Starting Rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars!

Starting Rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars! September 5, 2012

Mark and I kicked off our first rehearsal in Alaska at Sonja’s Dance Studio!

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What Are Your Thoughts?leave a comment

    Bristol you are as beautiful as your Mom. I will be voting for you every time.

    • Best of luck, go for the crown!!!!! You and Mark have a real connection together, I love u both!!

  • go out there & kick some ass!!! you are beautiful both inside & out!!! i pray they leave your mom out of it this time & simply let her be a proud mom cheering you on. you deserve all the best life has to offer!!

  • Walter Pereira

    Nice shoes! Thanks for the photo. Good luck.

  • James

    Just keep making sure that your son is not kept from his father while you are gone… good job letting them be together.

    • Heather Laurin

      James maybe if Levi was not such a deadbeat he would take an interest in his son. Too bad he has passed on the chances to be with Tripp even with Bristol calling him and wanting him to come for a visit. There won’t be anyone keeping Levi from Tripp except Levi himself.

      Bristol, best of luck to you on DWTS. We will be voting for you in my house!!

  • Patty

    You look beautiful… You are gonna do a great job and I will be voting for you… Count on it.. 🙂

  • Sharon

    Can’t wait!!!!

  • Michael Mills

    I’m so excited about the upcoming show! It is approaching quickly. Yay! I can’t wait.

  • Sydney

    Good luck Bristol!! Have fun and kick some dancing ass!! Can’t wait to see you on DWTS, I know you can do this!! 🙂

  • Nightbird

    Go Bristol!

  • Bristol this is your chance to shine like a star. To get exposure ((promote) good or bad (scandals)).
    You stand a equal chance of winning the Mirror Ball as the rest of the contestant. Be confident in yourself and Mark. After all, Mark got Katherine Jenkins (unknown) to the finals.
    I will be voting for you. And helping to get votes for you.
    Remember what Len Goodman said; “Throw caution to the wind.” “Be flirtatious and sexy.” “Taking chances wins dances.”

  • Jesse Martinez

    Awesome Good Luck!!!

  • Molly Ahumada

    Good luck. You look fabulous and you do yourself proud!

  • Cyndi

    You look awesome!!! Good Luck

  • bellagrazi

    Holy jeez, Bristol, you are super thin! Gorgeous! Super excited about you and Mark dancing together again! Go Team Ballin!!!

  • Heather

    Yay!!!! You’re with Mark!!!

  • Tiffany

    Rooting for you! You look awesome!

  • janie

    go girl go you look so great wish i could be there to see you and cheer you on

  • Bristol, you look fantastic!!!

  • You are so skinny!! I hope you’re taking vitamins and eating SOMETHING! Great photo. Really looking forward to seeing you and Mark dance.

    • Nova

      She so slim you could think she’s a bad hunter.

  • Georgia

    Bristol, you look beautiful, fit and lean and ready to knock ’em dead. Go Bristol and Mark!

  • rusty

    Bristol, I will always support you for being brave and taking on the world.

  • Holley

    Go Bristol! You’re gorgeous no matter what! Praying you win!!!

  • Cathie

    Good luck! I’ll be watching and supporting you and Mark!!

  • ladydawnelle

    You GO Girl! Tell Mark to behave! LOL

  • NanaJ

    All of you look awesome. LOVE the pink shoes you have own. Keep dancing. We will keep voting.

  • Keri Norton

    Looks like you are ready to take on another season. Will continue to pray for you. Be strong!

  • That’s awesome. Can’t wait to see the show .. I’m routing for you!

  • autumng

    Looking good ! Just remember (Sonja & Mark prob told you already) no dancing in sneakers, put the low heeled black shoes on. Gatorade, water, PB&J, bananas and nuts and you’re good to go.

  • Ralph

    Did you take Tripp with you? Why wouldn’t he be in a stable home environment with his Daddy?

    • Rebecca

      She’s in Alaska. And thanks for trolling, but why would you assume his bio-father’s home is a stable environment? Jeez louise!

      • Ralph

        I don’t assume anything, I know for a fact she took Tripp away on a plane, after he had spent some awesomely high quality time this week with his father who misses him terribly. Levi has a sweet beautiful woman in his life who is getting ready to give him a daughter, and a good job as an electrician, all that keep him home and stable.

        • GoMichelle

          They don’t get it Ralph. Bristol playing this game will only hurt her in the future. No matter how much she hates Levi, making sure their is a strong relationship between him and his son will help him develop normally. Bristol plays games to play the victim and Tripp will have big problems in the future if she keeps it up. We saw in her reality show some of the things she does to keep the 2 of them apart, but, she tried to make it seem like it was all Levi’s fault. People have seen right through that game. Why do the Palin’s alwasy want to be seen as victims? Not a great way to go through life.

          • Nova

            Everyone cant be a democrat and media hero by drowning women ,like Ted Kennedy.
            Or raping women like Bill Clinton.

        • GoMichelle

          Nova, don’t know what that has to do with Bristol keeping her son from his father, but if it gives you a thrill that says a lot about you. Now, shall I go dig up republican scandals from the last 50 years and compare?

    • Bree Merr

      Ralph, I get the impresson you are a bitter about your own custoday situation? or somone else you know? or just something else just bugging you. or just a troll pretending to be oh so concerned. Regardless she loves her son more than you do. Hope you can get our own act together, whatever it may be.

      • Ralph

        She doesn’t love her son more than she purports to hate Levi apparently.

  • Patti Lyon

    Love you guys and what a great day to start practice… On my birthday 🙂 ). Good luck you two will do fabulous <3

  • Bree Merr

    You guys are looking fit and ready to go. Enjoy the training and have fun with each show. FUN is the key word. Looking forward to this!

  • Misty

    Great idea to rehearse in Alaska, Bristol! That way you don’t have the paps bothering with their stupid questions. Have fun and get to work!

  • Gilly

    I hope Mark is being paid more than you are Bristol. Considering thats what Republican’s believe in I would hate for you to be offended by equal pay.

    • Nova

      No , conservatives believes in free markets, you’re not forced to work and no one is forced to pay.

      You know DNC pays women less than men?

      • patriot

        Said the angry, entitled white man.

        • Nova

          Google Thomas Sowell.

    • George

      Shouldn’t you be at the DNC with your troll friends! Your a pathetic loser with zero class. A typical Dem.

    • MaryK

      Let it go.

    • TBR

      Oh, Silly Gilly! Your ignorance is really showing! If you’d just think for yourself and get informed before you speak….

  • Vicki

    Good luck to you and to Mark!!! Looking forward to seeing you dance.

  • Kaylyn Carson

    My family and I will be voting for you! You will do amazing if you just have faith in yourself and God to take you as far as he wants you to go in the competition.. I just want to add that you are an amazing Christian role model for me! Im 16, and there aren’t many ‘celebs’ to look up to (especially when you’re a Christian) and I just wanted to thank you for being real. You’re an amazing mom, person, Christ follower and role model. Thanks again and kick some butt girl!!

  • Kaylyn Carson

    My family and I will be voting for you! You will do amazing if you just have faith in yourself and God to take you as far as he wants you to go in the competition.. I just want to add that you are an amazing Christian role model for me! Im 16, and there aren’t many ‘celebs’ to look up to (especially when you’re a Christian) and I just wanted to thank you for being real. You’re an amazing mom, person, Christ follower and role model. Thanks again and kick some butt girl!! 🙂

  • Bristol,
    That is a good picture of you and Mark. You look great and Mark does to with his wait on.
    I am really getting excited for DWTS to get started and really looking forward to seeing you and
    Mark dance again!!! Ya’ll are a good looking couple! Best looking on All Stars

  • CJ

    Bristol, this brings back such sweet memories 🙂
    It’s so great seeing you “guys” rehearsing together again!
    Wonderful photo w/ Sonja 🙂
    May the LORD BLESS you both, in your new season.

  • Gregory Russo

    Postive eenergy, contine to train hard as best you can because this upcoming season will be tougher , but hopefully Mark and Bristol will do better this time around.

  • Pamela Masterson

    You two are looking wonderful, can’t wait to see you dance. I’ll be watching!

  • Patsy Carlisle

    You look great! Have fun!!!

  • Bruce O’H.

    You guys are gonna do GREAT !!

  • Philip Alu

    I’m just so happy for you.
    Best wishes to YOU.

  • Megan M

    Can’t wait for DWTS to start! Good luck with your rehearsals!

  • Tawny Jones

    Bristol looks trim, fit, and fashionable.

  • shirley mcfarland

    Good Luck Bristol and Mark you are a cute couple and I know you will do good Hope you come home with the mirrow ball

  • Congratulations, Bristol! Bring it home this time!! Prove Len wrong…you ARE an entertainer.

  • Deborah

    You and Mark will dance better than all of the others. I am behind you 100%

  • Kimberly Lindsey

    Looking great! Cannot wait for the show to begin

  • Robyne King

    You are going to do so good with Mark. He’s terrific and so are you. Keep doing what GOD wants you to do. You know that when people say bad stuff it’s because you are doing what you are suppose to be doing. GOD doesn’t make mistakes.

  • Bristol, you did so well last time on the show. I’m so glad Mark is your partner again this year. And Mark, you were a gentleman around Bristol and I appreciate that.

  • Jacinda

    Bristol you are a beautiful girl, best of luck!

  • Rebecca Pifer

    We love you Bristol! And we love Sonja’s Dance Studio!! Good luck from us in Eagle River, AK!

  • Bonny Batman

    Looking forward to watching you and Mark again. Good luck guys have fun!

  • blackbird

    Bristol, doesn’t Mark look a tad little overweight? or is it that sweater he is wearing? but you are looking fit as a fiddle, you have a very good chance to win it all, good luck.

  • Unit

    dammnnn!! you look super hot!…you lost a lot of weight.