Praying for Mitt Romney’s Running Mate Paul Ryan

Praying for Mitt Romney’s Running Mate Paul Ryan August 11, 2012
U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan pictured here with his wife, Janna, and children Sam, Liza, and Charlie (2008).

With all the excitement surrounding Mitt Romney’s announcement of his running mate, I ask you, readers, to pause.  

Just stop.

Don’t write a word, don’t make a snap judgment, don’t critique the VP choice, don’t exult in its brilliance. Just take a moment and realize that whomever is chosen, he is a person about to go through an ordeal that few people will ever experience. Pray for his family. Pray that he can meet the challenges of the campaign trail without being burned by the spotlight.

I saw it first hand four years ago, of course. (Can you believe that it’s been that long?)

Our country’s future is at stake, and the other side will do all it can to not just defeat this person but also to destroy his reputation. The next 90 days will be among the most challenging of his life.

I’m going to pray for Paul Ryan. Please join me.

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  • Kamie

    What a beautiful soul you are for thinking of him and his family, just goes to show what you are truly made of. :0)
    God Bless you and your wonderful family :0)

  • Amanda

    Too many perpetually critical people have no humanity within them. These are ALL human beings like the rest of us. They all have loving families like the rest of us. They experience joy, mirth, pain, burden, strife, anger, frustration, and LOVE as we all do. This country is so biased and divided (and always has been). Politicians of all stripes use cutting attacks to further their agenda and keep their base, forgetting about the selflessness that IS needed to ensure all have a fair shot.

    This is still America, a country where ANYONE can do whatever they choose if they possess the love and drive and passion.

    I shall say a prayer and light a candle for the Ryan family as well as all the people who aren’t deterred by personal attacks and libel against them. Bless you all Americans!!!!

    • Oh they have humanity alright. That’s the problem! haha.

  • Christy

    I’ll help you pray! Blessings to you, your family and our country.

  • DiaaK

    Thank you Bristol. I will join you in that. I pray also that Paul comes to realize that diary foods are not the healthiest choice for his kids and his young family. ( a TOUGH realization for a man who lives, loves and represents ‘America’s Dairyland’!) I hope he will view Amazon’s #1 documentary film: Forks Over Knives. It’s about physicians who grew up on dairy farms in the day when cow’s milk was ‘Nature’s most perfect food’ and how they came to realize that, unless your a baby calf it’s not perfect for you at all. In fact, it’s dangerous (as we can see from the state of our nation’s health!) . See Bless you and your family!

  • Sarah Alam

    Also let us pray that he helps Romney carry out plans to make America a better place. 🙂

  • Joining you in prayer for Paul Ryan and his family.

  • I will join you in praying for him and his family.

  • Dear Bristol Palin … : This is no bloody reality Show ,this is our futures and tht of Our Country thts at stake here and Like Your MaMa said to barbra wawa longago if it got like this wld U get IN… ? and Your Mother replied in the affirmative… I remembered tht Did U… ? Im holding all of U’s to it,too… ~ !
    Shes the only One tht can change anything 4 the better friend,Id stake my life on it…

    • Just a Postscript… : The Two R’s tht the GOPe have put up as the RNC Scantioned are a “Highway to Nowhere” … ~ !

      • Its almost time Grizzley to show your fangs ,just another few short wks and I dnt care if U have to get up on the bk of a Flt bed trk in the parking Lot we the People dont care,JUST DO IT… Please,U have more at stake thn all of Us,so just do it ,throw those cards U have ben holding 4 so long to the four winds, … “Madame President”…

  • Courtney Brooke

    Amen. Praying here as well, for Romney, Ryan, their families, and our country.

  • Joining you, Bristol. I’m so happy about Paul Ryan joining Romney.

  • Kim Castro

    Good words Bristol. I will join you in prayers for the Romney and Ryan ticket. I also pray that their mission is true for our nation, our children and for our future….Finally Prayers for you and your family may God bless

  • Becky

    Will definitely pray for him and his family!

  • Elizabeth Holmberg

    Bristol, I will be praying for the Romneys and the Ryans along with many Americans. May God bless our country and grant us discernment as we prepare to vote.

  • Lee Spallas

    Great words of wisdom and we sure will!

  • Kathleen Florkowski

    Totally agree! Prayers, Prayers and more prayers. Thanks for the reminder!

  • kristen peterson

    the Palin family is such a class act! Through and through! (i must admit that i still pray for that 10.3 earthquake though 😉 ) God bless you all and we’re really looking forward to Stars Earn Stripes in a couple of days! HOOAH

  • Jeff Swanberg

    You are an amazing young lady. You are absolutly correct. I can see you in politics one day….. Maybe?

  • LilyWww

    Like most politicians, Paul Ryan doesn’t make his family part of his ” brand”. They won’t be exposed to the extent Sarah Palin made her family. And let’s not forget the for most of the past four years Bristol Palin has made most money than she ever would have, by selling her story and her son’s to tabloid magazines and reality TV.

    • Truth101

      What does that have to do with 2008? Bristol was there at the start with her mom like she should be and than she wen back to Alaska. The corrupt MSM went after Bristol and that was a no, no.

      I remember the corrupt MSM saying the Palin children went wild in some store and that never happen.

      Ryan’s children are young and the corrupt MSM won’t go near them. I mean how can they but they will look for stuff to attack him wife on.

      Children should never be used by the MSM to attack a candidate.

      The corrup MSM crossed every line to put that Marxist in the WH.

      • LilyWww

        I think you mean children should never be used to by a candidate to brand themselves and act as their shield. How and why Sarah Palin announced Bristol was pregnant was not good. Nor was trotting her out on stage in that ill-fitted dress with her boyfriend in tow. Who does that???

        • Truth101

          If I remember Bristol was with Gov. Palin in OHIO and the deadbeat dad was not.
          Sarah Palin had nothing to do with the way the campaign released the news about Bristol. She was upset about the way it was handled by the McCain campaign. She knew nothing of the letter that was released about Bristol.

          If I remember correctly, Bristol was on the stage and than went home.

          • WL

            Truth, Sarah Palin announced Bristol’s pregnancy to deflect ongoing rumors that Trig was not hers. Levi was trotted out at the RNC. Remember when Sarah cupped his cheek in her palm and smiled adoringly at him?!! And what was with Bristol
            dress and shape that night?????

        • Bree Merr

          Lily, You want to think the worst of the Palins, and will do so because that is the kind of person you are.

          • WL

            I actually Bree, it’s because of the kind

          • WL

            No actually Bree it’s because of the kind of people THEY are.

          • Truth101

            WL, No it is because of the kind of person you are. Can I say scum.

    • Diane

      Sarah’s family are not her “brand”. They are what she lives and fights for. Don’t we all want a strong free moral country for our children to grow up in? It’s what I had. It’s what I want for my children and for my grandchildren to come.

      • WL

        Not her brand? Hmm, you may want to rethink that. As for do we all want a ” moral country”, you’ll have to clarify what you mean by that before I can respond. As for a free country, that’s what we have, though we do rank below Denmark, new Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, Finland…..

        • Bree Merr

          Lilly Bristol ask for prayers for the future VP and family. Will you pray for them?

          • Truth101

            Correction WL: It is Bristol Palin that ask you.
            Why are you here? This post is about prayer.
            Why are you here?

    • Christina

      Exactly! For instance, when Biden’s beautiful daughter got married a couple months ago few knew about it because his family has never been on DWTS, reality shows or the cover of gossip rags. And she never hired a mediocre writer to pen her sexual intimacies etc. And she is a classy educated woman also, too.

      • Truth101

        That is funny because Biden’s beautiful daughter was recorded on video snorting cocaine and the corrupt MSM kept it out of the news because so is a liberal.

        That same beautiful daughter had several run ins with the cops but you didn’t hear about that becasue the corrupt MSM kept it out of the news because she is the child of a liberal senator.

        So please don’t let the truth get in the way of the double standards when it comes to liberals and conservatives.

        You want to know how I know because I am from DE and it was in the local news.

  • e

    With Ryan as VP pick Obama & Biden are the ones who should start praying.

    • Truth101

      Please don’t but that much pressure on the VP. Romney is at the top of the ticket and not Ryan.

    • YES I AGREE!! YES! BECAUSE I TOO KNOW THIS MAN PERSONALLY! Congressman Paul Ryan! > You Can’t Imagine How Happy I Am & How Surreal This Seems To Have Been The Martial Arts Instructor for Several Years Of Wisconsin Congressman/House budget Chairman MR.PAUL RYAN after All these Years!, When He Was Attending Normandale College! In Southern Twin Cities of Minneapolis,MN (Bloomington), When He Walked In To My First of 16 Martial Arts School Locations! And Asked What Qualifications Do I Need Sir To be Excepted On Your BlackBelt BootCamp Program etc. I Replied first I’m Goin’ To Tell You That Only About One Out Of One Hundred Students That Apply Make It To BlackBelt. He Replied I’ll Do What Ever It Takes Sir If You Will Have Me!, I Said You May Wish from Time To Time That You Had Not Walked Into This School of Taekwondo/Hapkido/Judo/KungFu/Navy Seal,Kickboxing And Sul Sa Do. He Replied I Will Not Quit Sir. I Said You’ve Just Been Excepted. And Fight he Did,Comply he Did,Endure & Deliver He Did. And Also Became An Assistance Instructor for Me! As Well As being Awarded BlackBelt And Well On The Way To 2nd Degree By Me! At An International World Taekwondo/Hapkido Federation BlackBelt Testing Challenge!. Graduating Top of My Class, As Did former Deputy Sheriff Now Detective (Super Cop I Call Him)Mr.Roger Roatch, Dale Cardinal,Wayne Hockrin,Even A Lady Who Went On to Become~Two Term Republican LT.GOV.Of MN ~ Mrs.Carol Molnau!,Just To Name A Few. And To This Day My Most Senior Being Awarded Her Coveted Belt “BlackBelt Granny” Ms Karen Gigikos! And When I Was On A Road Traveling & A Car I was Driving Stopped, I Called Mr.Paul Ryan And He Did Not Hesitate To Put Down What Ever He Was Doing and Came to Pick Me Up! I’m Still in Disbelief That He is Now Chosen For Running Mate To Mitt Romney As Vice President of the United States 2012 ~ lol, I new he had a Number of Brothers and at least one Sister! I Do Not Believe He New That I am 2nd of 12 Children And Lost My Father Too! When I was Only 16. God Bless Congressman PAUL RYAN And His Lovely Family, And Also Our Next President of the USA* Mr*Mitt Romney! I Am Stephan aka’ChuckNors’Stenzel Midwest US Cowboy*Of MN & Sometimes Texas*Too! lol This May Just Be The Divine Intervention Many have Been Prayin’ For! Should We Get One More Chance! To Save AMERICA* This “ONE NATION UNDER GOD’.

  • Madison


    P.S. John Norton… Why don’t you take a little time to actually spell out your words. You’re typing like a 12 year old on msn messenger.

    • Christina

      Be kind to your fellow con-stipated Johnnie Norton, he was deemed too crazy for even c4p! Lol! AND like most of you Palin cult commenters, he is well into his 80’s. My parents thought me to respect the old even if they are mean uncharitable and ignorant.

  • Diane

    I’m with you, Bristol! Prayers are first. You know better than most how vicious this administration is. Let us pray that God’s will be done, and that He places a cloak of protection over Paul Ryan’s family. You’re a strong woman, Bristol. No doubt our Lord has a lot to do with that. Let all the personal attacks roll off your back. You and your family are working for good. God has your back. <3

  • Holley


  • blackbird

    Very good advice Bristol.

  • David

    Prayers will Help. — Ryan was a good choice for VP. Romney/Ryan will be a strong ticket.

  • Jennifer Tisdel

    What am amazing, selfless blog post! Thank you for reminding people politicians are human too. It’s a simple concept and yet so many people ignore it. I will take a moment to pray for all parties involved. Thanks Bristol!

  • Terry Spears

    Amen Sister Bristol. I pray that God will put a hedge of protection around him and his family.
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Right on Bristol, I’m with you. It’s now time to stand in unity and bring strength in unity, for without it we shall fall to destruction. We must bring the Republic back to what it once was, as our founding Fathers formed it.
    From: Constitution Debates, 1787 James Wilson, Delegate of Penn.
    Often have I marked, with silent pleasure and admiration, the force and prevalence, through out the United States, the principle that the supreme power resides in the people, and that they never part with it. It may be the called the (panacea) in politics.

  • Joanne Mayo


  • Ian


  • Tara Jollie

    I appreciate the VP announcement and worry for the safety of public figures in today’s environment of lunatic violence; however, I wish the candidates would stick to succinct explanations of the issues. The presidential/vp campaign comes off like a popularity contest on both sides. For example: the gridlock on Bush tax cuts; why should lower/middle Americans oppose their repeal? Obama’s position is a shallow, but appealing to taxed to death working stiffs. One reason working class should oppose is the 55% inheritance tax is aimed at keeping the lower class low (inability to accumulate wealth). Education on the issues is what I hunger for. Conservative candidates need to debunk Obama retoric, and replace it with education – now that would gain some votes! Given the US debt and the current Administration’s fiscal policies, younger generation can give up now on the American Dream unless they are born very rich. A lot of time is being wasted voiding meaningful dialog on these critical issues.

  • Huntingmoose

    Bristol,, you take the words out of my mind and put them on paper.

    Thank you

  • blueniner

    Thoughtful words by a thoughtful person, who has seen it first hand.

  • Joseph

    I’m in agreement with you, Bristol! 🙂

  • Thankfully, Bristol, the kids are too small to be torn about the way the press did you and your family!

    It will be an incredibly rough road for both Ryan and Romney families. If we all lift them in prayer, it will help keep them strong.

    Thanks for such a thoughtful post.

  • Keri Norton

    Completely agree Bristol. This ticket needs prayer warriors as the liberals want nothing more than to completely destroy these families. Pray without ceasing.

  • Kay Pell


  • James

    As long as he keeps his family out of it like most politicians do… he will be just fine.

  • Georgia

    Ryan knows what your mother and family have gone through, Bristol. I think that he will weather the storm from the foul leftist Progressives. Prayers are in order, however.

  • Jose

    I am going to pray for Paul Ryan too (as I pray for your mom and your family)

  • Tom Wiley

    Amen, I’m joining you.

  • conservativemama

    I dread what we’ll be subjected to, the filth and lies that will be thrown at Ryan. But I will join all of you in prayers. When Ryan was announced this morning my first thought was for his wife and family. The left cares for no one. Power is their god.

    • Truth101

      You don’t have to worry about Romney and the Ryan families. It is a woman thing with the corrupt MSM, liberals, and RINOs. They hate conservative women who seek or are in office. They did the same to Gov. Haley, Lt. Gov of WI, and Bachmann.

      But the sad thing about it is that the GOP looks the other way.

  • Paulette Jones

    Wonderful post Bristol. This is, indeed, the first thing we should be doing for Paul Ryan and his family. I hope they remain strong in their convictions and faith as your family has done, and learns to rise above the harsh attacks of the media and the left.

  • Marie

    Will join you in praying.

  • April ReyRey

    Bristol, I just want to let you know how much I admire your matureness and you have a good head on your shoulders. Im so proud of how you have handled all the negativity your family has endured and I know you have an amazing family of good faith and you guys are constantly in my prayers. Always keep your head up and dont NO ONE get you down!

  • AFS

    How can you pray for a man whose budget clearly goes against Christian virtues?! The Ryan budget would cut ALL support for the poor, the old, the sick, the disabled… going directly against the teachings of Jesus Christ. Ryan would cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans, redistributing wealth to the top 1%. Heck, his budget is outright SATANIC in its indulgent, greedy nature! It’s not wonder prominent Catholic and Christian leaders are against the Ryan budget as the most anti-Christian proposal to grace the halls of the House of Representatives. I think you should take a break from your reality TV career Bristol and start reading the Bible before you invoke the name of the Lord in support of a man who is clearly against His interests. ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least among you, you did not do for me.’ -Matthew 25:41-45

    • lilcountry

      Well if that happens then the Church will need to rise up and be the answer to the poor and the needy, not the government.

    • C. Halfacre

      No where in the bible does it say that the government is responsible for the poor and needy. It is a responsibility of the church. Obama has had no budget in 4 years and look where we are now. It is time to stop the madness of spending beyond our means.

      • WL

        So Halfacre, “the Church” would take care of everyone on some kind of social assistance, including all the seniors in this country? Really? I’m curious….. how exactly would that work? We aren’t talking about a couple hundred years ago when the young outnumbered the old, healthcare was limited and relatively inexpensive and almost everyone had a church.

      • myj

        Ezekiel 16:49…. A nation was judged for not pity the poor and needy…. God expect the government to take care of it people, especially the poor, sick, elderly and even the strangers…. They don’t have the money and manpower to handle it… They receive help from the government for the soup kitchen, food pantries and other social programs.

  • April ReyRey

    Oh and WL u are a jerk and if you dont pray then why are you even on here? Huh???

  • bellagrazi

    Thank you, Bristol. Definitely praying for Paul Ryan and his family. And I continue to pray for your family as well.

    • WL

      Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize one gas to pray to comment here!

  • Cindy

    conservativemama the right gives as good as it gets.

  • Bonny Batman

    Don’t upset my stupid thinking with facts, or prayers. Why are people so afraid of praying? For that matter why should a atheist, a misguided, or just plain nut case care if we all join hands with Sarah, Bristol, and whoever wants to pray, and pray. It doesn’t effect them, and if, just IF it should help, or work, why not join to make a better place for all. Not only that I believe somewhere it was said, thank you God – it is important to take care of number one first. Without taking care of number one, you can’t help or take care of number two or anyone else. Thank You

    • WL

      Way give you the idea anyone is “afraid” of others praying Bonnie?

  • Bristol,
    We are so looking forward to see you dance again. Will be looking tomorrow morning to see who
    you will be dancing.
    Wishing you this best of luck.

  • Megan M

    Love Cong. Paul Ryan! He’s not my Congressman but I live 20 minutes from his district office. I will be praying that his family makes it through this election together and becomes stronger because of it. Two R’s make a RIGHT 🙂 Go Wisconsin Badgers!! See you on DWTS Bristol!

    • Ann Pinger

      ah refreshing, a sweet, positive and supportive reply to our favorite hometown girl’s blog. THANK YOU MEGAN!!! And thanks for supporting our sweet young Alaskan on DWTS!

  • joe

    pray for your own soul

    • Ann Pinger

      hey Joe take your own advice

  • Gilly

    I don’t think you need to worry to much about the family. His wife is a washington inside just as much as he is. Lets see her parents are both attorneys, she graduated from Wellesley (that alone will infuriate the right). She got her law degree from GW and worked as a health care lobbyist. It will be fun to see how they turn her into a “stay-at-home mom” who loves Jesus and her children.

    • Ann Pinger

      Gilly what the heck is the matter with you people? If its a bright sunny day you will find a cloud somewhere to bitch about; if its raining you’ll complain because you don’t have to water the lawn today. Get over your self-righteous self and look at our options: a Mormom with a Roman Catholic (I am neither) vs. a secret Muslim with a foul-mouthed jerkoff for a sidekick. (LOL OBIDEN! Sarah truly said it best.) A duo who wants to restore America’s greatness or a Dumbo who wants to tear down our military… seriously I would love to see you be a little more positive and less sarcastic here, as Bristol does not share your poor attitude and this is HER blog… keep the snarky attacks at YOUR website thank you very much!

      • susan

        It’s a bright sunny day and democracy and freedom are still alive and well, if you would peek out from behind your blinders.

      • Gilly

        Hilarious Ann. You scold me for being “negative” and then launch into a tirade yourself. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

        • WL

          Not just that Gilly, but a “self-righteous” tirade at that! Too funny.

          • Gilly


    • Fred

      As to all of the issues you riased i have one word to say. So?

      • Cindy

        Gilly’s point seemed to me that they Ryan family doesn’t need protecting. And its extremely presumptuous and rather obnoxious that Bristol and her mother are going to make sure the Ryan’s are treated differently. I don’t see anyone asking them for help.

        • WL

          Agreed, it is presumptuous and obnoxious Cindy. But truth is, Bristol and her mother aren’t concerned about the Ryan family. They just used this as a chance to play victim yet again.

    • Bev

      Why do you think they’d try to do that? The Republican party loves working moms and at-home moms, too. Conservative women can be what they want to be, not what the femi-nazis insist they be.

      • WL

        That’s right Bev! Social conservatives believe women can be what they want so long as it’s not a homosexual, an unmarried sexually active woman or a woman who wants to be be in control of the number of children she has. Oh and they love working moms so much that they think it’s okay for a woman to be paid less than a man for the same job. You were saying????

        • Gilly

          You tell em WL!

  • Gilly

    So Sarah is going to make sure she protects the Ryan family from the MSM. Love it..finally Sarah will start giving interviews on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, know all the other stations that don’t giver her a pass like Fox does. Fair and Balanced finally wins!

  • Nana

    Paul Ryan is a good man with a beautiful wife and family. It’s bad enough that he is slandered for all the good he has tried to do for his country, but I am just disgusted that liberals are already attacking his family. Of course, what can we expect when all the Obama people can do is sling mud at decent men with actual ideas to help their country because Obama certainly can’t run on his dismal record. I pray for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and their families, but I also pray for the citizens of this great country to come to their senses and vote out the worst president in US history this November.

    • WL

      How are liberals attacking Ryan’s family Nana?

    • Michael

      Liberal here. Kinda moderate liberal. Don’t like Paul Ryan’s policies. I agree with the bishops and nuns of his Roman Catholic church: his budget is cruel. It represents the worst of who we are. His policies aren’t formed by his religious heritage but by Ayn Rand.

      Having said that, I have no ill will against Paul Rand the Man . . . and certainly not against his family. I wish them well through all that’s ahead.

      Meanwhile, I’ll look forward to hearing this government lifer (talk about having no experience in the private sector!) rail against government.

      • WL

        I agree with you Michael on Ryan’s fiscal policies. I’m all for a balanced budget and making changes to medicare and social security so it is there in the future…… but not on the backs of the middle class and those in need while the wealthy get huge tax cuts.

      • cew

        If you want everything given to you without working fo9r it keep voting the way you are. and we’ll be like europe

        • WL

          Cew, are you aware that some European countries are better off and better laces to live than the USA. Are you also aware that some are ranked higher with regards to Freedom than the US. I don’t think you do. Oh, and FYI, i don’t receive social assistance if any kind and our family’s income falls way above the average. Just because I believe in social assistance does not mean I receive it. And just because I support marriage equality does not mean I am gay. See how his works when we truly care about others?

          • WL

            Now Paul Ryan on the other hand, actualy has benefitted from social assistance in the past: Between athe ages of 16 and 18 he was received survor benefits from Social Security after his father died. These funds paid for his college.

            Now this same Paul Ryan calls Progressives a “cancer” on this country.

  • Bristol, here is the plan of action i want you to start out on. 1)Take a deep breath, and hold it for………ever.

  • Bristol, here is the plan of action that America would like you to embark upon. 1)Hold your breath for……….ever.

  • NanaJ

    Prayed and will continue to pray for The Ryan family.

  • Paul

    America and the world neither cares….nor needs to know what B. Palin thinks about this matter or anything, for that matter. Please…… AOL. On a slow news day, it would be better to report on the nature of chlorophyll, or the contents of tar, or the lifecycle of bats.

  • Illustrious Potentate

    Oh Good! I’d been holding my breath in hopes of learning who Bristol Palin was “praying for”. My faith in humanity has been restored.

  • Tom Riddle

    Your ALL blind followers in a nation of corrupt self entitled,self interested brats

  • laura

    No-the media will not go after Paul Ryans family-because they are already home and will not be seen till the convention-He does not use their names in his stump speech and does not take them to all his appearances for political reasons-He keeps his family separate for 10 yrs now-he does not parade them around -Also he has no pregnant daughters or publicizes if any of his children have disabilities and pass them around the stage for politics——there is a big difference…..class and no class…….

    • Gilly

      Excellent points laura. Why dont’ people get these very basic facts? The Palin’s put themselves in the spotlight…as often as possible and have made a very nice income from it. So stop acting like victims and blaming everyone but yourselves. No one’s buying it anymore.

    • Travis

      Talk about no class…. Laura you have NO Class in the manner you speak! Your a gross individual! Shame on you and your liberal bigotry… You ought to be ashamed and embarrassed for who you are! But from what I can gather from you, your already ashamed and embarrassed of yourself, which drives you to output your insecurities onto a beautiful and successful mother. Get over your personal insecurities Laura, you have issues!

  • Michael Douglas

    This blog post is laughable.

  • Stacy

    Definitely praying. Good reminder!

  • Kameron

    Praying for him and his family, Bristol! And, to all the haters out there–I’ll pray for you because you clearly need it. Why do you spend your time putting other people down, instead of finding someone to encourage and lift up!?! It is truly a very sad life that the haters live…I pity them.

  • George

    I’ll stop when those that want President Obama out of office stop saying that he is a Muslim, that he wasn’t born in the US, that he didn’t go to college, that he didn’t participate in Illinois politics etc etc. We all know those are untruths (conspiracy theories to the last) so why keep spreading them? At least those that are attacking Romney/Ryan are attacking on the facts (but conservatives don’t like facts do they?)

    Just because you ask does not mean I have to listen or comply. Ms Palin, if you and your friends can muster a show of some respect for the President. Then perhaps we will take “pause” to consider the qualities of the candidates. Oh but wait, these candidates are running on their qualities. Time spent as CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation, time as a public servant, budget proposals, healthcare legislation, do I need to name them all? So see, we are giving them a chance to look at their accomplishments. Turns out, we don’t like them!

  • Christina Johnson

    What Christian values does Paul Ryan have that would make me, as a Christian, want to vote for him? Or pray that he gets elected? Please provide references to scripture, as well.

  • Lorin Reeder

    I love Romney and Ryan. They have my prayers! I want them to win more than anything. I am also praying for Pres. Obama and Biden that they will make good choices on our behalf. I don’t feel they have, but God is over all. I will do all I can do after much prayer, and leave the rest in God’s hands. He knows more than all of us.

  • Sam Adams

    Your Mom chose to include her family on the campaign trail b/c the Palins stick together and she wanted you with her. I never read into her motives beyond this as your detractors here do. Expenses mounted for you and also opportunities to profit came. Why should you all not pursue them? I don’t hold that against you. We’ll see how many reality shows the Obama kids are offered in the future! (Not!) Your mother paid a price politically she may not have ever dreamed of. That price was inflated by you and Levi J. Would any candidate on the left have had to do so also if in the same boat? Certainly not. But this is reality and part of why we on the right resist the left. They have no shame and no class. They are just computers keyboard snipers trolling your Web site and hurling nasty invective. But your mother also gave America an intimate look at a blessed family that survives intact. 50% of America can’t say that and these trolls are in that 50%. So carry on, Palins and the fighting Right. Ryan is a big boy. He must gird up his loins like a man and take the fight to them. Your mother would agree.

  • Gregory Russo

    I just think what happened to the entire Palin Family was horrendous and still currently going on.. Bristol is right and has a right to express her concern.

    However, the preparation that the Romney team as with the Ryan Family are well prepared Janna Ryan’s OK political roots combine with Massachusetts experience of what the OBama Camp will do and say. They will pull through. They are all tough, but I think Prayer always helpful to keep everyones spirits up.

  • Scruffer

    That’s right – they’re a wholesome christian family, even though he’s catholic.
    Sure, they met while she was a lobbyist lobbying his office – I’d ‘lobby’ him too! LOL!

  • Jean

    Seriously, you should be able to figure out how many years it has been if you can count. How long ago did you concieve your son? Use that as your reminder. Yes, I can believe it’s been “that long”. Newsflash: This happens every 4 years. Maybe you don’t know that.