minds are. Have fun sweetie, and never let their hype bring you down, keep smiling and enjoy yourself, this is your time to shine.

  • Mike Lewis

    You’re stunningly beautiful Bristol. The MSM has nothing better to do than pick on your family. Their irrelevance is transparent. Now go get that mirror ball!

  • Stephanie

    They’re just jealous, Bristol. Jealous because you look so dang beautiful! These idiots have to find something to whine about. Just look how much stronger and wiser you are, partly because of their constant jabbing. Funny thing is, they’re having the opposite effect from what they want. You’re more popular and well liked than ever! Best of luck on DWTS. I know you’ll do your very best and work harder than most. My hat is off to you for getting out there and trying again. Go get ’em!

  • Megan

    I think you look gorgeous, Bristol! Good luck this season!

  • Kim

    I think you are a remarkable young lady who has done a terrific job of owning up to your mistakes (that we all have made in some form or fashion) and now is a good example of redemption and purpose. Keep on keeping on…we love you!

  • Ignore the ignorance. Amazing that people are still drumming up anything to dislike you!

  • Amy in CA

    Liberals are really, really nasty people. Full of hatred and jealousy. You, m’dear, look amazing! Good luck with DWTS!!!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    You said it LAME-STREAM!

  • Angie Wilson

    Dude!!! You are dancing with Mark!!!! That’s the best news…love you two together! Can’t wait for the season to start. P.s. haters gonna hate. Let em.


  • Melanie

    Beautiful picture and one to be proud of!!

  • Jilline

    That is how they think. They draw ridiculous conclusions by grossly distorting, slyly manipulating, and even completely fabricating innocent information.

    THAT is what WE’RE up against.

    Speak your truth Bristol! ONLY YOU CAN. You’re such a delight and after everything you’ve been through, after all the lies about you, after how your immature ex treated you and your family when he had nothing else in his life, YOURE the strongest person in this cou ntry.

    NONE of your haters could match your inner strength or family unity and that drives them batty.

  • Paulette Jones

    I love this picture! I think you two look fantastic, and I am not offended in the least! I find it funny that the media’s focus is on you and your picture and not on the fact that 3 governemnt agencies are stocking up on “hollow point” bullets after said massacre! So it’s not ok to pretend that your hand is a gun, but it is perfectly ok to buy “hollow points” with our money! Nice!

  • Troy

    When I look at this photo the only thing I think is that you couldn’t possible get any more beautiful.

  • Marley

    You wanna know WHY that guy chose that theater?! It was a “gun free zone”. He knew no one would be able to shoot him there because they CAN’T carry guns. I love the pic! Hope you guys win!

  • Trey

    If it’s not one thing it will be another with the media. Great pics Bristol! You are the most beautiful person on the planet! Inside and out!

  • Caroline

    BRISTOL! You are stunning, beautiful and gorgeous. Dont listen to the nay sayers(aka liberals). I wont be able to watch as much as I’d like this season, but I will be voting for you every second I get. Thank you for always being so kind hearted even to those who don’t deserve it.

  • you 2 look amazing! don’t let the libs get to you, that’s how they are. always the haters. what sad lives they lead. You have a great attitude, keep it up! 🙂

  • James

    I think that article is ridiculous… and I’m a liberal. Thank you for not trying to link it to liberals this time though.
    I think you look great! Although I preferred the natural look to your face before the plastic surgery you still are gorgeous. If it made you happier and more comfortable in your own skin then more power to you.
    Also want to applaud you for finally working with Tripp’s father, who desperately wants to be part of his son’s life. I’m glad you are not keeping them apart any longer so that Tripp can know his new little sister and have a relationship with his other family. Show’s maturity on your part.

  • Ginny Evans

    You look amazing…..the photo is beautiful and pay no attention to the lame stream media…….They gotta have something to do and someone to pick on……….so sorry it had to be you! Go forward girl with your head held high!!!

  • robhart

    I wonder if Pamela would have gotten the same reaction from the LSM…….You Rock, Bristol. Be confident on DWTS with your honesty and love for life. And, don’t ever sit down and shut up…..GAME ON! 24/7

  • Bree Merr

    Oh my goodness!! I could not help but laugh at the silliness of that. They are desperate to twist anything they can into something “negative”. You and Mark look great — have fun and let the real “attackers” see the fun and your beauty shine!!

  • Gabe Santiago

    It is time that Americans look upon the tragic events in Colorado through the eyes of a people who are determined not to see themselves as victims, but as people who will prevail; and in my humble opinion, we as a nation that supports the principle of self determination, and self defense; as described in the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, must not be afraid of the gun, but of the criminal; we as a nation must not become victims of fate, but the captains of our fate. Americans don’t fall to the wims of destiny, we must shape destiny. It would be a much safer world if the number of decent, law-abiding citizens that carry weapons, and guns, far out-number the criminals. I think it’s petty to criticize Bristol Palin, and her friend Mark Ballas for their “gesture”; we should just applaud their confidence. We are not victims, we are Americans! To those critics; stop whining, and start acting like Americans!

  • GabKing

    Geez this lame stream stuff is just utterly rediculous! You look marvelous 🙂
    Keep the haters at bay and that good head on your shoulders, always!

  • It’s unfortunate you will always be a target for the mainstream media. Just keep you head high and work it!

  • Peggy


  • Jesse Martinez

    Wow some people need to get out more and stop dwelling on the past!!!

  • Kelley N

    Bristol is does not matter WHAT you do, the left will read somthing into it. So do what you do, being you, only aiming to please God. He thinks the pic is fantastic!!

  • Caroline Jenkins

    Good Lord! That is a beautiful picture and for anyone to make an allegation that it represents shooting a gun is absolutely reprehensible. It seems that anything the Palins and conservative Republicans do or say is criticized in the most mean spirited ways. I am sick of it.

  • Lauri

    Sigh..of course they were just looking for ANYTHING they could find to pick you apart have a lot of support,’s opinion doesn’t begin to reflect everyone’s opinion; media’s opinion means nothing

  • The more desperate they become to find reasons to criticize you, the more they reveal their true nature: evil, envy, and hatred. I get such satisfaction when I see you take their criticism with such strength and poise. You certainly are a woman that takes after her mother.

  • Michelle Arnold-Yeager

    OMG – it reminded me of a cross between the old James Bond (Sean Connery, of course) movies and with the look on Mark’s face, the old Pink Panther movies (Peter Sellers, I believe it was)….drama, danger, a little romance and a touch of the comedic.

    Too bad ‘haters gotta hate’… are even more beautiful than the first time you were on. I will watch to see you two take home the mirror ball, this time! Go, girl!!

  • Yes! Good for grandma! 5 against a old lady. With her gun it became the grat equalizer! Defending herself, employees and her livelihood. Thank God for the NRA. For without them the communist here in the USA would’ve ban guns decades ago. It’s a shame we even need the NRA to defend our Right to Bear Arms. Remember this; “There is two kinds of people in the world. Ones with loaded guns. And ones who dig. You dig.” – Blondie, played by Clint Eastwood in “The Good, The bad, and The Ugly.” Which shows how one can quickly lose their freedom if they don’t have the firearms to defend oneself.

    BTW, You look terrific Bristol. Put 100% effort into your dance and just maybe a miracle can happen. 😉 And show us you are having fun. We love you here in Indiana. Wishing you all the best. 🙂

  • NanaJ

    Embrace the controversy. It lets the public know you are on DWTS. It will get you more votes and DWTS’ ratings will rise ABC loves it. Have a good time. We will vote for YOU and MARK.

  • Lee

    “Lame”-Stream is right!
    Givem the finger Bristol. And Good Luck!

  • Alicia

    The media will reach for anything, your a wonderful girl and great mother. Ignore them and good luck with DWTS 🙂

  • Norine Reese

    I love the pose. I was rooting for you Bristol. I love what u stand for. I can’t believe the media would even think of associating that pose with the shootings. What is this world coming to?

  • michele

    bristol you look so beautiful in this photo!!! but dont forget YOU’RE A TOUGH ALASKA CHICK! Dont let the media bring you down!!! This is insane.. They will say anything just to get a paycheck!!! LOVE YOU BRISTOL!! YOU’RE MY FAVORITE!!!

  • Bristol there are always going to be trolls out there waiting to take a shot (no pun intended) at you. Just remember your values and you will be fine. Dont let what they say hinder who you are or what you do.

  • LT

    Hi Bristol,

    I can see your point. Obviously that picture was done in total innocence. But before you lash out at the “lame stream media” for one second, put yourself in Aurora, CO. I live there. I see Century 16 every single day. I had friends in there, and hearing their stories of the horrors of that night make me shiver every single time. I had friends who now carry scars from that day, and I mean literal scars from bullets that hit them.

    I’m not saying that you were evil and you and Mark were wrong to use that picture. I think it’s a very cute picture, and was purely innocent and not meant to cause harm. But before you start complaining about the “lame stream media” (whose accusations I think are grasping a bit), remember that the Aurora theater shootings that they are comparing the picture to was a real life event, full of horror, and leaving many lives forever changed. And again, I completely see your point and I understand, but my one issue I had in reading today’s blog post was that you conveyed a lack of compassion for the Aurora shootings. Do I think the media was grasping at straws there? Absolutely. But you had a golden opportunity to use that to explain about gun rights, and how a picture should not be compared to a horrific event, and make it a bit more compassionate, and instead you made it all about you. No compassion, not even a “the Aurora theater shootings were horrible, and I feel bad for all the families involved, but comparing my DWTS picture to that horrific event is a bit ridiculous.”

    I don’t find the picture bad at all. I know that you and Mark Ballas will never burst into a crowded room and start shooting innocent people like maniacs. It was done in pure innocence, and it is ridiculous that the media tried to make a stink out of it. But next time this happens (and I’m sure it will at some point in your life), please pause and think to that event that they are bringing up. And remember to show compassion to whatever it is they are comparing you to, especially if it is the deadliest gun shooting in US history, because there are victims out there, and there are hundreds of people affected.

    As for Jesse Martinez, sir, the shootings just happened 6 weeks ago. There are still victims in the hospitals. This is not a “past” event, this is still a very real event. Don’t shove this shooting in the past just yet when the shooter is still in court, and there are still victims trying to recover and move on from this.

  • That just proves they are grasping for things to write about! The lame stream media gets more lame every day!

  • Dottie Krull

    Cute picture . . . no more comment needed!

  • The world is just crammed full of jealous people. Pay them no heed. I hope this time around justice triumphs and you win the competition just as you should have the first time. Let us hope they don’t rig the results as they have in the past.

  • HOTTT girl!! you look amazing. People that get offended by this seriously need to get a life and toughen up. Unfortunately we are surrounded by dumb asses no matter where we go!

  • Lisa Jump

    What? Talk about grasping at never ceases to amaze me how absolutely committed to the kool aid they are.
    They have blinders on. Tunnel vision. You look beautiful by the way!

  • tellydodd

    Don’t mind the bad publicity, you and Mark really look so adorable in this pic. I loved it! You will have my 100% support. Can’t wait to see both of you at DWTS!

  • Cassia

    There’s been A LOT of silly attacks towards you, but man, I think this one just tops all the rest! Cheese and rice libbies, find something better to do!

  • I seen NOTHING resembling a gun!!!! People need to mind their own business,,,,If they would do this they wouln’t have the time to nose into other’s….Shame on these NOSEY LIAR’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Wow. Really. How can anybody notice the smoking gun thing? All I seen was a beautiful woman with the best legs ever. Good luck with DWTS. Hope you blow them away. Can I say that?

  • Aaron Thompson

    Lookin’ good honey! Love the short skirt and showing off those legs of yours!
    Gotta say, though, didn’t you make a big deal about not wearing anything revealing?
    I guess now that you’ve slimmed it down a bit you feel better about yourself to show that body!
    Just watch what you say. Plenty of folks are going on and on about how you claimed to be a Christian girl so wouldn’t be wearing anything revealing but now that you are slimmer it is ok.
    I’m all for exposing yourself! I hope you show even more!
    I may be 68 but can still get a little excited now and then. Thank you for the outfit! Keep ’em comin’! God understands!

  • Bristol,

    You two are the best looking couple on the All Stars. Don’t pay any attention to the haters. Just
    go out there and show them what you can do and have fun. All of my family are voting for you and

    See you two on the ballroom dance floor. Can hardly wait!!!

  • Pam

    Seriously, people, get a life. We have our freedom because of guns. Bristol, dont even skip a beat. These people have no lives and live off of ridiculous stories. Keep going a rocking it girl and dont let it bother you! They need to find a hobby, perhaps taking it to the gun range and shooting off some negative steam!? LOL

  • Ian

    And you would think, more importantly, the date that this photo was taken, long before the Colorado shooting. So now you’re able to see into the future, and you planned this all out? These people are just sad.

  • agrams

    Who listens to them anyway, keep smiling Bristol . I cheered and voted for you and Mark last time and will do it again. Can’t wait!!

  • Cindie Marciniak

    Bristol screw the haterz!! Mad jealousy people out in the world these days! You are awesome! and I fully support you in everyway!.. YOu and Mark look great and you have my vote all the way Can’t wait for DWTS!

  • Donna

    Its so hard to understand how people have become so narrow minded, and intolerant in an era where what we need is more broadminded thinking and letting people be instead of trying to put each one in a little corner and throw stones at them because of such disconnected ideas. Keep up the good work Bristol and ignore the hypocrites.

  • Melissa Cameron

    It’s amazing to see how far liberals will go to link anything bad that happens to conservatives. I’ll be rooting you on this season! I hope my liberal roommate doesn’t mind! (But who cares anyway? Not me. That’s why I brought the TV.) Also, that store owner is awesome!

  • Brooke

    I don’t think this photo is a big deal but that doesn’t mean guns are a good thing. If civilians didn’t have guns, then there wouldn’t be such a a great need to own a gun for self-defense. For example, if George Zimmerman did not have a gun, he could have found a less lethal way to defend himself instead of shooting his attacker and no would have died. Of course, that is if you believe in his self-defense argument which is a completely different story. Bristol, you should just admit you like guns because of the thrill. People like you use guns to hunt or go to shooting ranges which you all do for fun. I’m not condemning any of those activities but you should at least admit that much. We all know guns are bad but like porn and cigarettes, people don’t want to gve it up because it makes them feel good.

  • Charli Chad

    The left is so stupid and naive. Love you Bristol! Cant wait til DWTS airs. Will be voting for you!

  • Laura Guitard

    Bristol, if the picture would’ve been taken in a beautiful park with a blue sky above, someone somewhere would’ve found fault with that, too. And, had your partner been photographed with someone else in the exact same pose, it probably wouldn’t have been given a second thought. When you stand up for principles and ideas that the liberal mainstream oppose, unfortunately, you are fair game in their eyes and a target for negative comments. Thesepeople are usually the first ones to demand tolerance from conservatives, but the last to give that same tolerance back to us. Just hold your head high, live your life in a way that you know is pleasing to God, and don’t worry about the negativity. As Amy Grant has shared,” There’s a little good in the worst of us, and a little bad in the best of us, so it never behooves any of us to criticize the rest of us.”

  • Kyle Hobbs

    This is a typical media article! Look at the election everything is contervesy and Obama is a saint!! They just don’t like to focus on the real issues which is very sad about this country

  • George S

    you guys look great…the people should go after the lazy politicians for not having tougher gun laws and stricter judges … you guys are
    smoking hot …..

  • Gorgeous photo of you!!! Ignore all that stupid negative stuff. They’re just jealous. Can’t wait to see you and Mark dance. You’ll have all of my votes.

  • Bristol, you are looking like a beautiful grownup Republican lady. Let the liberal as**oles eat crow.
    You are a star……joe w.

  • angie B

    What about shows and movies depicting guns and violence?! Those are waaayyy worse than this pic, and i haven’t heard any public outcries about guns in movies since the shooting. They are just looking for something to criticize! Ignore them!

  • Joseph

    I think the “controversy” over this photo is absolutely ridiculous; of course, I feel terrible for the victims in the Colorado shooting, but this photo has absolutely nothing to do with the shooting! The pose in this photo reminded me of Charlie’s Angels or the James Bond films. Besides, you’re known on DWTS as Bristol the Pistol, am I right? 😉
    You guys look great in this photo, especially you, Bristol; you look stunning! I wish you both the best, and I’ll be watching and voting for ya!!!

  • Shannon Dutro

    Way to go everyone has the right to protect themselves every where I go whether you can see it or not I’m packing. A man tried to ton me once walking home from work and just pulling my gun sent him on his way. I’m sick of anti gun ppl complaining about citizens owning guns I guess they’ve never had an intruder in there home and the police are 40 mins out because you don’t live close to town. When it comes to protecting my family I’ll do anything, ur family must not mean that much to you if you are just going to wait on the police what if the intruder is headed towards ur child’s room? Think about that anti gun groups! Bristol your picture is awesome can’t wait to see you on dancing with the stars!

  • Monica

    Bristol, your breathing causes controversy. Forget the naysayers and go on with your life. You are a beautiful young woman. Live your life to the fullest and don’t worry about the rest.

  • The vey fact,that you were picked to return,out of hundreds of participants,says ia all. If you were president,you would be Baberaham Lincoln…no fear.keep it up..

  • Maybe some people are jealous because you are so pretty….We will be pulling for you and mark. He is a great Teacher/partner…..

  • Lisa Rentuor

    Great picture. LOVE the dress. Some people are only happy when they’re making fun of someone else. Ignore them and have a blast!*
    *Note: The term ‘have a blast’ is in no way stated so as to infer that I am in favor of the shooting in the theater in Colorado*

  • Amazing how the media “looks” for things to be shocked by. I loved the picture! You are so cute. Just dance on and ignore the idiots!!

  • Robin

    That is so dumb. People just want to complain about something. I own guns but I’d never kill someone jeez!

  • jojo

    For love of Pete, people give it a rest! I am so sick of seeing so much one sided crap like this! Its obvious its a personal attack because no mention is made of her partner’s “gun”. The idea that something like this would cause a shooting like that or is somehow disrespectful is just insulting. Guns are not the cause and neither is it a liberal or conservative problem. Its a human problem that can’t be legislated away.

  • Kevin

    Bristol, to quote a very brilliant man…lol, “YA CANT FIX STUPID”. These people will twist any move a threat to them makes to fit into the agenda that they want to push. You already know this first hand as well as through the unwarranted attacks on the rest of your family. To those of us who were raised with civility and common sense realize that you are the symbol of what it means to be American. You made some choices as a teen that put you into a situation that can be very difficult both financially and emotionally for your age. But, because you have been raised with and taught such good morals, family values and work ethics, you have turned what could have been a bad situation into an incredibly posative lifechanging event. Sadly, though all have that same opportunity, many fail to rise up to that challenge. You should be a mentor for all in that you chose not to become a victim of circumstance, but rather to turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. I promise you that there are a whole lot more citizens of this Great Country who are so incredibly proud of you and the life you’ve worked hard for, than there are people who are dislike you. Though difficult at times, please dont ever let the naysayers steal your dreams. Dont let them get you down or toy with your emotions. They cant control you and that infuriates them beyond comprehension. Trust God and the path that he has revealed to you and you will conquer all of your enemys. We love you and your whole family Bristol. Take care and GOD BLESS!

  • Ericka

    That’s ridiculous! I think your photo looks great, and you shouldn’t worry about those jealous whiners. They would die for the opportunity to participate on DWTS, as well as pose with “smoking guns”.

  • Connie Haviland

    Paaaaleeese Media. Anything to wrap negativism around a perfectly innocent thing. I wonder how many of them watched TV when they were kids? Let’s see, there was Roadrunner with a lot of explosives, there was Johnny Quest with a lot of ‘violence’. The 3 Stooges were pretty violent if you really look closely. Rocky and Bullwinkle was very violent…the list goes on and on..but they never pulled them. Next thing you know they will be taking all of the movies out of the theater that have guns. Oh my, what will these reporters do or get to go see on “date night”…maybe they are left out of date night because they can’t get a date…

  • Holley

    Lol seriously is right!!! I have nothing more to say then SERIOUSLY!!!

  • I’m glad you have thick skin like your mama and can let the haters comments roll off! I think it’s awful how the idiots have always treated the Palins. Praying for all of you! You’ll be getting my votes on DWTS!! BTW, you look amazing!!!

  • hesnotmypresident

    Bristol you look beautiful as always, and I am jealous your partner is cute! Don’t listen to the haters, they are not happy unless they are making someone else as miserable as they are. You have a gorgeous son, and a hell of a family! Just remember they knock you all because they are jealous of your successes!

  • Kathy Monday

    Theres always gonna be HATERS–let em hate. Girl u look GREAT!!!

  • autumng

    I’m more upset about the re-using of the same black dress. Hopefully Mark puts you in some sexy colorful outfits.

    • BBower

      Well, according to Bristol she won’t be wearing skimpy outfits because that’s just not who she is. Well, that’s what she said before. Maybe those outfits had more to do with covering her weight gain during the show than her supposed modesty. We’ll see….

      • Mary K

        Meowwww…. heehee

  • Lydia

    OMG!!! They ARE LAMEMEDIA!!! Bristol you look amazing…….you just keep doing you! You have so much to be proud of, as does your family. BTW…maybe a little birdie could put in your Mom’s ear….Condi Rice/Sarah Palin ticket for 2016!!!! hehehehe I would SOOOO campaign for them!!!! Now, you go rock them on that dance floor and show them how the Right Side of the Aisle does it!!!

  • Lydia

    Ummmmmm she never said “MainStream Media”….. you did!!! Now if you don’t like what she or “Nancy” as you so claim, GET LOST!!! Go read some of that liberal media you so prefer!!!

    • Bree Merr

      Lydia, You and others like you refer to “Nancy” a lot on Bristol’s post. You and others like you need your own Nancy so your posts are not so immature, whiny and tattle-tale ish. See if you can’t find your own Nancy so we can see some substance.

  • LHederman

    Lamestream once again reading into something that isn’t even there! They are just grasping at straws because they have nothing better to do. I haven’t watched DWTS for 2 seasons do to controversial issues…BUT I WILL BE WATCHING & VOTING FOR YOU this season, again! You did great last time this time have fun and bring home the mirror ball!! God bless!

  • SueinCali

    To BBBower, obviously Bristol’s “15 minutes” hasn’t run out with YOU because you are still obsessed with her. Why else would you waste your time posting a comment on someone’s blog about whom you claim doesn’t matter? It’s clear she matters to you, and your comments about her physical appearance reinforces your insecurity about your own. I suggest you get over her and move on.

    Bristol, you look gorgeous in that picture! Can’t wait to see you and Mark dance again!

    • Jane Harbin

      Amen SueinCali! BBBower…..why ‘waste’ your time chasing down and reading Bristol’s post if you had no care for her or her happenings. Funny—what-not cool to ‘like a Palin’ but yet you cannot leave her alone! Shame on you and your remarks but thankful Bristol is stronger than any insult you come here to share. Get over yourself and your cares of what Bristol does…oh wait-you really do care and that is why you keep coming here. Yep-don’t mess with us momma grizzly’s….we protect our own and those of who we care for! Move on and shut up!

    • tdotb

      BBower has issues…always spewing hate on this site…

  • conservativemama

    The media is so helplessly Pavlovian that I can’t even get outraged anymore. They are like a child throwing a tantrum. It’s ridiculous, it’s out of control, and it’s illogical, but they can’t stop.

    The media is making itself irrelevant because you know what they’re going to say on any given topic. They’re not journalists looking for the truth. They just go to their tired old templates to rerun the same stories and opinions over and over again.

    If I know that they hate the Palins and will never be fair to them, why bother reading their coverage or watching their shows? They are to be ignored, completely and thoroughly ignored.

  • Oh lordy, so much angry and hate from liberals. They will never have peace and love in their hearts. Looking forward to seeing you on DWTS!

  • SteveO

    Pay no attention to the idiots of the world Bristol… keep being yourself and let God lead you and things will work out fine for you!!

  • Mary K

    Bristol, they are so jealous of you that they will complain about anything you do. But, then I’m sure you know that already. There seems to be no cure for those who are out there trashing everything good! They say the Republicans re sexist, racist, bigots…you name it, yet you don’t see these thing coming from that direction, not EVEN to the level it comes to us. So, chin up! Move on and enjoy your life, because these folks are so miserable, they won’t even be semi happy unless they are trying to trash those who ARE happy … I think it is because it reminds them that they could be happy as well, but they just don’t know how to do it. :O)

  • Doug Bull

    Don’t care what the haters think. They don’t even like themselves. They are jealous because you are SO HOT!

  • Mary K

    Where is YOUR 15 minutes! Was that just it? I read about Bristol in the mainstream media all the time….so, maybe you should read something other than Enquirer? :O)

  • Jane Harbin

    Listen Bristol….You will never win. If you were holding-or acting like you were holding a teddy bear-then the media would have made up that you were wanting to hug bears to death. RIDICULOUS!!! You and your family are SOOOO highly respected from those of us that can see you for who you really are. Also, I believe it is time for Christians to ban together as this world is becoming more and more evil and people are so mean. I love you and Mark and CANNOT wait to see you guys dancing again. We had a celebration dinner (yes we did) in our home when we heard the news you would indeed be back on DWTS. We LOVED your reality show and hope it will be picked up again but you know what….for your sake…probably be best if you didn’t. I don’t know why the media is sooo out for you guys and every single thing you do. It turns the most innocent of things into something sooooooo twisted and sick. I don’t care what people think of me or my stand to stand with you and your family….we have always been and will always be TEAM PALIN! Know you will be getting a zillion votes from us on DWTS….we feel we are your biggest fans EVER! Give Tripp a hug and to all your family and just take all that is said with a grain of salt….people are sick and you are by no means EVER play a part in the folly’s of the lamestream media. Just keep on keeping on and continue to raise that sweet boy in the Lord. Hope you and Geno are doing well…remember that all you guys do are watched by others but mainly watched by Tripp…..he is the only example you need to worry about being! Shine Bristol shine!!!!

  • BBower

    Conservative mama, is not the mainstream media. It’s an entertainment website.

    And Sueincali, why would my pointing out Bristol’s chin implant be insecurity about MY appearance. I am actually happy and comfortable in my own skin. The point is Bristol was so not, that she felt compelled to surgically alter her face. As a woman, I find this trend in celebrities and ordinary women , young and older, to be very disturbing. Do you not?

    • Mary K

      Actually, it is strictly Bristol Palin’s business. What I find disturbing is those of you that find it necessary to constantly try to degrade others. THAT is what is disturbing to me.

  • ladypink

    Ok, so let’s say, just for kicks and giggles, that you are both, not just you Bristol, but both of you, are holding your hands as if they are guns. That said, why doesn’t the media attack all the films that have violence using guns? Why, can anyone tell me, are they exempt from such vitriolic attacks, and you are singled out as the despot in this. Just another example of yellow journalism. I say GO BRISTOL AND MARK! You can do it and take the trophy. God bless, and continue to bless you.

  • Connie Murdock

    Bristal, I loved watching you when you were on DWTS before and look forward to watching you again. Don’t let the crazies get you down. They will always be there putting people down. You look great in the picture. Sure missed seeing your mom on the stage last night, but glad she didn’t have to listen to the backlash.

  • Donna

    Bristol you have to know you “Can’t Fix Stupid” and most liberals are just plain stupid when it comes to the word Palin. Just dance your butt off on that show and make us proud.

  • Breanna

    Well the media definitely knows how to piss people off don’t they? This is ridiculous.

  • Kate

    This is totally awesome. Look at Grandma run!! This is why we have freedom to bear arms… not to commit violence against people, but to protect ourselves from the violence of others.

  • Stan L

    No surprises there.

    You look great. You were quite the surprise to those folks as you shined while you were doing something positive for yourself the first time around. I’m looking forward to watching you in the redux. go and get’m girl!!

  • Kay Pell

    That is just stupid that they are trying to compare the shooting to this picture. It just goes to show how low people will go to start something & try to hurt a good person. Keep your chin up and don’t let them get to ya. Can’t wait for the show to start!!!!!!

  • MiddleRoader

    I COMPLETELY agree that the woman who wrote that examiner article is off her rocker, and I think it’s a great publicity photo, but as others have posted, (not to be confused with the Washington examiner, a conservative newspaper) is not a real news source. Its articles are often opinion, with no editorial oversight. So for Bristol to link one (crazy) woman’s article to an attempt by the “lamestream media”‘ to vilify gun ownership is also a bit crazy. And yes, Bristol “should be used to this by now”. Public figures, especially those who express political views, should expect negative commentary. They can ignore it, or rebut the specific charges, but they shouldn’t make it our to be more than it is- someone’s opinion. BTW, although I’m not a Sarah Palin fan, and I think many of her attacks on the media are unfounded, I did defend her in the aftermath of the Gabby Giffords shooting, because I think many legitimate news sources treated her unfairly. But this blog article appears to me to be a manufactured controversy. One person’s opinion does not a controversy make.

  • Sarah

    Guns are not bad, STUPID PEOPLE WITH GUNS are bad. Everyone who handles a gun should be FORCED to take the hunter safety course that I took to get my hunting license. I think it’s a great picture!! Y’all rock and I look forward to more awesome pictures!! Shake those haters off Bristol!! Ur doing great! 🙂

  • Cindy

    Please…no one is talking about this except Bristol. It reeks of desperation. Conservatives please stop letting this family manipulate you like this.

    • Liane

      And you just gave more people an excuse to read the article. Stop manipulating people and let Bristol alone.

    • Troy Stephens

      Cindy, take a hike!

    • Max

      Funny, “You” just talked about it. How desperate are you?

    • Bree Merr

      Now Cindy– you responded lol Why don’t you practice what you preach.

  • Ralph is not even close to mainstream or lamestream media. Anyone can write for the on-line Examiner, even you! So try again to pin this to “liberals”.

    • Bree Merr

      ralph, you responded to her response.. think about it — you a lib responding to her response about a lib saying something stupid– and you responded to her response. get it? lol no you probably don’t get it!

  • Tawny Jones

    Bristol “The Pistol” Palin, like her beautiful Mom Sarah, looks better with each passing year. Good luck, Bristol & Mark.

  • sharrie l downing

    Bristol people are out of their minds, just because you are acting a part doesn’t mean anything about your stance. You were raised well, you’re respectful ad kind. Your family should be and is a roll model for a good and patriotic American family …you are blessed…keep doing what you’re doing the outcome will be wonderful

  • Joni

    Love this pic, you look amazing!

  • Vernon Sturgill

    Bristol,you should know the libs. are nut when theywant a school child to change his name from (Hunter) to something else because it sounds like he might remind children of guns.Good luck on DWTS.Hope u win.Tell Sarah Hi.

  • Kathy

    This is picture of you and Mark is really cute! I have watched your new reality show and have to say I am impressed that you have morals and don’t back down. Many reality shows offer something quite different. I love that you and your Mom are born-again Christians – so am I! I wish you well on this dance competition and in life! Kathy xx

  • Shannon

    Do not even stress about what anyone says about this pic. Seriously! More than anything else, the constant slamming and bad mouthing of you is only because you serve God. It is so sad that so many people despise the Lord, but that’s who they are angry with..not you. I think your consistent faith and love for God is amazing! I know that our Heavenly Father is very proud of you for not being ashamed of Him. You are going have many jewels in your crown in Heaven!! Keep your head up!

  • Troy Stephens

    Bristol, you HOT in this photo and mark and you make a cute couple. Again, I applaud your steadfastness and strength in the face of unjust criticism and difficult circumstances.

  • Barb

    HOT!!! You look fantastic. Now to keep my husband away from this site! hehehe

    • me here

      Your husband already has a great girl.

  • bellagrazi

    First of all, you are gorgeous, Bristol Palin! I absolutely love this publicity shot of you and Mark! The “Pistol” pose is extremely clever. Unfortunately, this columnist did not do the most basic research to know that you were called “Bristol the Pistol” during your stint on DWTS in Season 11. But I really don’t think it would’ve mattered. People like this will do anything to further their agenda. Especially, if they can criticize a Palin in the process. But to exploit such a horrible tragedy is beyond the pale. Even for a hack columnist such as this one. Right on! to the woman who utilized her right to bear arms! Awesome!

  • jennie

    Just because you did pose it doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. Don’t you think it’s about time for people to grow up and get over themselves! I learned how to use a gun when I was 3. Sinse then the food we caught for our table has been plentiful. It’s just a photo, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

  • robert haney

    ignore the critics if at all posible and just dance with all you got !!! AND God Bless YOU !

    • Bristol,

      Don’t listen to the HATERS!!! I think it’s a DARLING PICTURE!!! It reminds me, of the old AVENGERS TV SERIES!!! I’ll know you’ll will do GREAT on DWTS!!!

  • Joe Herbert

    Hi Pretty Lady;
    You couldn’t expect anything less, but I’ve seen your dad on stripes, if he was packing and in that theater that clown Holmes would have had an extra eyehole before he got off the third round.

  • Cheryl

    No matter what they say, Bristol, you look beautiful in this picture!!! Love it!!! Loved the video!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I love and admire that lady with a gun!!!

  • Sandra Gray

    People will use any means they can to destroy good people’s lives but we have your back and your family’s cause The real Americans are the ones still standing tall and proud and this goes for all the Palins! You are the real deal and we love you for it! Love your Dad’s show and will be watching you on DWTS!

  • Loi Ricker

    Hi Bristal, people can be so jealous and even mean. They clearly use you to make money from negative stories. Until the government changes the rules the wrong people will continue to commit horrible crimes. U just do what u do, and I hope to meet u one day. I want to show u beautiful landscaping right here in Wasilla.

  • hannah

    You cant even do anything now days without somebody thinking somethings wrong with what your doing. What ever happened to freedom? And it also seems like everything is now going against the constitution.

  • Jenn

    I LOVE the picture…I think it is cute, and I definately didn’t think about the colorado shooting until the comment brought it up. Just ignore the haters. I think you are an amazing mom and a wonderful person.

  • Love the picture and can’t wait for DWTS …..we have our voting fingers ready 32 votes at our house.

  • Brian McAndrew

    OH MY GOD!!!! This is ridiculous!

  • CJ

    Bristol, do you know what? We are witnessing such complete absurdity compounded by twisted, disproportionate, inane correlations that it begs me to wonder if the individual who wrote this and those who support it, realize how insane they sound. I literally sat here shaking my head in total disbelief of what I was reading! They are so desperate to disarm our nation in order to render us defenseless against their tyrannical dictatorial ideology, that they will seek to pervert, distort, dramatize and exploit to instigate support for their agenda. These attempts are both despicable and obvious.
    Having said all that, take your STUNNING, PRECIOUS, ADORABLE self out on that dance floor and don’t be afraid to SHINE. You already do :)… might as well embrace it and have the time of your life with each new challenge. With Mark by your side, you couldn’t be in better hands and boy, is he ever proud of you!! 🙂 GOOOOOOO BRISTOL! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Terri

    Bristol: Don’t listen to the hater. You look amazing and beautiful and I’m behind you 100%. Good luck you deserve it.

  • Maggie Garritson – Alaska

    35 votes for you every week Bristol!

  • Karen Crouse

    SERIOUSLY!!! Seriously!! Just looking at that picture I would never have given that a thought. I guess I still don’t see it. Lovely publicity photo of you and Mark. Some people can make something negative of just about anything. Take the recent story about the little hearing impaired 3 yr. old that the shcool board said when he signed his name it looked like a gesture gangs use to simulate pointing a gun. The board was going to have the parents take him out of school untill they could come up and teach him a different sign for his name. How crazy is that? It’s not always easy to “turn the other cheek” when people with hateful comments seem to be a part of everyday life and there seem to be a lot of “stone throwers” in our society today. People that don’t like themselves have to find fault in others as well, and unfortunatly, you and your beautiful family are some of their targets. God has a path He wishes for you to follow and I think you are doing your best to stay on track and raising your son to be a good person. I admire your family so much and I do watch STARS EARN STRIPES every week; the whole team is amazing and your dad is quite a great sharp shooter. As for DWTS~~Mark is a great teacher and partner so just do your best and know you have a lot of people in your cheering scetion. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Bring it on!!

  • Georgia

    Well said, Bristol. They are nuts!

  • Sue R

    I wish I had your legs. LOL!! You are a good dancer and fine person. I will be glad when you are seen for the person you are and not for who you are related to. People need to get a grip. May your days be filled with sunshine and your nights filled with peace.

  • Lea

    Aren’t you making a “W” for winner? That was my first thought. A gun? Seriously?

  • Dennis Carr

    The communist needs to control the gun, without protection we would still be paying taxes to the Queen so that she can have even better birthday parties… My door is always open to friends, the others already know what is waiting for them….. Illinois is the only State left without a CCW license. It is a democraptic state..

  • “I thought you guys were blowing kisses! Haters are stupid!!! All my votes for Bristol and Mark 🙂

  • Jacinda

    What a bunch of crap! Bristol you and Mark look cute and funny in your pic. I am really loving that you and other conservatives are calling the lame stream media out on their crap, keep up the good work! We will be watching and cheering you on every week! Good Luck!

  • Kim Castro

    So ridiculous, the blazing guns sign is used in football by collegiate and professional teams. Do you see the media making noise about that? Their unparalleled attacks on you and your family is sad and goes to show you how disingenuous they are. My continued prayers go to you and your family Bristol. I look forward to seeing you in DWTS !

  • David

    Nice Photo, Bristol. I am looking forward to watching you on DWTS. I hope you win.

  • Sharon Genovese

    This is as absurd as having the little boy change his signing name because it looked like a “finger gun”. Go for it girl!!!!

  • Kay

    Annoyed that I had to watch an Obama ad with Bill Clinton.

  • Looking fabulous in this DWTS photo, Bristol. Wow!

  • Cathy P.

    Bedwetters are gonna do what bedwetters always do. The real outrage here is suspending first graders for something so stupid, or trying to make a deaf kid change the way he signs his name because it might be mistaken for pretending to hold a gun. They need to shelve the pc nonsense, and focus on teaching kids right from wrong, if any of them are capable of that.

  • myr

    Go Bristol !! go get the MAINSTREAM MEDIA !! hahaha!! it makes my day..

    • BlueVA

      The “mainstream media” didn’t comment on this photo, because they don’t care. An “anonymous blogger” took issue with Bristol’s pose.

  • marie

    There’s a lot of people out there that love controversy, and if they can’t find it they just make it up….it sells more papers.
    Unfortunately a lot of society has come to believe that lying isn’t wrong no matter who it hurts, unless the lies are about them.

  • Laura

    There are some people who will find wrong in everything. Bristol could I posed touching her cheek and they would have said she was picking her nose or something absurd like that. Unfortunately, you can’t change people like that — they have to change themselves. Obviously they don’t want to.

  • Huntingmoose

    Guess you should SHOOT over your smoking hot PhotoSHOOT with a real gun. Ask Clint if he has a nice colt left over from his filmSHOOT days

  • Jose

    Nice photo! Don’t Pay attention to them. It’s always the same old story.

  • Eileen

    STUNNING BEAUTY…love watching you come into your own with so much grace and wit. Bristol honey, forget and ignore the jealousy out there, it’s an untreatable mental condition. Good luck to you and Mark…whatever the results, you will always be the winner in this life.

  • Ed

    Hey Bristol…love pic and wish you all the best with DWTS ..looking forward to it. As a single Mom your doing great. Will your show be back on the air? Alaska is so beautiful and a great place to raise a family. Hope you Mom is doing well. Saw your farther on “Stars for Stripes” he rocked it!

  • Elizabeth

    Bristol is turning into quite a beauty. Some people have nothing else to do other than reading nonexistent things into everything she does. DWTS is entertainment. Let your hair down and enjoy.

    • Liz


  • Sunny

    You 2 are smokin’ hot! GOOD LUCK!

    • Yes, she is. I was raised in the country but, no moose or bears. I could deal with that for her & Tripp.




  • jesse green

    You are a very beautiful woman with a bite future. Thank your mom for running for vice president!!!

  • love u Bristol U go Girl

  • donna kling

    The Bible says to worry when all men speak good of you…..Blessings to you and your family. So you’re doing great.

  • Piscean Gal

    “This is just another part of the effort to make guns evil, and I wasn’t even holding a gun!” I don’t know how it is in ALASKA, but here in the lower 48, at least MY area, kids cannot even “PLAY” guns like you appear to be doing.

    what’s more interesting is, this photo reminds me of the “Cross hairs” photo your mom put up, and Gabby Giffords was shot. You and Mark posing like this, is like saying, you’re going to “shoot” your opponents out of the competition…not a cool thing, especially when that old man that couldn’t stand you, shot his tv, when you were on the first time.

    It’s sad that you don’t think of these things before you do them…..

    • Truth101

      The crosshairs was on a district on a map. The same crosshairs that dems have been using for years to target certain district for elections.

      The lunatic that shot Giffords had been stalking her for years. He was a left wing kook.

      What makes you think the way you think? Where did you go wrong in life?

    • Rainy

      I am wondering what you are teaching your children? That are people are good? That there is no evil in the world and no need to protect yourself? I live in the lower 48. My children grew up playing with plastic guns and when old enough, learned what a real gun was, took a hunter safety course, and learned how to handle them properly. They both grew up to be extremely successful young men.

      To associate Bristol’s photo with real life shootings is absurd. You had to make a VERY wide left turn to even get there. I feel sorry for your children. They won’t know what it is like to grow up with an imagination. Obviously they are not allowed to play cowboys. Or star wars. Or Indiana Jones. Safari Hunter? Policeman?

      Please think before you speak. Bristol, I know you are a strong young lady. Thank you for representing Christians in a positive light. You have come a long way. There have always been haters in the world. Keep your head high and dance your rear off! God Bless.

  • Becky

    Bristol, don’t listen to them. I live in Aurora, CO and I was affected by the shootings. When I just now saw your picture, I in NO way linked that to the tragedy that rocked our city. Best of luck to you on DWTS, can’t wait to vote for you! 🙂

  • Tom

    The writer of that ridiculous article you quote needs to focus attention where it belongs–on those rappers she mentions! You see, they don’t just make the pose, they use the real things on each other if for no other reason than jealousy over bling-bling. It’s part of their corrupt, inferior culture. That, not a pose like yours, is what needs suppression.

    • Sarah Sass

      You seem very informed and extremely intelligent.

      I hope you are in a position of power.

  • Katie

    I would like to point out that the news clips talks about PEOPLE shooting other people. It doesn’t say a gun walked into a theater and started firing on the audience. Don’t get me wrong, I feel horrible for what has happened when PEOPLE shoot others. It is the person carrying the gun that does the damage. I would also like to say SERIOUSLY people they are just fingers. And to add to the positives of guns being a protection, an Oklahoma woman shot at two men who had broke into her house where she and her baby were. I would like to hear what these people, who are so against guns, would have their loved ones do if they were in a similar situation.

  • LYNN


    • Bristol I see nothing wrong with your photo just a very beautiful lady .Ignore all the negative comments and dance your butt off will be pulling for you good luck !!!

  • Bo

    Okay, so your picture created controversy. Isn’t that what you live for, sweetpea? You don’t have to pout and stomp around and wave your hands. Mission accomplished, babycakes! Why is it that you and your parents are so starved for attention that you have to say and do stupid things constantly?

    • retlaw

      “Sweetpea”? “Babycakes”? Sounds like you’re trying to make her feel bad for being female. The women in your life must be some lucky ladies!

  • Christina

    Sweetheart, you could be feeding a starving orphan and they would find something wrong with it.

  • Avery

    Couldn’t you just as easily have been blowing kisses with your fingers? Come on people… ridiculous!

  • Liz

    Bristol – don’t worry about what the left-wing media is trying to do to you or say about you. After the theater shooting, gun sales skyrocketed in Aurora. If just one person had been armed that night, not as many people would have been killed or injured. It’s our right.

  • Rebecca Davis

    You are so beautiful! So happy that you and Mark are dancing again! I think this photo ROCKS!

  • Lee

    Bristol, beautiful picture of you and Mark!!! You, go girl and have lots of fun. Ignore the critics and the green eye monsters. Like you said often, they are going to criticize you in a negative way no matter what you do. Many others like myself will be cheering you all the way!!!

  • blackbird

    Bristol, to be honest at first I had not noticed the gun pose.

  • Nan

    Bristol I am old could be your great grandma but I love you and your family. Especially your mom. You look gorgeous and fantastic go for it. Dont worry about what people say a waste of time and energy. I am so happy to see you back cant wait I know you will be fantastic. You have matured into a beautiful woman.

  • Kim Castro

    Its sad that these losers must find something to criticize instead if how amazing you look. I can’t wait to see the Ballas-Palin Team in competition with the best of the best! Blessings to you Bri !!!!

  • Bristol, even if you’d had your hair in pigtails and been holding a lollipop, the LSM would have found something to criticize. As you said about your first season on DWTS, they’re going to criticize you no matter what you do, so enjoy the time and I’m rooting for you.

  • I’m sorry (to both you and my wife…); but I didn’t even notice your fingers — the detractors must be impervious to femine charms. Good luck and have fun!

    • Why is there never spell check when I’m in a hurry?!??! ‘Feminine’.

  • Bristol…just ignore the “naysayers”…they will never like you and who cares? You and your family are the greatest and we support you completely…I post your mom’s posts all the time on my social network devoted to “lift up a standard for the people”…Isaiah 62:10…we need more Christians like your family who will take a stand in these days. Keep up the good work and don’t be distracted by the “naysayers” they are just very jealous of you and your entire family. Goes with the territory of being a Leader!

  • Charley

    Bristol, darlin’, ignore the idjits! They are ordered to find something negative about you by their owners. You’re beautiful and you’ll do great. We are “rooting” for you, Sweetie!


  • Kimberly Geraci

    Wow how stupid!! I hate people who just want to cause problem cause they have nothing better to do with their lives!!! Don’t let people bother you because you have a life and they don’t! and I LOVE THE PICTURE!!!!!

  • ajz.woodruff

    Geez…. people are unreal. Not everyone who possesses a gun is bad!! What is controversial?!! Guns do not kill people…. Crazy people with serious mental or anger issues kill other people. Apparently, most people are just in denial.