How to Vote for Us on DWTS

How to Vote for Us on DWTS September 21, 2012

Mark’s website has some helpful information!  If you are one of my amazing voters, please read this carefully, because the rules have changed since the last time I was on the show!  Thank you guys for all of your support!

The couples dance on Monday nights for a score from the judges.  Then the fans vote for their favorite.  The judges score counts 50% and the fans 50%.  The key to the judges score is that they convert it to a percentage.  They take all the scores from the judges and add them together.  Then that number is divided into the score for the individual couple. That gives the 50% that counts as the judges scores.  Same thing with the fan vote.  All the votes are totaled and that number is divided into the couples fan vote.  The lowest combined judges scores and fan scores send a couple home.

There will be three ways to vote:

The first is by phone.  We will not know the phone number for Team Ballin until show time on 9/24.  The number will remain the same throughout the competition.  Phone lines open as soon as the show starts and stay open for 1 hour after the show.  Fans should try to phone vote as soon as the show starts.  After they dance and at end of the show are the hardest times to get through and we want every single vote.  You can vote on as many phones as you have access to.  For the first half of the season, voters will be allowed the same number votes as the contestants.  For example, the first week there will be thirteen contestants, so each type of account gets 13 votes.  The second  week it will go down to 12.  Once they are down to 5 contestants or less, the fans still get 5 votes per account.

ATT users can text their votes by texting the word “vote” to the last four digits of the voting number.  Once again you get the same number of votes as contestants.  It is my understanding you can text votes and call votes from the same phone.

The final way is online.  Go to  On show nights there will be a vote tab.  You have to have an account to vote online.  You should make your accounts before the show starts because when the show is going the site crawls.  You can vote with as many accounts as you make.

Dancing with the Stars is definitely a team effort.  Bristol and Mark will do the dancing-the fans have to do the voting!  Please be sure and support them with your votes on September 24!

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  • Ian


    Thanks for the updates! I’ll keep my eyes peeled, and will be voting for You Guys!!!
    Bristol “Winning” Palin


  • bellagrazi

    Super excited about Monday night, Bristol! All my votes go to Team Ballin! Break a leg! (showbiz talk for “Good luck!”)

  • ph

    Thanks Bristol! So looking forward to seeing you and Mark dance! Team Ballin all the way!…:)

  • Sharon

    Can’t wait!!! My family and I will be voting for you and Mark!!!!!

  • Andrea Bishop

    Way to go Bristol… I am so excited about this season.. I am Team Bristol all the way… Love ya girl….

  • Misty

    Thanks Bristol!

  • I will be spreading the word……vote for Bristol!!!

  • Tawny Jones

    Beautiful Bristol + Macho Mark = Winners!

  • autumng

    This is how I voted since season 11. The change happened the week that Brandy was wrongfully eliminated.

  • David

    Good luck, Bristol. I hope you and Mark win.

  • Thank you Bristol. You know you’ll have ALL of my votes. I’m really looking forward to seeing you and Mark tear up the dance floor.

  • Joseph

    Can’t wait!!! Thanks for the updates. I’ll be voting for ya! 🙂

  • Jim and Greta Walsh

    We look forward to seeing you on DWTS. You will have our vote for sure. We will be cheering for you and Mark all the way…. G.and J.

  • Comon

    C’mon! Do you not see what a joke the name ” Team Ballin” is, especially given the only reason Bristol is a ” star”? Are they inviting ridicule? Who came up with that one ?

    • section9

      Dude, that colloquialism hasn’t been used since the Seventies, when Ron Jeremy was very, very young.

  • sodakhic

    3 phones two computers 65 votes on the way

  • Maggie Garritson – Alaska

    Count on us 7 voters from Anchorage.

  • KCF

    So people are supposed to vote BEFORE seeing any of the performances (“as soon as the show starts”)? Is this a dance competition or a popularity contest?

  • Mildred Mathes

    Go get it Bristol , you and Mark will go far will be voting for you .

  • Tina Cole

    Good luck tonight. We love you and will be watching with Janice Sims. We will all vote also. Focus!!!!!!

  • Nightbird

    You can vote on Facebook here.

  • I think you two are doing a great job. You have a good chance. Just smile more (both of you) and look like you are having a good time.