A Thank You, a Birthday Party, and “What’s Next?”

A Thank You, a Birthday Party, and “What’s Next?” October 22, 2012

Thank you all for joining me on this amazing adventure.  I’m so thankful that our last dance – to rock ‘n’ roll – earned our highest judges score this season.  The judges were actually kind to me about our choreography, and I had a blast!

It’s hard to know exactly how to process this whole thing.  On one hand, I am so sad to be voted off.  I enjoyed having this opportunity to be on the show.  I had a great time, I got to meet a lot of new people, and I loved to be able to dance again!

But on the other hand, I now get more time to spend with Tripp!! (Thanks, Mom, Dad, Willow, Molly and Karen for keeping him for me so many hours!) Tripp and I are very excited to get home to the snow!! I even got to spend the later part of my birthday with Tripp and my some of my family! I came home from traveling, to a perfectly decorated house, that Tripp had done all by himself!!

Also, my dad let Tripp pick out what he wanted for a surprise party for me that my baby boy had planned. He picked out cheetah print plates, cups, napkins and streamers, yellow smiley face balloons, birthday hats, and caramel apples! He definitely knows his mama! He even got a piñata, and filled it with bubble gum, hand sanitizer, chapstick, bouncey balls, and fancy chocolate! I have never seen Tripp so excited and proud to have put it all together, and it was one of those “mom moments” that I will truly never forget! (I’ll post pictures in a bit!!) I’m so grateful to have such an amazing little boy, he is such a little blessing. I’m glad I’ll be able to have even more time with my son before he has to go to preschool!

This “All Stars” was a different experience than the first time around. The competition was insane! It was a completely different show than the first time I was on! The stage, costumes, and the cast were a lot more extravagant!! It made me even more humbled and thankful to be have been asked to be there. I felt more confident, more excited about the dances, and even more thankful to the people who showed such amazing support for me.

In the post DWTS interviews, the reporters always ask “what’s next?”  Honestly, am not 100% sure. I know God has much more in store for not only Tripp and me, but my whole family! I’m excited to spend the holidays with Tripp, and the rest of my family in Alaska!!! Oh, and in a couple of weeks, look for us at the DWTS All Stars Finale.

Thank you to all my supporters, especially my friends and family and all of you who pulled “all nighters” voting for me!  I appreciate you all!

I wouldn’t have gotten past week one without you guys!!! Thank you again!!!

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  • Gina

    I’m proud to have voted for you. I wish I could have done more. I voted as much as I could, but it wasn’t enough. 🙁

  • CaitlinA

    Happy Birthday Bristol!!! I am glad you got to go home and spend it with Tripp and your family!
    You are an amazing girl very close to my age and an inspiration to me, and many others! I can’t wait til you show in LT comes back on & I would love to meet you all one day!

  • Victoria

    Bristol you and your family are so cool, real & all-American. You radiated a refreshing non-fakeness that made your dancing fun to watch. The Libs take the fun out everything w/ their venom & whining….they think they have a monopoly on pop culture…no conservatives allowed (even though half the DWTS audience is said to be conservative) Thanks for going into the belly of the beast. ABC exploited you for ratings so hope you got paid well for it.

    In terms of the voting, something was just not kosher. On the East coast, I tried to vote & after 4 calls was told I was at my calling limit as opposed to the 9 calls allowed last Monday. Many others report the same plus having problems voting w/ their on-line accounts.

    Found this comment on C4P site about the 75% strange drop in phone vote for you as reflected on Dialidol: “It should be noted that the dialidol.com raw scores show a huge drop in Bristol’s fan base voting. I’m not suggesting a conspiracy, but that huge drop in voting activity for Bristol just doesn’t seem plausible,
    Here’s the raw score for this week: http://stars.dialidol.com/asp/
    Here’s the raw score for last week: http://stars.dialidol.com/asp/
    Here’s the raw score for week two: http://stars.dialidol.com/asp/
    Here’s the raw score for week one: http://stars.dialidol.com/asp/
    If these numbers are to be believed, 74% of the people who voted for Bristol last week didn’t vote for her this week. Am I the only one who thinks that there could be something rotten in Denmark” Another commenter wrote, “There was something different about the voting last night. Something was wrong with the number. I usually get 200 calls in. Last night i only got about 50. The number wasn’t picking up. Can you see if the voting numbers are off for all contestants? Likely, DWTS producers programed the phone system to limit the votes to 4 instead of 9 per caller, as a message stating you reached your caller limit was programmed after just 4 calls for Bristol.”

    (As an aside, Bristol why don’t you block haters like FADO, BO & others who just trespass on your site to spew their vile hate & insults…they are downers & detract from an otherwise very uplifting blog.)

  • Bree Merr

    Nice picture of you and the 2 adorable boys. Wow Tripp did a great job with birthday ideas! I was glad to support you and Mark with votes. Enjoy the snow (wish I had some here) and holidays coming up.

  • Happy birthday, Bristol! I wish you the best of luck with your future, look forward to your return on DWTS and hope you know that no matter what the judges and critics said about you, you showed confidence and grace while competing with Mark Ballas and were a lovely example of a classy young lady. Good luck!

  • Peggy

    Happy Happy Birthday Bristol May you have a blessed day and many more. Glad you had fun on DWTS. I always enjoy seeing you on TV Love to all.

  • Darren

    Happy Birthday once again. And your welcome for the “alnighters” to drum up more votes for you. I believe you would’ve made it another week if the network hadn’t redirected the calls on your toll free number to a Bahamas cruise promotion on the East coast or EST/CST time zones. The majority of people live in the Southeast US. Seems wrong to me, but it’s a reality show.

    Looking forward to your next adventure. I hope, we as your fans can be of some assistance. May the Lord bless you andTripp, and keep both of you well. Love in Christ our Lord, Darren.

  • Adam

    Definitely keep your head up!! Remember to seek God’s will in everything, which it seems to be what you are doing. God bless!!

  • Taylor Kula

    Something was off in my voting too! In the past weeks I could vote endless times from my restricted number but last week I could only do the usual 9 votes. Maybe they caught on to the restricted numbers thing? Idk. Whatever the case-it was meant to be and Bristol was able to spend a fantastic birthday with her son and family.

    Sad to see you go though! I’m not watching anymore-No Bristol=Not worth watching. =P

  • Jesse

    It was my pleasure to watch you dance and vote for you!!! What ever God has In store for you next it will be great. Live and Hugs!!!

  • Happy Birthday Bristol! It was so much fun to vote for you and Mark on DWTS and I’m sorry that it ended so soon 🙁 You are a wonderful and classy example to our generation and I admire you for all the great things you’ve done and how you’ve handled the crap that gets thrown at you and your family. God bless and best of luck in all that you do!!

  • Mariesa sigona

    You’re so sweet!! I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday!!! Your son is adorable and he setting up your birthday is priceless!!! You go girl!

  • Misty

    Looking forward to the pics Bristol! 🙂 Great to see one with Tripp & Trig in it.

  • Sharon

    I believe the voting could have been rigged. I believe the producers and judges have final say as to when someone leaves. This is an example of what I mean, last year I saw a tweet that one of the dancers tweeted that said that the votes were there for a couple that was voted off. But they were sent home that night. So I think they can work it anyway they want, if it’s blocking the calls or just not counting the votes. I will miss you and Mark tonight!!

  • James

    Some advice for what’s next. Follow Willow and Track’s example. They are doing great and are on solid paths for their futures. Willow has been my favorite Palin, look to her for advice, not only is she a natural beauty and honest, but she is very smart in regard to her future.

  • Susan

    Bristol…it’s okay if you don’t exactly know “what’s next.” Some young people know exactly what they want to do when they leave high school; for others it sometimes takes a few years to find that ONE THING that they want to pursue. For example, I know a man who didn’t start his career path as an airline pilot until he was thirty (that was almost twenty years ago, and he’s loves being a pilot.)

  • Bristol: Thank you for having the courage to participate in DWTS not just once, but twice. But whatever you do in the future, just keep on dancing. There is nothing better for your health, there is nothing better for your self, and there is no better gift you can give to anyone will dance with you. Thanks for all you’ve done, and Pmay God be with you this day and every day.

  • Tawny Jones

    Bristol & Mark were the most interesting & attractive contestants on DWTS this year. Bristol is beautiful, intelligent, & courageous. She will be a success in whatever career she chooses.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    It looks like the Boys had a real blast on your Birthday, Trig’s smile could light up the Alaska night, like the northern lights. Whats next Bristol I’m sure you know who to consult on that matter, but there’s times he’ll surprise you.

  • brittany

    i wonder if there will be a second season of your show.i hope there is

  • Thank you for sharing your adventure with us!

  • I loved watching you and Mark dance again. I’m glad the judges were nice to you. You always looked so beautiful and did an awesome job of everything. Sounds like Tripp did an amazing job preparing your party – what a wonderful little guy. What a great memory for you! I’m sure God has marvelous things in your future.

  • brittany

    Bristol,could you please do a blog on Stacey Dash?She is an African American actress(starred in Clueless) who has recently been bashed like no other after she came out and said she will be voting for Mitt Romney.Blacks everywhere are saying horrible things about her and tweeting bad stuff as well.They think just because she is black that she should vote for Obama but she made it clear that her skin color will not define who she votes for.The same thing happened to Nicki Minaj a few months ago when she said she supported Romney in a rap of hers.This issue bugs me a lot because I am a mixed girl who is 18 and do not want people thinking I have to be a Democrat because of my skin color.I’d love to hear what you have to say about this because I know you will support Stacey Dash.

  • Brian McAndrew

    I’m really glad you enjoyed it. If you enjoy dancing, why don’t you take dancing lessons. The judges said you were the most improved! If you come back to DWTS for third time maybe you can win it!

  • charli chad

    Tripp is so cute- he did well getting ready for your birthday celebration. It was great seeing you dance and getting to vote for you. I hope your reality show comes back.

  • Joseph

    That is so cute that Tripp filled the piñata with stuff that you like, and not just candy; that just shows how much you mean to him! 🙂 Love you, Bristol, and you family, too! And I’m looking forward to you coming back to DWTS: All-stars for the season finale!

  • Yvonne

    Happy Birthday Bristol!!!!!
    You are blessed and you are a blessing!!!!!

  • Halle

    What a lovely picture of Bristol and her two sons!!

  • Trishaholder56@gmail.com

    Awww that is The Sweetest Story I have 4 grown boys now An Im still Very close to An apart of thr lives As much as i can I enjoy so much watchin u and your family! TY. For sharing ps Pls tell Willow i sd Hi an shes Great too lv u Bristol an God Bless You 🙂

  • Gregory Russo

    I think Bristol ought at least keep dancing maybe not for competiion or a living, but for fun. It seeems to be good for the excercise. Who knows it might be helpful for future opportunities.

    Maybe it is part of God’s plan.

    It’s great to see Bristol, Tripp and Trig together.

  • bellagrazi

    Awe, Tripp is the sweetest little boy, Bristol! He loves his mama so much. You are blessed. Bristol, you should be proud of all that you accomplished on DWTS: All-Stars. First of all, you were chosen out of, what, 150 stars?! That is amazing! The producers definitely wanted you to participate. You gave it your all every week. You looked beautiful, sexy and super confident. Your dances were always the most fun to watch. IMHO You and Mark just have this very sweet chemistry. You beat out two former champions and a former runner-up. (and a former Baywatch babe) That’s pretty remarkable, Bristol. You’re a small-town girl from Wasilla, AK who was competing with actors, singers, athletes and, yes, Olympic Gold medal winners. And you not only held your own, but exceeded expectations. We’re all super proud of you, Bristol! Can’t wait to see the last blast from Team Ballin on the finale! I know God has great things in store for you, Tripp and your family, Bristol. Super excited about the next chapter in your life! GB PS: I was one of the ones who pulled “all-nighters” for you every week. Haha And I would do it all again in a heartbeat. We love BP!!!

  • Jose

    May God bless the Palin Family!

  • Thanks Bristol : for being a great role model for the younger generation : you & your Family Are just a blessing to so Many . God bless you & Your beautiful family :