DWTS First Week’s Dance: The Cha Cha

DWTS First Week’s Dance: The Cha Cha September 28, 2012

I know many of you weren’t able to see the first night of Dancing with the Stars.   Here’s the video of what Mark and I managed to do with the cha cha!

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  • PH

    Great job Bristol! Good luck next week!…:)

  • I thought you were beautiful and awesome. I actually didn’t see one flaw, but guess I am not the judge. Your facial expressions and your body language not only showed confidence, but felt your expression of loving every step of the Cha Cha. Actually this has always been my favorite dance. I love Proverbs 3:5
    That is a super verse . Hang in their, you will be the winner!!

  • rob hart

    Your son is and was adorable. Loved it when he stuck his fingers in his ears because of all the applause. Very cute! You did a great job and it shows that you are getting more comfortable in your own skin. Could you ever wear something like the lady pros? Now that would be bold and courageous. GAME ON! 24/7

  • Bristol I think you did an amazing job! You looked beautiful and loved the pretty smile on your face.
    Keep up the great work. Hugs, Bobbi Jo -AZ

  • Mae

    I love your realness and enthusiasm. And Tripp is a doll. What a sweetie. He sat through that show perfectly. My 5 year old would’ve been squirming and begging for things after 20 minutes. It’s a daily battle with young kids.

  • You were great, Bristol! Do what those judges said. First, keep doing right what you’re doing right. Work on those arm motions – more power and focus in the moves. Learn the lessons they gave. And go back to what your mom teaches. What are you weak at? Hit it. Hit it again. And again. And again. Don’t stop till that weakness is a strength. Now…integrate it. How many hours are you training? You don’t have to post it. That’s not the point of the question. The point is – whatever the number is – add at least an hour or two /day. This is All Stars. You’re an All Star. Go for the gold. Use the additional training is to polish the rust and get you back to full proficiency….and when you’re done with this, don’t let two years go by. Never do that again. Keep your head in the game. Bang out a jive or a cha-cha at home in front of the mirror a few times a week. My wife is a dancer, teacher, choreographer. She’s in class at least 5 days/week just to stay in shape. When she travels to Mexico, she goes to her classes there. You can do this, Bristol. You have it in you and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. You can rule that dance floor. OK…enough of my pep talk and I’m getting this into syndication now.

    • Fado

      Seriously Ron? Sarah teaches to work on what you’re weak at? Hit it again and again? Sarah Palibs weakness, so apparent when she walked onto the national scene in 2008, is her lack of knowledge. But she did nothing to improve that since then. Nothing. Hence, she is a fading celebrity when she once had the charisma and connection with some people to be a major political figure. No more. But then again, maybe celebrity was all she was ever interested in in the first place.

  • janie

    bristol you are great dont be intimidated go for it shake it and keep on dancing love you girl hugs janie k tennessee

  • Terri

    “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.” 1 Corinthians 2:14

    The non-christian cannot bring themselves to understand that we christians are about Love and compassion, not hate and anger. They cannot grasp that we can disagree with someones lifestyle but still love and care for them as a person.
    Bristol, you are a great inspiration to many!! Keep it up and you have my vote for that mirror ball!

    • Fado

      Terri when you say ” lifestyle” you are very likely referring to homosexuals. You should know that it’s not a choice, not a lifestyle , but rather who they are. Understand that, change your wording and THEN you will get somewhere.

      • liberty

        I prefer what GOD sez than your interpretation GOD sez it’s a sin if you don’t like that take it up with GOD. We will see how far that gets you .

        • liberty

          My post was in responce to FADO I mean.

          • liberty

            This place needs an Edit button.

          • Fado

            Liberty, it’s not really what I ” sex”. It’s simply what IS. You are free if course to believe that God says homosexuality is a sin, but just know that not everyone shares your belief in God and what he/ she “sez” is a sin. Your personal religious faith and beliefs are your own. Understand this and then maybe you too will get somewhere with others.

  • Terri

    My post was posted in the wrong spot!! lol

  • JeanS

    I have never watched Dancing with the Stars before – but Wow. I am so proud of you! Go shake it girl! You are beautiful inside and out.

  • Connie Murdock

    You danced wonderfully. I know it is hard this year with so many great dancers. Good luck!

  • mlynn

    Bristol, you have come a long way. Of all the champs from previous season, you were picked and that’s says a lot. God has blessed you with another chance to give honor and glory to His wonderful Name. Dance to glorify Him. God has His own ways to use us as an instrumental to bring more lost soul to Him or to become more loving and respected human being. Don’t be shy to express your beautiful soul through your moves, you look beautiful as always. The Lord bless you and let this dance be all about Him and His endless love for us all.

  • Louise

    Bristol, you were great! Let loose even more! Have fun with it! You and Mark are wonderful together!!!
    You and your Mom looked absolutely gorgeous!

  • NanaJ

    Excellent dancing. Tripp looks so proud of Mommy and your parents do too.

  • Bree Merr

    Wonderful performance Bristol and Mark, Looking forward to next week. Tripp is adorable!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Good job Bristol. Now some advise to get a real good shaking going on just remember those cold Alaska winter nights. It works for me just thinking about being there.

  • Joseph

    You did great on your cha-cha, Bristol! You really have improved since last time; I’m proud of you!

  • Suzanne

    Wow! You look great & did a wonderful job! I am so proud of you! I am so glad you have found your confidence & now just take all the judges say to heart & win this thing!!!

  • Carolyn

    You go get em girl! You’ve got lots to share with this world! So sorry I missed the show but looking forward to what you show us this week! I’m proud of you and I’m a huge fan!

  • Bruce O’H.

    AWESOME !!

  • Brisstol,
    You looked absolutely stunning! You and Mark did a wonderful job with your cha cha. Mark is a
    wonderful teacher. You two are good together!! Looking forward to your favorite dance this next
    week. Just can’t wait to see what Mark comes up with the choreography for this. He surely is
    talented. You both look like you always have alot of fun together.

    Keep on witnessing for God. Tripp is adorable!!

  • David

    Great dancing, Bristol. Have fun and good luck. Hope you win!

  • patty

    Wow! You danced beautifully Bristol.
    Love the scripture reference you posted…a great one to hold on to.

  • CJ

    Bristol, YOU were positively AWESOME!!!!!!! You got out there, under all those lights, GORGEOUS as ever, and OWNED IT!!! The joy on your face, the sassy “attitude” which the Cha Cha requires, your every move so in sync with the beat of the music, the fluidity with which you executed every step was OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! You are progressing so beautifully and it is BEYOND WONDERFUL to see YOU and MARK on that dance floor together again!!!
    Oh, my goodness! There is such an ADORABLE CHEMISTRY and warmth between you and that “connection” translates so well in your performances making them an absolute joy to watch 🙂 I’m thinking the LORD agrees with me because HE chose Mark for you, once again! :)…an INCREDIBLY GIFTED TEACHER, AWESOME PARTNER, and your beloved friend 🙂

    Lovin’ all the extra footage of your rehearsals and down time together.
    So much fun!! 🙂 I cannot wait for Monday night! You FINALLY get to dance to your favorite song!! LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE OUT THERE!
    You’ve got the LORD and Mark right by your side…….It’s all good!
    Praying for you both…… oxo

    • Eileen

      CJ, you said it all so perfectly..so I will echo your thoughts. This beautiful girl is coming into her own, beyond all obstacles with love and grace in her heart. it’s a gene thing.

  • Tawny Jones

    Beautiful princess Bristol Palin & mighty man Mark Ballas; best dance couple since Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire.

  • You are such a pretty girl, with a huge heart, always stay the way you are, and do not let your heart get hard. You deserve the best, go for it never sell yourself short. You did a wonderful job, and it is so nice to see you have the support of Mom and Dad such a wonderful family. I pray for you all, May God Bless You and keep all of you safe always.

  • Michael Mills

    I loved the look on Tripp’s face. He was so proud that his mom was up there dancing.

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome Cha Cha, Bristol!!! You left it all on the dance floor! Congrats!

  • Michael

    WOW!!! You’re confidence level is “off the charts” compared to last time. You are a beautiful young lady with a beautiful family and a beautiful little boy. You actually exude confidence this time, and you should be very proud of yourself. WAY TO GO, BRISTOL!!!!

  • Jayson

    Bristol, you and Mark were OFF THE HOOK…..wow!!

    Cannot wait to see this season progress. Stay confident. We love you!

  • Sunny

    If everyone didn’t get to watch this week, I hope I helped take up some of the slack! I used all my resources to vote. Come on everyone — vote! vote! vote! The competition being All-Stars is stiffer this time, and they all have great fans. Bristol & Mark are doing their part. Now we all have to do ours. Bristol your smile must melt the judges hearts, because it is spectacular. Forget all of us watching and just concentrate on what you’ve learned from Mark, and dance like nobody’s watching. Love you. All the best.

  • Gregory Russo

    Fanstasic Bristol. It seems that your definiately the best “Most Improved” Constant this season DWTS All-Stars. I praying that you and Mark Ballasl do better this week. In addition, your son, your family are in good spirits.

  • Wow! That was a fantastic Cha Cha. You had game on. You shined and dazzled the judges. I know I couldn’t do that before millions of people. I give you kudos for that. You know Bristol, I believe you can win this. Because millions of people are falling in love with you as I have did. I heard at the office how impressed they were of you. I will be supporting you all the way with my votes. Do you suppose that ABC/Disney can pull “The Love Boat” out of moth balls and put you in a role as Julie McCoy, Cruise Director (Lauren Tewes)? And perhaps have DWTS Pros do cameos on the show. You have great potential Bristol. Love you and best of luck. Go Team Ballin!