Two Left Feet, But Dancing Anyway!

Two Left Feet, But Dancing Anyway! September 26, 2012

Recently, I mentioned that I will be guest blogging at Access Hollywood during Dancing with the Stars!

Well, here’s my first one:

When I first did “Dancing with the Stars” as a teenager, I was shy, nervous, and had two left feet. Now, I’m shy, nervous, have two left feet… but am two years older!

Many people ask me the same question: Why am I coming back to the show? I know it’s a rare privilege to be on show like this. But everyone has experienced falling short of the goal you set for yourself. So when I had a chance to see if I could come back to the same show and improve – not even necessarily to win, but to perform better and to give it my all – well, I had to take it. I just want to show people that it’s possible to get back up and dance!

Read it all here.

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  • Beautiful

    Wow you are even sexier then ever use your sex appeal and your charm and your awesome dancing to your advantage hun you are awesome.I met your mom a couple years back in Seabrook NH,ask her if she can remember signing my Red Soxs t-shirt at the clam bake on Seabrook Beach well i still have that t-shirt and i never washed it…Im facinated by her good looks and her charm and how smart she is wow gotta hand it to her the apple didnt fall to far from the tree,good luck i hope you win it all,i hope you respond thank you Paul….

  • Gabe Santiago

    Bristol, it’s a thrill to see you and Mark Ballas, back on the dance floor! I’ll watch as much of the show as I can; work schedule willing. May I say, Bristol, that you look absolutely fabulous; obviously, good looks run in the family! I’ll be rooting for you, and Mark. You’ve got my vote; on, or off, ‘Dancing With The Stars’. Your’e a great mom, and a great American. Tell Mark, I think he’s a swell guy; and a very lucky guy, at that! Well wishes to both of you; knock ’em dead!

  • MH

    Bristol, it was a lot of fun watching you and seeing your family having a great time too. I look forward to your next dance. I already figured out the song you gave the hint to in your interview! LOL. I didn’t know you loved that song so much. I know your mom does!:)
    Just know that there are a lot of people that support you and sometimes they are just too shy to say anything.

  • Paul

    I love your left legs.

  • Bristol,
    I am so proud of you. You have stood strong and didn’t let the small things, that I know seemed big at the time , bother you to the point of discourgement. You have done so well and I know God will bless you. I think your mother is wonderful, as well as all your family. I know you must be very proud.
    Good luck dancing
    And may God bless you in all you do,
    Betty Atchley

  • CapitalG

    Great job making it thru ‘hell week’ of DWTS All Stars! I hope the judges were playing with you a bit putting you bottom 3 when you weren’t a bottom 2 vote getter. Did that mean you WEREN’T bottom 3 vote getting? I’m guessing it was bait to keep the Palin haters tuned in! Everybody dances so well it’s tough to see anyone go.

    Poor Pam! One stumble and such a fit, talented, gorgeous and popular star is GONE! Would have liked to see her dance again.

    You have REALLY grown into a beautiful young woman, Bristol. During ‘Life’s a Tripp’ there were a couple moments you reminded me of actress Claire Forlani (circa ‘Meet Joe Black’) and your DWTS appearance has solidified the comparison. You share many of her her soft, elegant, naturally beautiful features.

  • CapitalG

    BTW – Sometime after DWTS I think you should consider a re-focusing of your goals (surely you have advisers suggesting this?).

    You simply are not the person you were two years ago. You have matured immensely. I don’t think there is a template for your possible impact so only you can decide the path best for you. IMO – find a way top bridge your current activism with a larger goal for yourself and those you hope to represent.

    • Fado

      What current activism would that be CapitalG? What abstinence only work Bristol did came with a high price tag for whatever charity she was working for. She was merely cashing in jn her celebrity. Oh and FYI, real celebrities doing similar work do not look for payment.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    It would be best for each and everyone of us to work at self improvement, keep on rolling Bristol!

  • Dennis Carr

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

    I be beholding…

  • Katie

    I thought you kicked a$$ Monday night!!! So keep on kicking!!!!

  • candy

    Shake your ass, like Mark told you to do!!!!!

  • Taking any opportunity to improve yourself is always a good thing …
    … on a personal note, I have lost 180 pounds in one year and am STILL working to improve my health and myself …
    Break a leg, Bristol …
    U GO GIRL !!!

  • NanaJ

    We saw perfect timing and excellent footwork in your dance. So glad you got back up and danced. Keep dancing and we will keep voting for you.

  • Patsy Carlisle

    You did great!!! Keep up the good work.

  • bellagrazi

    Bristol, you are truly an extremely humble person. You may have had two left feet before you started DWTS in Season 11, but with Mark’s tutelage and your hard work, you developed excellent technique in your first go-round. And now you have stepped it up tremendously with your performance skills. You are now a triple threat, Bristol Palin. You have the technique, performance skills and are extremely likable. And that’s how you win the MBT!

  • You did great, I only watched the show because of you. You did better than the judges gave you credit for, I am so glad you got enough votes to stay, even though the show is so boring when you are done and win the trophy I am done with that show, unless Hinds Ward comes back (Ha Ha)
    Love you Bristol, good luck, keep your head up high. Glad to see Mom and Dad there for you love them also. Mark is so funny love him to.

  • Jeda808

    I also watch DWTS because of you & Mark! you look great & keep that booty shakin! ;-P I’m such a big fan of yours & I just wanted to say that I think you’re a great person/mom & I love that you don’t let the negative affect you. I always wondered why so many people were hating so I decided one day to watch your show & really people are just hating because you are who you are..a beautiful person, inside & out. I love your reality show & I’ m so glad you have a 2nd season..hopefully a 3rd!

  • Penny

    I think you are a brave young woman! I love your mother’s principals as a politician and wished more women were as courageous and brave as you and she! I have two sons and if they came home with a gal like you, you’d certainly pass the muster around here. LOL My rules for my sons are any girl they bring home has to like dogs, like horses, laugh at my jokes, eat my cooking and NOT be a democrat 🙂