Praying for Mitt Romney’s Running Mate Paul Ryan

Praying for Mitt Romney’s Running Mate Paul Ryan August 11, 2012

U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan pictured here with his wife, Janna, and children Sam, Liza, and Charlie (2008).

With all the excitement surrounding Mitt Romney’s announcement of his running mate, I ask you, readers, to pause.  

Just stop.

Don’t write a word, don’t make a snap judgment, don’t critique the VP choice, don’t exult in its brilliance. Just take a moment and realize that whomever is chosen, he is a person about to go through an ordeal that few people will ever experience. Pray for his family. Pray that he can meet the challenges of the campaign trail without being burned by the spotlight.

I saw it first hand four years ago, of course. (Can you believe that it’s been that long?)

Our country’s future is at stake, and the other side will do all it can to not just defeat this person but also to destroy his reputation. The next 90 days will be among the most challenging of his life.

I’m going to pray for Paul Ryan. Please join me.

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