After Last Week’s Elimination

After Last Week’s Elimination October 1, 2012

Well, they made us wait long enough, but we made it through!  Thanks you for all the support and voting.  Here’s a fun interview Mark and I gave to ABC7 after that elimination night.

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  • ph

    Sooooo looking forward to tonight!…Dance Bristol Dance!…:)

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Keep that convidence and joy that you have Bristol.

  • Keri Norton

    Can’t wait to watch you two tonight. Best of luck and many prayers. And be sure to have fun. God bless you Bristol.

  • I can’t wait to see your dance tonight! Go Bristol! 🙂

  • You can vote on your land line and on every cell phone in the house that has different phone numbers and vote 12 times on each phone. The phone number is 800-868-3409. You can also like the DWTS FB page and follow DWTS on twitter and go the ABC web site: and vote 12 times on FB and 12 times on twitter. You can begin voting as soon as the show begins.

    • Fado

      So basically you are suggesting people vote for Bristol without even seeing her dance and also to pretend that you are as many people as you possibly can.

      • Reallynow

        But of course. That is how she got into the final 3 last time. I think the judging will be tougher this time and it will be much harder for her to go very far. As it stands right now, she is the worst dancer of the bunch. Fan votes will give her a boost, but if she has a score at the bottom tonight by 3 or more points, I don’t think fan votes can make up the difference. Who knows though. The judges might have their marching orders to keep her on for the ratings. We shall see.

      • Gilly

        Exactly. And that sounds an awful lot like cheating which isn’t very Christian at all. But after watching Game Change this weekend and really seeing how the Palin’s operate this doesn’t surprise me at all.

        • hrh

          You guys are heading over to the Dallas Cowboys fan sites, General Hospital fan sites, Drew Lachey fan sites, etc., in order to complain that they’re telling their supporters how to vote, right?


          Right after you stop at Derek Hough’s fan site to lambast them for cheating, oh so, unchristianly, by, you know, following the rules with all the different ways you can vote.



          As for Game Change, it has been debunked far and wide by multiple sources, all of them named and identified as opposed to anonymous – though obviously not in your narrow little circle of sources.

          • Fado

            Hrh, Game Change has actually not been debunked but thanks for the links. Some of the defense made me laugh! Truth is Sarah Palin has been consumed with controlling her public image and record but she can’t. The truth gets out.

      • liberty

        Thats right FIDO DOGBOY we are voting like democrats early and often we will even get the dead to vote. You are an IDIOTIC,MORONIC,IMBECILE.

        • Fado

          Woah there Liberty. Step away from that moonshine.

        • liberty

          HEY Fado Fido Dogboy checkthis out I realize that there will be to many big words for you to read. so run upstairs to mommy and have her come down to the basement to help you with the big words. You know the big words such as it, and,the,as. We all know you are a MORON with no reading comprehension. Oh I’m sorry that word is really really to big for you.

          • Fado

            Liberty, the silly personal attacks discredit you. Good to know.

            I’m not even going to bother up start with that C4P link because clearly it won’t make a difference to you. And it does nothing to dispell what was revealed about Sarah Palin by those involved in McCains campaign.

            Don’t you ever wonder why she is so disliked by the state she governed for a half term. Don’t you ever wonder why she asks so much money from her supporters but is no longer running for office nor had any intention of it and gives do little to the ” true patriotic conservatives” she claims to support? No I guess you wouldn’t…..

  • David

    Looking forward to seeing you dance tonight, Bristol. Good luck.

  • Ed Fiskeaux

    Stay positive and dance your heart out Bristol. You’ve got millions pulling for you and Mark.

  • Antoinette

    Are you doing Breaking It Down With Bristol again today? I really enjoyed your interview lasty week.

  • Sharon

    Can’t wait!!! You get all of our votes!!!!!

  • Amy in CA

    Love you Bristol! Dance baby dance!!!!

  • Georgia

    We are so lookining forward to tonight’s, “Redneck Woman” performance. You’re are both going to knock it out of the park. Go Bristol and Mark!!!!

  • You are so awesome!! Best wished tonight!!

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome interview, Bristol! “Redneck Woman”! #hellyeah Hopefully, you and Mark will be saved a lot earlier in the show this week!

  • Nightbird

    We know that they always make it look as if you and Mark are in jeopardy and mostly save your results for last to keep us all viewing. Go, you guys!

  • CJ

    Bristol, I lovvvved it! I don’t care what the judges said. I thought you and Mark did a FANTASTIC job!! It was so much fun!! Loved everything about it and every second of it. If anything, it wasn’t long enough 🙂 You are the ABSOLUTE CUTEST couple on that dance floor!!! Couldn’t stop smiling…..still am! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    GOD BLESS YOU, MARK, for making Bristol so, so happy tonight. OXO

  • Jonette Freeman

    I missed their scores tonite, I saw the dance, but missed their scores can anyone help me ? And how do u vote on fb? Thank you for ur kind help God Bless !! Go Bristol and Mark my favorites !!!
    Win !! Win !! WIN !!!