You Don’t Have to Agree on Issues to Get Along (Thanks, Louis Van Amstel!)

You Don’t Have to Agree on Issues to Get Along (Thanks, Louis Van Amstel!) August 14, 2012

I laughed when someone forwarded me an article titled, “DWTS Pro Louis Van Amstel Is Rooting For Bristol Palin – Say What?”

Apparently, in an interview about Dancing with the Stars All-Stars, Louis gave his opinions on the new season and had some nice things to say about me:

“I’m rooting for Bristol, she’s a very down-to-earth woman…”

He also said he felt for me, since I don’t have any dance instruction and am competing against amazing athletes with great natural talent. I think WetPaint, was surprised that Louis was so positive about me, since he’s openly gay.

However, as I’ve written before, we don’t have to agree about politics or the Bible to get along!  Thanks, Louis, for the kind words and I look forward to seeing how you’ll be a part of this new season!  (Your tweet was mysterious!)


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  • Gilly

    When we have equal rights we can get along just fine Bristol.

    • SMH

      equal rights? what right are you denied??? Civil Unions give you everything legally, Im confused. Employers cant discriminate on domestic partner benefits, which have been around way before civil unions. You have a different relationship, thats fine. But why does marriage have to be re-defined? same sex relationships are not the same and there’s nothing wrong with it NOT being the same, different is okay, isnt that what we are suppose to embrace? But criticizing someone for defending traditional, historic marriage as it is defined in every culture on the planet throughout history, is ridiculous. Thank goodness we live in this country, in some parts of the world you wouldn’t be able to finish your sentence on “equal rights”.

      • Marcia

        SMH are you really that unaware of the rights that only married couples enjoy and how homosexuals are excluded? And are you really unaware how behind the US is in equal rights compared to other countries?

        • PIBCO

          What are the rights, that only married couples have?

    • Georgia

      Gilly, You have all the rights afforded all other Americans. You are simply intolerant of the beliefs of others.

      • Marcia

        Georgia, read what Gilly wrote below about how gay couples do NOT have the same rights as others. Are you really not aware of this ??????

  • Joel

    Really, Gilly? Thank GOD some whites got along with blacks back in the day, or civil rights would never have happened. If you pledge peace only after victory, then you support war.

    • Marcia

      Seriously Joel? That’s ridiculous statement. It was whites that believed blacks deserved equal rights that were responsible for the civil rights movement!

      • Jo

        I’m pretty sure Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks would disagree with you there. Even so, white people would not have supported the movement if they didn’t get along with black people so you pretty much made Joel’s point for him.

        • Marcia

          Again, it’s about more than ” getting along with”. It’s about believing they deserve equal rights. Many whites hit along just fine with their black servants but didn’t think they should be paid the same as whites, go to the same schools, sit anywhere on the bus they felt like, marry a white person, etc etc.

          • Cindy

            Excellent points Marcia!

          • Marcia

            Thanks Cindy. Oh and hey Jo and Joel, have a look at this series of maps. You may find it illuminating given your comment on civil rights movement and marriage equality!

  • it’s nice that there are still some people with common sense!
    Like, respecting others opinions ever if you don’t agree with them.
    Something liberals will always preach, but never practice 😉

    Keep up the great work Bristol, ignore the trolls !

    • Gilly

      Shannon do you think its fair that Louis could fall in love and buy a house with his partner and pay on it for 30 years and then if his partner dies he has to pay INHERITANCE TAX? On a house HE PAID FOR! And there is no way around this. The couple can share a mortgage and have to right to survivor-ship so the property goes to the remaining person but they still have to pay INHERITANCE TAX on a property for which their name is on the mortgage and deed.

      His partner will also not be able to make any funeral arrangements for the person he loved for over 30 years unless they spend hundreds of dollars creating numerous legals documents which still can be contested in many states by the deceased closet relative.

      Should we talk about social security the couple paid in…and how because their relationship is not recognized there is no duty to pass it on when one person dies.

      I think Bristol should extend an olive branch and come out in support of civil unions for same sex couples. Think of the goodwill that would accomplish.

      • Marcia

        That won’t happen Gilly. Sarah

      • Sanjo

        I think 2 people can put their name on ownership of property, both make payments, and NOT be married. The only time you pay inheritance tax is when things are not in both names. Even married people have to make sure both names are on property. By the way the Senate just voted to increase inheritance tax by 20%. Hopefully it will die in the House. I think 55% of a person’s assests going to the government is way too much.

        • Cindy

          You are wrong Sanjo.

          A lesbian couple from NYC just went through this. They had been together for 44 years. When one of the ladies died from multiple sclerosis her partner was required to pay more than 363,000 dollars in estate tax because DOMA prevents recognition of same-sex couples marriages.

          This is wrong and Un-American.

          • Nova

            Yeah , taxes should be banned.

      • Juleen

        I do agree with Civil Unions for the reasons gilly mentioned and agree with the Bible on heteral sexual marriages. Louis is a dear and an amazing dancer .

      • sodakhic

        I thought libs loved to pay tax.

  • Marcia

    Shannon, when you do not agree with homosexuals that they should have equal rights tou are NOT being respectful.

  • Georgia

    Louis Van Amstel appears to be a good and decent man.

  • Jo

    Gilly, what you’re talking about is the law. I agree they need to be changed but Bristol is not a politician. If you want the laws changed you should write to your representatives in congress and vote for the politicians who share your view during this election cycle.
    What Bristol is trying to promote is tolerance. Saying that you can’t be respectful of someone else’s beliefs until yours are respected is just plain ridiculous.

    • Marcia

      Jo, what Bristol and her mother are doing is supporting groups that work to keep these laws from changing and they are encouraging others to do likewise.

  • Katie

    Bristol, I enjoy reading yours blogs and follow your family a lot considering we have the same beliefs. I was raised in a catholic household and we do not believe in the ‘gay’ lifestyle but I’ve always viewed it as the persons choice. Just because I may not believe in how a person lives their life doesn’t mean I’m not going to treat them with the same respect as I do everyone else. I believe that the ‘christian’ people that others are pointing at in their comments are a radical minority, not the majority. I agree that those kind of people are out there, but you can’t wrap us all up into the same group! I have an openly gay cousin, and just because I don’t believe in their lifestyle, and our views are so opposite each other, doesn’t mean I love or care for that person any less. Besides, it was Aristotle who onces said, “it’s the mark of an educated mind to be able to enterain a thought without accepting it.” Good luck with DWTS! I’m excited you are dancing with Mark again, and I will be calling in my votes for you! God Bless!

    • Marcia

      Katie have you ever asked your cousin how he feels about you calling his sexual orientation a choice and a lifestyle?

      • Katie

        The dictionary defines lifestyle as: a way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group. So, it is their lifestyle. It’s not saying anything derogatory or mean in anyway. Thats the truth. That is how they live their lives, so therefore it’s a lifestyle. Now as for calling it their choice, that’s were we would probably never make any headway. And that is okay. We agree to disagree and we just stay clear of talking about it. If you cannot accomplish anything in a converstation where two people hold two totally different views, than there is no point in making anyone angry, especially if it is a family member.

        • Marcia

          How they live their life? It’s no different than how heterosexuals live their lives. The only difference is that the person they are kissing, making love to, sharing a home with, building a future with , raising a family with, etc. happens to be of the same sex. That is not a different lifestyle than yours.

          How does your cousin feel about you calling his sexuality a choice?

          • Katie

            like I said before, I lifestyle reflects a persons values, and are values are different, and therefore we live different lifestyles. And like I said before, we differ when I call it a choice. We’ve agreed to disagree. I don’t know why you are trying to make something out of it. We love each other, we are family, and I will stick by them till the end! And on that note, I’m going to be courteous, and respectful and bow out gracefully. I said what I feel and that is all I wanted to do. You can look elsewhere for an arguement because you will not find it here.

          • Marcia

            And like I said Katie, the way homosexual couples live their lives is no different than how heterosexual couples live their lives. There is no different lifestyle.

            And I leave you with this: ask your cousin how he feels about you thinking his sexuality is a choice. His response will likely change your thinking.

  • Jo

    I think you might want to brush up on your own reading comprehension skills sir. Her post simply said that Louis Van Amstel had some nice things to say about her- which he did.
    It doesn’t say anything about her ability as a dancer nor does it say anything about his agreeing with her beliefs.
    I, personally, do not agree with her beliefs on gay marriage but I respect her as a person. The point she is trying to make is that people can disagree with eachother and still be friendly.

  • Gilly and Timbit, I look at this blog about once a week and have noticed that the most hate filled comments have come from homosexuals or liberals, not Christians. Christians who believe that the Bible is unfallible live their lives accordingly and will stand before God and be judged by Him just as you two will be. Do you not think that we grieve for all those listed in the NT that will never enter into the Kingdom of God: liars, killers, thieves, homosexuals, etc? Like Jesus, we desire that none should perish. We believe that there is only one unpardonable sin and that is blaspheming the Holy Spirit, not homosexuality, lying, stealing,etc. Single tax payers get taken to the cleaners far more than homosexual couples. Plus,when I go to a restaurant, I am always asked if it is “just me”. Rather than whine about the comment, I respond,”unless you would like to join me ” and then I laugh. The hostess blushes and I get treated like a queen the rest of the night!! You can either let things in your life be your stepping stone or your tomb stone, the choice is yours.

    • Marcia

      Eileen please explain for us how single taxpayers get ” taken to the cleaners” far more than homosexual couples?

    • Jo

      When you say the Bible is infallible do you mean the whole thing or just the New Testament? Cause the proper behavior for women while menstruating in the Old Testament is pretty intense.
      And if all liars are denied entrance into Heaven then I’m sunk cause I’ve never once put my actual weight on my driver’s license 😉

  • Bree Merr

    Louis as always been gracious and he was gracious here. Timbit if you were playing games to manipulate a response that you wanted then maybe you should stop being manipulative. I have wondered about where you stand and just did not respond because you came across as not real. So say what you want to say and stop playing games. This issues about the “unfairness” may be real and should be handled by your representives who profess to serve his people. You speak of the Palins as if they are so lowly in your eyes, so how are they responsible for this problem? How are they going to fix this problem since you think they are so lowly? Why don’t you go to someone you admire and think is so intelligent and influential and easily manipulated by you. If you are wasting your time with such lowly unintelligent people then why be here? Do you see the dichotomy?

  • jojo

    Bristol, If Sabrina Bryan is voted on as the fan favorite Mark will be switched to her since he wanted her originally, and Louis would get you, or TPTB will just have him dance with Sabrina, but her & Mark fans want them re-united… hopefully Kyle will win the vote LOL.

  • Great post, Bristol. You and Mark will do great. You have wonderful chemistry and your dancing last time was awesome.

  • Kim

    I am a Christian. I do NOT hate gay people. Society wants people to believe that we HATE them because that belief will always cause division. I do believe homosexuality is a choice – a behavior that is chosen by the person. God loves everyone. He sent His son to die on the cross for all of us. Gay and not-gay. He is able to help anyone who desires to change their life – their behavior. However, if people chose to live a gay lifestye that is their choice and the rest of us do not have to agree. Nor do we have to change the definition of marriage.
    My father died and my Mom had to buy inheritance tax. So, I’m not sure I follow the unfair to gays inheritance tax issue. Set up a will and have all you assets go to your partner.

  • Kim

    Gosh, take a moment to think before you say/post something. The ugliness is not necessary. It only fuels the anger and hurts hearts. Gilly, I promise you – I do not hate gays. I cannot speak for every Christian but the ones I know and spend time with do not hate anyone. Disagreeing does not equal hate. My heart hurts for you – I cannot imagine how painful it is to feel hated. I am praying for you.

    • Cindy

      Kim are you unaware of the number of gay people who have committed suicide this year alone after being so bullied in school? Christians tell the gay community they are an abomination and will not go to heaven. Christians tell the gay community they are disgusting. The Family Research Council ( an evangelical group) along with the National Organization for Marriage( another evangelical group) routinely spread fear and hatred about gay people. They say that gay people prey on children and abuse them, that gay people spread disease and lead immoral lives. They turnout by the hundreds of thousands to a fast food restaurant to let the gay community know they are unwanted and not equal. If you really mean the words you say you will work with the Christian community to stop this treatment. Regardless of what your church or god or holy book says these people are Americans and deserve to be treated equally and with respect. That Christians of all people don’t get this is mind-boggling.

      • VKKippy

        This is not a pro gay or anti gay website. Christians do not say that gays lead an immoral lifestyle–GOD says that in His Word. As Christians, we follow God. All people were created by God in His image, and for that very reason alone, they deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. Period.

        • Cindy

          So you blame God. Ever wonder why God needed man to write down his word? He created the entire universe but couldn’t produce a simple book of rules for us to live by?

          • Mariah

            Cindy, why hate?? Me as a Christian was and even today bullied. You throw out your stats. Tell me this then, why are you grouping people?? If you want equal, then why are you not?? This world is not perfect, nor will it ever be. Yes, some Christians bully. But don’t some gays?? And some of other goups. Yes, we all bully. I am not perfect. You are not perfect. We as people are not perfect. You should look at it as it is. We as People, not Christians or gays, but People, are not Perfect!!! We should Love, but people don’t. So we make the best of what we got.

  • chelsie

    I love you bristol! (:
    I am probably one your biggest fan.
    You are one of my role modles!

  • CJ

    All I have to say is, Louis Van Amstel is a sweetheart!! I mean, “ya just gotta love him!” When I read what he wrote, I wanted to give him the biggest HUG!

    Thank you, Louie!!! And MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU, and KEEP YOU; The Lord make his face to shine upon YOU, and be gracious unto YOU; The Lord lift up his countenance upon YOU, and give YOU peace for your gracious, kind, loving and compassionate heart toward Bristol 🙂

  • bellagrazi

    Bristol, I saw that article yesterday morning and sent him a nice tweet. That was super sweet of him. Class act. My guess is he will be paired with Sabrina, if she gets voted in. Or maybe Carson. Haha

  • Kimberly

    I am rooting for you too, Bristol!!!

  • Sharon

    By the time they are four years old, gay children know they are different. When people (Christians and others) ask them not to pursue this life style, they are asking them to do one of two things–live with (or marry) women/men and pretend to be straight, or live a very lonely life. Ask people who have been in this situation. It’s inhuman to ask anyone to live alone, unless it’s their choice. They are truly “born that way.”

  • Robert Augustine

    Dance can be enjoyed by everyone and how refreshing to see that an apparent political disagreement has not stopped Louis or Bristol from a respectful dialogue about thinks upon which they do agree and tolerance in a time of such intolerance. Freezing out people with whom you disagree is not a constructive solution.

  • jojo

    SMH at the mean comments by even Mark’s friends and biggest fans (some of whom he knows by name at speaks to them at his concerts).
    ‏@ billinlv
    @ kayell99 @ do_fan Wish Mark the best but don’t think Bristol is going to be the draw she was & she did dance poorly!
    13 Aug ‏@do_fan
    @billinlv I always want the best for Mark but this is going to be tough. She is a known quantity now and is not liked nor can she dance!
    13 Aug @billinlv
    @do_fan yeah. Don’t think she’ll get the sympathy of those who don’t like her mom or the support from those who do this time.
    9:49 AM – 13 Aug 12
    13 Aug ‏@do_fan
    @billinlv No. People know her and will decide purely based on her this time and she can’t compete with this field dance wise

  • Drew

    Vkip the word you speak of was written by man not god. God speaks to everyone not just you or the people who wrote the bible. The problem with many “Christians” is you always want everyone else to follow rules you can’t even follow yourselves and you pick and choose which rules to apply.
    Also you should read more about the cult of Mormonism before you vote in the upcoming election. You should be more concerned about what they do with the teachings of the bible and how they “adapt” them for their cult.

  • Jacinda

    Being gay is someone’s sexual orientation, nothing more. I don’t understand why people straight and gay feel the need to make this such an issue. What people do in the bedroom needs to stay private (gay or straight).