Oops! Seattle Tries a “Gun Violence Tax” and Gets Sued

Oops! Seattle Tries a “Gun Violence Tax” and Gets Sued September 2, 2015

Portrait of a happy weapon shop owner

Seattle is trying to pull one over on its liberty-loving citizens, but they know a gun control law when they see it. Even if it’s disguised as a tax. 

The NRA and two other foundations, plus two gun owners and two gun shops, are suing the city for a so-called “gun violence tax” on firearms and ammunition. City officials say it’s designed “to help offset the financial toll of gun violence” in their city.

What they don’t say is that it’s a not-very-well-disguised attempt at discouraging people from buying guns. Owners of firearm stores in the area say the tax will cost them customers, lower their sales, and even make them move out of the city if they can’t keep up the business. I’m sure the Seattle City Council wouldn’t mind that one bit.

But guess what? The city doesn’t have the right to make gun control laws. That’s the responsibility of the state. So this “tax” should be shut down just like another attempt at controlling gun owners 6 years ago:

In 2009, Seattle banned guns in city parks and community centers. The Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA successfully sued to block it.

Maybe we should put a “DUI tax” on beers sold, and “obese tax” on fattening foods, or “stabbing tax” on knives in stores… Surely that would keep people from making stupid choices! Or better yet, keep them from buying anything that could be dangerous if it was misused.

Wait a second, that would mean putting a “stupid tax” on… everything!


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